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Pros / This eReader features 8GB of memory which is more internal memory than every other eReader available.

Cons / This device does not feature electronic ink technology.

 Verdict / The Barnes & Noble Nook Color is an ideal device if you plan on viewing a vast selection of images.

TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

One way to describe the new Nook Color from Barnes & Noble is that it hit the ground running. This eBook reader provides a great deal of competition for other eBook readers already on the market. How? Like other eBook readers, it offers countless books and magazines. Exclusively, it flaunts a 7-inch color screen, Wi-Fi, email capabilities and an app store, among other things.

The only thing we found that may cause some users hesitance is that the device has an LCD screen instead of an E-Ink screen. That of course is for the Color, but in exchange, it will look more like a computer than like a book, so you may not be able to read for eight hours straight without making your eyes tired. It’s a personal preference that users must decide upon; however, we have selected it as one of the best eBook reader because of its design, content and versatility.

The design of the Nook Color is what sets it apart from its predecessor and other similar eBook readers. This device features a VividView Color Touchscreen that displays more than 16 million colors in high resolution. The colors are clear and bright, which is ideal for magazines, newspapers or books with lots of images. However, the eReader has an LCD screen, not electronic ink technology. We didn’t find any eyestrain to be an issue, but if your eyes tire from looking at a computer screen for hours on end, the LCD screen may be a bit too much for you, and you may want to consider the original Nook.

This Barnes & Noble device also features an extra-wide viewing angle. We were able to view the screen from almost any angle with little glare. We are also impressed that even with an LCD screen, we were able to read indoors or outdoors easily. In addition to the lighting functionality, the Nook Color offers intuitive functionality. For example, when switching between portrait and landscape modes, you just have to flip the eBook reader – there's no need to scroll or push a button.

One of our favorite things about the Barnes & Noble eBook readers is the huge selection of content available for the devices. More than 2 million books are available for the Nook Color. We are impressed with the vast selection of books available because there seems to be something for everyone, from New York Times bestsellers to older classics.

With such vibrant colors, this eBook reader is ideal for reading magazines. It displays magazines as full pages filled with color and astounding images. When you have a subscription, a magazine or daily newspaper is downloaded automatically every morning to the device so you don’t have to worry about running outside to the mailbox to pick up the daily paper or your favorite magazine anymore.

The Nook Color not only has content aimed toward adults, but it features a large collection of popular children's picture books and a Read to Me feature that is interactive for children's enjoyment and learning. The pages are full color and engaging, so it's perfect for you to spend some quality time with your children. The Nook Color is an ideal product for children, especially if you’re traveling; it will keep them entertained when the road does not, and they'll have a bedtime story no matter where you are.

We were impressed that the Nook Color also allows you to search, purchase and use popular apps. We found that the amount of apps and games that are available are limited to a small amount; however, we expect the number of apps to grow. Until then, we were pleased that the eBook reader offers the bonus abilities.

This eBook reader features 8GB of built-in memory. This is a much larger amount than its predecessor and will allow you to hold up to 6,000 books. You can expand the memory to 32GB if you prefer by using a microSD memory card and constantly add more to your portable library. The battery life of the eReader lasts approximately eight hours and comes with a rechargeable battery that takes around three hours to charge. We found it very convenient and very easy to use at home or while on vacation.

We were never bored while using the Nook Color because of all the features it has. Built-in Wi-Fi is available on this device, but no 3G option. You can check and send email from your personal account on the Nook as long as you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. A media player is also provided that can play up to 100 hours of music or audio books. This player allows you to watch videos on the beautiful 7-inch color screen and offers a 3.5mm headphone jack so others don’t have to listen with you.

This eBook reader lets you customize your reading experience so it's the most comfortable for you. You have the option to choose your font styles, background colors and margin spacing. There is also the option to create your own personal wallpaper.


We highly recommend the Barnes & Noble Nook Color as one of today's top eBook readers because of its abilities and quality design. We are impressed with the content it offers, the enjoyable extra features you can enjoy and the beautiful color screen that's especially perfect for enjoying magazines. Even though it doesn’t have the E-Ink technology that most eBook readers offer, the 7-inch color screen is simply astounding, and we found that many users prefer it to the traditional black-and-white E-Ink screen. For a great deal of memory, countless book and magazine options, apps, email and kid-friendly features, we recommend the Nook Color.

Nook Color Visit Site