Choosing a home safe is a vital task for anyone looking to store precious and often irreplaceable items at home. There are alternatives to storing your valuables in the house, such as a safe deposit box at the bank. However, some of the troubles associated with a bank safe deposit box are a lack of space and the troubling aspect of not having instant access to something that is very important to you.

For the amount it costs annually to use a safe deposit box, you can purchase a good-quality safe for your home, either large, medium or small, depending on what you need for your valuables. These domestic safes assure homeowners that their important items and documents are stored safely, securely and close at hand, and they often prevent losses in events such as burglaries or fires.

Our Suggestions: Which Home Safe Would Suit You Best?

Choosing a safe depends entirely on what you need to protect. If you have important documents that you must store at home, a fire-resistant safe is a great idea, while you may have other needs if you need to store a gun. With the many models in our guide, you can find a wide variety of home safes to meet your needs.

Great for In-Wall Installation

If you own precious items, the possibility of a home burglary is a nightmare. A solid, good-quality safe that you can mount in a wall or some other concealed area can deter potential thieves in two ways: They don’t know you have a safe in the first place and will have trouble breaking into it if it is well-made. The small, trim Barska AX11620 Compact Biometric Safe is strong and quite useful, and it fits the bill for these purposes.


Barska’s AX11620 Compact Biometric Safe is a small and versatile, high-quality, feature-filled safe that you can easily conceal within a wall or bolt down in other out-of-view place to deter criminals from finding it, attempting to break into it and stealing anything precious inside. The smaller dimensions of this safe mean that it can be kept in a small space that can be well hidden from anyone who doesn’t know about the existence or the location of the safe. This secure safe is perfect for storing small valuables such as important papers, jewelry, handguns, knives, cash and other things with financial or sentimental value as well as safety considerations.

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Great for Fire Resistance

The First Alert 2087F-BD home safe is a smart choice for making sure your valuables are safe from fire damage. This fire-resistant safe can hold its own for an hour in an environment where the temperature reaches 1,700 F and still keep an internal temperature of less than 350 F. With this home safe, you can secure legal documents, heirloom jewelry, handguns and more with confidence they’ll remain intact if a fire ever breaks out in your house. 

First Alert

There were 365,500 house fires in the United States in 2015, the latest year for which statistics have been published by the National Fire Protection Association. These fires did a whopping $7 billion in damage. If you have valuables that you want to make sure are safe from fire damage, the First Alert 2087F-BD home safe is a smart choice. This fire-resistant safe can hold its own for an hour in an environment where the temperature reaches 1,700 F and still keep an internal temperature of less than 350 F. With this home safe, you can secure legal documents, heirloom jewelry, handguns and more with confidence they’ll remain intact if a fire ever breaks out in your house.

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Great for Jewelry

Whether you own a staggering 10-carat diamond ring or simply cherish that inexpensive keepsake you got for your 16th birthday, securing jewelry is always a concern to people who love it for its beauty, the financial investment and for sentimental reasons. The compact and robustSentrySafe Security Safe X055 is a great choice for storing jewelry in your home.


SentrySafe is a well-known name in the safe industry. Its wide range of safes boasts several features and different qualities that will protect your valuable home goods. The SentrySafe Security Safe X055 is a small, 0.5 cubic foot home safe that is made for storing small personal valuables such jewelry, small collectibles and other things that are precious to you and possibly are irreplaceable. The SentrySafe Security Safe X055 has equipped this model with a smooth carpeted interior that will prevent any scratching or abrasion to your heirloom jewelry, fine watches, freshwater pearls, electronic devices or other valuables.

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Great for Handguns

Anyone who owns a handgun owns it for a reason, and that usually is protection. All responsible gun owners agree that handguns must be handled with care and should never fall into the hands of children or intruders. With the Stealth Tactical Heavy Duty Handgun Safe, you can rest assured that curious kids won’t get hold of your weapon and even the most determined burglar will have a tough time breaking into it.

Stealth Tactical

If you own handguns for personal protection, marksmanship competition or any other reason, you undoubtedly know they must be handled with respect, and that includes securing them safely when not in use. Naturally, you don't want children playing with a handgun, and you certainly don't want a burglar breaking in and stealing your valuable weapon. For peace of mind, the Stealth Tactical Heavy Duty Handgun Safe is a superb choice for storing and protecting your handguns. This rugged safe is well-designed to safeguard your guns, but its clever locking system lets you get to a weapon fast in an emergency.

