Vacuum Sealer Bags Review

Why Use Vacuum Sealer Bags?

Vacuum sealers for clothing and bedding are bags designed to be used with a vacuum cleaner hose. By sucking out all of the air in the bag, clothing and other soft items are compacted into a small bundle that is easy to store and carry. Some versions, such as the Ziploc Space Bag Under Bed Storage box and the Household Essentials MightyStor Cube Vacuum Bags are designed for home storage, while other vacuum sealer bags, such as the Travelon Luggage Space Mates Compression Bags, are designed with frequent travelers in mind.

Vacuum Sealers: What to Look For

Vacuum sealers come in a wide range of options. Here are some things to consider when looking for a vacuum packing system.

Vacuum sealing bags come in a wide range of sizes, and each size is best for a different use. Small vacuum packing bags work great for travel because they securely compact down a few items and maximize your suitcase space. Medium and large vacuum packing bags are often used for temporary or seasonal storage, and you can use a mix of sizes to group packed items so they are easy to find when you are ready to use them again. Extra-large vacuum bags let you tackle large-scale storage, so you can put a full season's worth of clothing or bedding in the same bag.

Specialty Bags
Specialty vacuum packing bags are designed with a specific purpose in mind, so they are more efficient for a particular use. Garment vacuum bags feature built-in hangers and are designed to compact clothing down to a manageable size without causing excess wrinkling, so you can reduce the amount of space needed to store suits, dresses or coats in your closet. Under-bed vacuum storage boxes serve as both vacuum bag and protective exterior box, and they are shaped to let you slide them under a bed for convenience.

Many vacuum sealer bags are easily punctured or torn, which can render them unable to hold a seal. Exterior boxes, thick plastic construction and tight zipper seals can help your bag stay compacted and prevent air from entering the bag. Waterproof bags keep moisture out, preventing mold and mildew.

Ease of Use
Vacuum packing bags with universal attachments that fit any vacuum hose ensure that you can easily seal your bag with the vacuum you have on hand. One-way connection valves keep air from seeping in accidentally.

Vacuum sealer bags for clothing and soft items help you take control of bulky clothing, bedding and accessories in your home. Choose the right style and size to keep your home clutter free and to make packing for travel more enjoyable.