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Rheem offers 18 gas furnaces in its product line. It has three series of gas furnaces: Prestige, Classic and Classic Plus. With its six single-stage, 12 two-stage and three modulating furnaces, you have a wide variety of products to choose from. Most of the gas furnaces operate at 92 percent AFUE or above, although Rheem only has one furnace that qualifies for Energy Star.

Rheem offers numerous energy-efficient models. The six single-stage gas furnaces range from 80 percent to 96 percent AFUE. With this selection, you can find a furnace that fits the capacity of your house. Of the 12 two-stage gas furnaces, only one of them has an Energy Star rating, operating at 96 percent AFUE. The other two-stage models range from 80 percent to 96 percent AFUE and still offer you energy efficiency. The company only has three modulating gas furnaces. These models all have a 96 percent AFUE rating and would provide significant savings on your energy bill.

Like most top-rated gas furnace companies, Rheem offers a robust warranty for its models. All of the models have a 10-year parts warranty. However, the heat exchanger warranty depends on the model you buy, ranging from 20 years to a lifetime warranty. You need to register your gas furnace within 60 days of installation in order to get full coverage. Otherwise, your warranty becomes a base limited warranty and only provides you with minimum coverage.

The R96V gas furnace offers two-stage operation that primarily operates at a lower speed and only switches to high when the weather is particularly cold. Part of the Prestige Series, this gas furnace qualifies for Energy Star and operates at 96 percent AFUE. Not only does it offer you savings on your energy bill, but it also lessens the impact on the environment. This keeps your home consistently warm and minimizes cold spots. This unit operates quietly thanks to the heat exchanger design and the variable-speed motor.

The R96P gas furnace, part of the Classic Plus Series, is also an energy-efficient option. It has two-stage operation, primarily running on low speed and only switching to high during cold conditions. This gas furnace uses Rheem's patented heat exchanger design, which provides improved airflow and minimal noise. The R96P operates at 96 percent AFUE, saving you energy and money on your bill.

The RGTM from the Classic Series provides quiet operation and energy efficiency. With a variable-speed motor and an insulated blower compartment, this gas furnace heats up your home quietly. You can also control the humidity and noise levels in your home with the variable-speed motor. As a two-stage gas furnace, it operates on a low speed most of the time and only uses high speeds during peak cold weather. This Rheem gas furnace has a 95 percent AFUE rating, providing you with an energy-efficient option to heat your home.

Rheem offers a large selection of single-stage, two-stage and modulating gas furnaces. With so many models, you can find a furnace that efficiently heats your home without high upfront costs. While Rheem only has one gas furnace with an Energy Star rating, most of its models operate above 92 percent AFUE.

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