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Huawei Watch Review

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PROS / This smartwatch has a sapphire crystal screen, a rarity among smartwatches.

CONS / The Huawei Watch doesn't have an ambient light sensor, so you have to manually adjust brightness.

 VERDICT / The Huawei smartwatch is a premium watch that doesn't slack on features or specs.

Not only does Huawei make one of the best smartphones, the Nexus 6P, it also manufactures an impressive smartwatch. The Huawei Watch is powerful, elegant and has a bright, high-resolution display that is protected with sapphire crystal. It is easily one of the best Android Wear smartwatches available.

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Like the Apple Watch and Moto 360, there are several variants of the Huawei Watch. All are made from stainless steel, but it will cost extra if you get the rose gold-plated casing or the one coated in black diamond-like carbon (DLC). You can choose from black or brown leather straps; a stainless steel mesh band; and black, silver or rose gold stainless steel link bands.

  1. The amount of time the smartwatch can be used on a single charge.
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  2. 5 Huawei Watch
    1.5 Days
  3. 1.5 Days
  4. 1 Days
  5. 3 Days
  6. Category Average
    2.53 Days

The lowest-tiered model comes in at $349, with the most expensive model costing $799, which is still 12 times cheaper than the 18-carat gold Apple Watch Edition. We tested the stainless steel Huawei model with a black leather strap.

The watch's case looks quite traditional and measures in at 0.4 inches thick—about the same size as the Moto 360. However, unlike the 360, it is apparent that this smartwatch was designed with only men in mind. The watch appears overly masculine and looks hefty on a dainty wrist.

This watch's leather strap and classic-looking face may exude business casual, but the stainless steel body and sapphire crystal display can handle a beating, too, if you work a blue-collar job. The watch weighs 2 ounces, but it still feels solid and durable.

The Huawei Watch has the highest resolution display featured on an Android Wear Watch. It is extremely sharp, bright and easy to read. We also appreciated the fact that this circular-faced display doesn't suffer from the flat-tire effect, where a chunk of pixels are missing from the bottom of the screen that houses the sensors. Huawei's watch does indeed lack an ambient light sensor, so it is unable to automatically adjust brightness.

Like several other smartwatches, Huawei's is also powered by a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor. It is equipped with 512MB of RAM, which is enough for running multiple apps simultaneously. The only smartwatch that has more memory is Fossil's Q Founder. You also get 4GB of internal storage to store music and apps. This is convenient if you plan to use the watch on runs with a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

As for battery life, the Huawei Watch's is about average. We were about to get 1.5 days of use from the watch's 300-mAh battery, even with the Always-On display mode enabled. If you rely heavily on your smartwatch, your mileage may vary.

Rather than creating its own firmware like Samsung or Pebble, this smartwatch is powered by Google's Android Wear operating system. Android Wear has more than 4,000 total apps in Google's Play Store.

It is easy to interact with and dismiss notifications with the Huawei Watch. Since it has a built-in microphone, you can use your voice to respond to text messages. The watch has a built-in heart rate sensor, which comes in handy if you want to use it to track your workout. It is also IP67-rated, meaning it can withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for a half-hour. We don't recommend swimming with this watch, but you can feel confident wearing it in the rain or while washing dishes.

Huawei offers a one-year warranty. If you have any problems or need help setting it up, you can reach the company by email, live chat and on the phone.


The Huawei smartwatch's biggest selling point is its high-resolution sapphire crystal screen. But it may not be the best smartwatch for folks with small wrists, or those who are looking for a less-formal watch, but it still has an impressive aesthetic, decent specs and is worth considering.

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