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Great for Long Guns

Gun owners who truly value their shotguns and rifles always want to ensure that they are kept somewhere safe, and a great spot to store your valuable guns is inside the Steelwater Heavy Duty SW59281 Safe, a rugged and well-designed safe that was created just for excellent gun storage.


If you own several shotguns and rifles, you have made quite an investment and no doubt want to protect the long guns in your valuable collection from theft or any kind of damage from fire or moisture. The Steelwater Heavy Duty SW592818 Safe is a robust gun safe designed to protect as many as 20 long guns, although the manufacturer recommends using it to store only 12 to 16 guns. This sturdy home safe is made of 12-guage steel and boasts a 4.75-inch thick door, along with 10 1-inch solid steel locking bolts that are intended to deter anyone who attempts to pry his way into this safe.

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What to Look For

In looking for the right safe, there are several factors to examine, not only to get a top-notch safe so your money is well spent, but to safeguard those things that are precious to you. It would impossible to replace the pearl necklace that has been worn by brides in your family for six generations or that rare photograph of your late grandfather as a little boy. Keeping long-loved treasures safe from fire, water and thieves is certainly worth the investment in a good safe.

Our product guide displays a large variety of home safes, which can all be used in different ways. Some of the safes are easily portable and can be used on the go. Conversely, there are larger and heavier safes that are best suited for a fixed location like the home or office, where you can bolt them down to add another layer of protection against would-be thieves.

Speaking of thieves, you can keep things secure with a safe, but in the event that you want your whole house to be less vulnerable to intruders, vandals and all manner of criminals bent on illegally getting inside, you might want to check our home security monitoring review for advice on keeping your dwelling safe.

Home Safes: Features That Make a Difference

The safes we've listed are equipped with a vast array of features. These include advanced fire resistance to protect key documents and precious items that could easily be destroyed in a fire. Some safes have one basic, moving locking device, while others are equipped with as many as four locking devices, such as basic key entry, combination dial entry, digital combination pad entry and fingerprint recognition entry.

In addition to traditional safes, there are other options to protect things that are important to you. If mail theft and identity theft are concerns in your neighborhood, a product such as the Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Locking Security Mailbox could help. This device is approved by the U.S. Postal Service. It lets your mail carrier deposit letters and small parcels into a secure safe to keep criminals from stealing vital documents and your precious information.

How to Determine Quality

Of course, it’s important to get a good-quality model when choosing the best home safe for your valuables, although this must often be tempered with budgetary constraints. Generally, the more money you spend, the better the quality and workmanship that goes into the safe. However, you don’t need to feel discouraged if you do not have big bucks to spend, because other factors can contribute to the high price tag on a particular model, and it may not be the kind of safe you want at all.

For example, an ultra-thick, steel safe might be quite impenetrable for thieves or any natural disaster, which is certainly helpful. But it could end up being too bulky and heavy for what you need. It also might not fit your lifestyle if you prefer to keep things in second-story rooms (imagine carrying a 700-pound safe upstairs) or if you relocate often and want to take the safe with you to your new home.

The best safe for you is the one that truly protects your valuables and is durable, but also fits into your lifestyle and doesn’t strain your budget. Among the points to examine when looking for a safe are the thickness of the material and whether any plastic is part of its structure, which is a real problem if fire protection is your major concern.

Home Safes: Find the Greatest Value for You

Given all the models and styles of home safes on the market, it’s no surprise there are so many pricing options. Buying a steel safe can be a daunting task, due to the sheer volume of products and manufacturers. In general, the higher the safe’s price, the more space and features you get. Even more of a factor in price and value is advanced digital locking features, such as digital combination pads and fingerprint recognition locking devices.

In addition to buying the right safe for your household, you might need to make a little effort to care for your safe. It might be a good idea to put a small humidifier inside a big one or perhaps some kind of desiccant into any size of safe. Moisture can sometimes build up and harm papers, guns, some jewelry and other things you hold dear. You can buy small packets of moisture-absorbing desiccant materials online.

Final Thoughts on Home Safes

Making the right choice when selecting a home safe ultimately comes down to preference and your own personal needs and uses for the device. It is important to factor in all the features safes offer, even if you’re initially attracted to a unit that is lower in price. Take a good look at the summary and lineup of products we have here for you to get an idea of which is the best home safe for you.

Contributing Reviewer: Linda Thomson