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T-Fal EZ Clean FR8000 Review

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PROS / This is the only deep fryer in our lineup that filters and stores oil in a container built-in to the fryer.

CONS / The temperature wasn’t always accurate, registering as much as five degrees lower than the temp we set.

 VERDICT / The T-Fal EZ Clean deep fryer was one of the easiest deep fryers to use in our lineup. It filters and saves oil in a separate container so cleanup is quick and easy, and you can reuse the oil over and over, saving you money.

The T-Fal EZ Clean deep fryer employs several convenient accessories and features that make your life as a deep fry chef so much easier. The vented lid keeps hot oil from splattering all over you, and the window on top lets you monitor the progress of the items you're cooking. Most impressive, though, this T-Fal deep fat fryer drains and filters oil into a separate compartment, which it stores until you're ready to fry again.

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We set the temperature on this electric deep fryer to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and in about 15 minutes, the fryer should have been at temperature. We found that the oil's temperature fluctuated about five degrees lower than the target temp. This should barely affect the end result, but our taste testers noticed a difference between the fries from the T-Fal and other fryers that came to the peak temperature.

  1. This score measures how well each deep fryer performed when frying breaded chicken and strips of raw potatoes.
    Higher is Better
  2. 4 T-Fal EZ Clean
  3. 100%
  4. 85%
  5. 83%
  6. Category Average

We tried out breaded chicken in this deep fryer, too, and were pleased to see that we were able to fully submerge the chicken strips in the oil. And it didn’t take too long for the oil to heat back up after we added the chicken. Each piece came out golden brown, glistening and almost practically perfect.

This may be the most convenient deep fryer you could buy in a moderate price range. Once we finished frying a bunch of chicken and fries, we had to clean up. It wasn't as much of a chore as it is with other fryers though. We pushed the lever on the front of the unit to the right and then watched as the used oil drained into the storage container at the bottom. The amazing part here is that the oil automatically filters through mesh, leaving the fried bits of breading in the vat and not in the used oil. What this means is you don't have to pour the oil out, filter it yourself or find another container for the oil. It saves you time, money and effort.

The heating element is immersed into the oil, so the entire unit doesn't get too hot – in fact, the exterior temperature only reached 115 degrees F, which isn't hot enough to burn your hand.

As with all of the deep fryers we tested, this T-Fal unit has a warranty to protect you from getting a lemon. You have one year from the date you purchase the fryer to return it to the manufacturer for repairs or a replacement in the event that you have a defective unit.


When it comes to convenience, the T-Fal EZ Clean deep fryer is the best deep fryer in our lineup. No other deep fryer is easier or cleaner to use than this one. And because you can filter and reuse the oil again and again, you save time and money. Although we had some issues with the unit reaching and maintaining higher temperatures, the food we made still came out crispy and delicious.

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