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Prime Day 2017: The Best Deals, Hand-picked By Our Editors

Amazon's third annual Prime Day kicks off Monday, July 10, at 9pm (ET) and like it's done before, the Seattle-based e-tailer is promising an onslaught of epic deals. To help you separate the good dea

First Impressions: LG Smart Security and ADT Canopy

ADT and LG are teaming up to break the mold for what we should expect from home security, and the results are impressive. This is due to two innovations: the LG Smart Security smart home hub and the n

Keyless Entry For Your Smart Home

Keyless entry isn't just for shiny new cars anymore. It's becoming increasingly popular for homes too – particularly for those who want to use keyless entry as part of their smart home automatio

10 Winterizing Tips for an Energy-Efficient Home

1. Consider a Smart Thermostat Smart thermostats, like the Nest learning thermostat, can optimize the energy efficiency of your home year round. The average American household spends between 50 and 7

Smart Outlet: For Increased Energy Efficiency

So, what exactly is a smart outlet and why would you want one? Smart outlets either replace a conventional outlet or plugs right into a conventional outlet. These useful products can help prevent vam

Make Every Room Smarter With Amazon Dot

The Amazon Echo was one of the first smart speakers and changed the way these devices were used in the home. This smart speaker not only enhances listening to music, but it allows you to control your

Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: What Not to Buy

In 2015, the Amazon Echo — a smart speaker that obeys your commands, controls your smart home and provides entertainment — revolutionized the way people use and interact with speakers in t

Why You Shouldn't Reserve Tesla’s New Home Battery

In October 2016, Tesla announced its new home battery, Powerwall 2, with installations to begin in January 2017. This latest clean-energy innovation from Elon Musk promises to provide a complete home

CES 2017 Smart Home: Editor's Final Thoughts

At CES this year, I took some time to attend a few panel discussions about the challenges and future of smart home technology. My motivation for attending these discussions is to highlight a side of C

Bright Ideas in Lighting from CES 2017

It's been a very long time since wattage was the only consideration when buying a light bulb. And the variety of features continues to expand, as witnessed at CES. Vendors were displaying smart bulbs

D-Link Announces New Security Cameras at CES 2017

D-Link announced at CES 2017 that it's releasing four new security cameras as part of its connected home ecosystem. The new cameras include one outdoor model, the DCS-8700LH, and two indoor models, th

Best Online Nanny Services Review

An online nanny service provides a convenient option for families who are searching for a temporary or long-term care provider for children, elderly or disabled loved ones. Hiring a nanny can be an in

Motorized Blinds: Your Smart Home Just Got Smarter

With today's technology, you can automate many aspects of your home, including your window coverings. Motorized blinds can increase the comfort of your home, but you might wonder if they are worth the

Best Fire Alarm Systems Review

During a daily business or school day, there is no way to know what hazards you will face. Whether accidental or intentional, fires cause great amounts of monetary damage and pose a threat to those in

Best Window Sensors Review

When setting up a security system for your home, your biggest priority is coverage. You use sensors for your doors and the perimeter of your home, but intruders can enter through the windows, meaning

Best Mailbox Alerts Review

A mailbox alert system informs you when you have mail. The system is typically attached to the mailbox so it can send the alert when the mailbox is opened. Depending on the type of alert used, the dev

Best IR Beam Sensors Review

An IR beam sensor uses a photoelectric receiver and an infrared beam to create a simple motion detection system. When someone walks through the beam, the sensor sets off an alarm, alerting you to an i

Surprising Uses for the Ultimate Spy Cam

You don’t have to be an actual spy dressed in a tux or evening gown taking photos or getting video secretly to use a miniature spy camera. Tiny, self-contained spy cameras are great for a variet

5 Reasons to Have a Car Spy Cam

A lot can happen in your car, and it can happen in a split second. From accidents to falling stars, there are many occasions when you might think retrospectively that you wish you had a camera rolling

Home Security Without Contracts

Your home is your castle, and while installing a drawbridge and moat are not viable options for keeping your house safe, installing a home security system is a sensible solution for security-minded ho

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