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Waring Professional DF280 Review

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PROS / This deep fryer made the crispiest and most flavorful fried foods.

CONS / There isn’t a built-in drain for used oil.

 VERDICT / The Waring Professional deep fryer is the best of its class. In addition to convenient features, such as a lid with vents and a viewing window, its generous capacity allows you to quickly cook for a crowd.

Having a deep fryer at home like the Waring Professional deep fryer means you can quickly fry batches of homemade French fries, fried chicken, doughnuts and more, for yourself, your family or even a crowd. This large capacity deep fat fryer has features and accessories that make frying easier and safer than ever.

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Its immersion-style heating element keeps the oil hot and maintains the correct temperature so that every batch of fries comes out consistently delicious. It's no wonder we ranked the Waring Professional deep fryer the highest of its competitors, and it earns the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

  1. This score measures how well each deep fryer performed when frying breaded chicken and strips of raw potatoes.
    Higher is Better
  2. 1 Waring Professional
  3. 85%
  4. 83%
  5. Category Average


The most important function of a deep fryer is to fry foods consistently. You want a unit that can heat oil to the proper temperature for frying and then maintain that heat. Of course, once you submerge cold or raw food into a vat of hot oil, the temperature drops slightly, so it's important that it quickly returns to the original temperature.

The Waring Professional deep fryer worked so well for us that after we tested all of the fryers, we pulled this one out to finish cooking the leftover food. The initial wait time to allow the fryer to heat the oil was about 15 minutes, which can seem like an eternity when you’re craving French fries, but there are other fryers that take even longer to preheat. Besides, this is a large capacity electric deep fryer, so you have to expect a longer wait time while it heats a gallon of oil.

We dipped 6 ounces of breaded chicken strips into the hot oil and waited. After draining the chicken in the basket and transferring to paper towels, we pulled the strips apart and dug in. The breading was crisp all around and crunchy in some spots. The meat was tender, moist, fully cooked and full of flavor.

We cut up a potato, soaked the fries in cold water and then patted the strips dry. A long bath in the hot oil crisped up the fries and cooked them through. When we pulled the baskets out, we found that the French fries were golden brown and perfect. Onto a paper towel-lined baking sheet they went and were sprinkled with salt. The fries were just as you'd want them: crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside.

It did take quite a while for the oil to return to the proper temperature after adding food to the fryer, but the temperature didn’t dip low enough to create an issue in the cooking process. You can adjust the thermostat by simply pressing a button, and the deep fryer beeps to let you know when the oil has come to temperature. The Waring Professional deep fryer uses 1,800 watts of power, so it can heat up the large vat of oil as quickly as possible.


We had no problem going from unboxing to frying with the Waring Professional deep fryer. It is an intuitive appliance that is even easier to use than others in our lineup because of the digital display, built-in timer and more.

Cleaning the unit is easy enough, but it's more time-consuming than other fryers because it doesn’t include a mess-free way to drain the oil. Once the oil has cooled, you have to pour it into a separate container and try to avoid dripping as you move the oily deep fryer vat to the sink or dishwasher.

We liked that Waring included three baskets for deep frying food with this unit. There are two small baskets that you can seat side by side in the fryer, so you can fry, say, sweet potato fries in one basket and regular fries in the other. A single large basket is included to give you more space for frying one type of food, like chicken or fish.

The power light and ready light were helpful, in addition to the beeping, to let us know when the deep fat fryer was ready to go. The timer also made deep frying a cinch, although we never abandoned the fryer while we were cooking; it took the guesswork out of knowing when the food was ready – and we didn’t have to watch a clock, check our phone or set a separate timer. The viewing window can be helpful for you to check the level of browning on your food without lifting the lid, except we found it fogged up most of the time.

The lack of an oil drain and storage container kept the Waring Professional from a near-perfect score, but it earned high marks in spite of those missing pieces.


It's vital to remember that safety comes first when frying. Hot oil can cause severe burns that could result in blisters, swelling and possibly a trip to an urgent care facility. Deep fryers that include features to keep you safer are ranked high in our lineup, and the Waring Professional deep fryer ranked the highest.

There is enough space between the oil reservoir and the exterior walls of the unit to not significantly heat up the metal sides, so we didn’t burn our hands on the exterior siding. The lid that sits atop the fryer is vented, so it allows steam to escape, but it keeps the oil inside. Lids like the one on the Waring Professional deep fryer help tremendously at preventing burns and stains from hot oil sputtering out of the unit.

Should you have to deal with a grease fire or some other emergency, you can quickly pull the plug from the back of the unit to remove the power source – the magnetic connection pulls away easily and safely. And the skid-resistant feet help prevent an accidental nudge or bump causing the unit to slide and spill.

Warranty & Support

Although Waring doesn't provide the longest warranty compared to other deep fryer manufacturers in our lineup, the company can repair or replace defective units, if necessary, within one year of the date of purchase. And it's helpful to have a customer care team you can turn to if you need answers about your product – you can contact Waring by phone or email, via a form on the manufacturer's website. You can also find a digital copy of the user manual and instructional videos that help you get to know your deep fryer.


The Waring Professional is by far the best deep fryer we tested. It kept an accurate and steady temperature as we fried potatoes and breaded chicken strips, and it produced the tastiest results. It has enough room for you to fry extra-large batches for a big crowd, and you can stay relatively safe while doing so, thanks to the lid and breakaway cord, should you need it.

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