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Presto GranPappy 5411 Review

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PROS / This deep fryer is easy to clean.

CONS / You can’t control the temperature with this deep fryer. It only has one temperature setting.

 VERDICT / The Presto GranPappy gave us decent results for a fryer with no temperature control. It doesn’t have some of the features of higher-end fryers, so it may require a little more effort to master.

The Presto GranPappy is a uniquely simple fryer. It consists of a black, heavy-duty cast aluminum bucket, and it comes with a lid, handle and a scoop for removing food from the fryer. It takes a little practice to master frying with this unit, and while it doesn’t have a lot of extra features, if you want an inexpensive option for deep frying, the GranPappy is a good choice.

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We were able to fry decent chicken strips and fries with little fuss. Our raters scored the food from the GranPappy just below average. It took 15 minutes for the 1,500-watt electric deep fryer to come to temperature, and it recovered its temperature after about five minutes once we added food to the fryer. There isn't an adjustable thermostat; this unit only comes with one temperature setting. The fryer holds about 1.4 liters of oil, and you can fry about 3.1 pounds of food per batch.

  1. This score measures how well each deep fryer performed when frying breaded chicken and strips of raw potatoes.
    Higher is Better
  2. 9 Presto GranPappy
  3. 100%
  4. 85%
  5. 83%
  6. Category Average

Presto was likely targeting a specific audience with the GranPappy that want a straightforward, bare-bones fryer. It's light on features, simple in design, and easy to use. It doesn't come with any frying baskets to help drain the food, though it does come with a slotted scoop you can use to lift out your food once it's done. There aren't any indicator lights to let you know the fryer is on or when it has reached its maximum cooking temperature. You also won't find a timer, a shield to prevent oil from splattering outside the bucket or an oil drain. The GranPappy comes with a lid you can snap over the fryer to avoid spills and keep it fresh for the next use; however, be sure the unit has cooled completely before affixing the lid. There is also a convenient handle you can use to lift and move the deep fryer so you can tuck it out of sight when you're done using it.

Unlike many other deep fryers, Presto doesn't insulate the exterior of the deep fat fryer, so the outside aluminum container can get extremely hot when it's plugged in. If you accidentally touch the sides, you could be seriously burned. Likewise, because this unit doesn't include a shield to prevent any splattering oil, you should be cautious when submerging food in oil.

When we fried breaded chicken, a lot of oil ended up on the countertop. In terms of safety features, the GranPappy comes with a magnetic cord that you can quickly pull to shut power off to the unit in the event of an emergency. The fryer bucket has skid-resistant feet to prevent the unit from accidentally sliding on your countertop.

Without some of the common features of other fryers, like metal mesh baskets, there aren't a lot of parts to clean. When it's time to change the oil, you can easily pour cooled oil into an empty milk carton or unrecyclable container, dispose of it, and then wash the bucket. This electric deep fryer was easier to clean than the other fryers we tested.

The typical warranty for deep fryers is one year. Presto guarantees the GranPappy fryer to be free from defects for up to two years. During that time, if you discover issues with the unit, you can return or exchange the fryer. Likewise, Presto sells replacement parts on its website. You can find the warranty details online as well as a copy of the manual. You can reach Presto customer service by phone or email from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central time.


If you’re looking for a basic electric fryer that's inexpensive to use and easy to clean, the Presto GranPappy is a great choice. While it doesn't have a splatter screen, timer, or a thermostat like some of the best deep fryers, if you're not a fussy cook, it might be enough for your needs.

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