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Pebble Time Round Review

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PROS / This smartwatch is thin and very comfortable.

CONS / There aren't as many apps available to download with this smartwatch.

 VERDICT / If you want a smartwatch that looks the least like a smartwatch, the Pebble Time Round is your best bet. It's very thin, has an impressive battery life and has an always-on display.

Pebble has come a long way since its original Kickstarter project was funded. The company's Pebble Time Round smartwatch swaps the clunky, cheap plastic body found in the original model with stainless steel and leather. The Round also ditches the Classic's rectangular grayscale screen for a circular, colored ePaper display.

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If you are looking for a touchscreen, consider getting another smartwatch, because you operate the Time Round with its four side buttons. Its ePaper screen may not be as bright or have as high a resolution as the AMOLED displays found in most other smartwatches, but it has its advantages. It's a lot less geeky looking and the low-power screen extends battery life significantly, plus it doesn't glare at all outdoors. The bezel on the screen is pretty big, but it isn't obnoxious and distracting.
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  2. 9 Pebble Time Round
    2.25 Days
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    2.53 Days

From a design standpoint, the Time Round is one of the best smartwatches. It really doesn't even look like a smartwatch. When you wear a smartwatch, typically someone makes a remark or asks a question about it, but since the Time Round has an always-on display, it just looks like a regular watch. It is slim and sleek – weighing just a single ounce. It's so light we forgot we were even wearing it. The watch is 7.5 millimeters thick, or is about the size of three silver dollars stacked on top of each other. Also, since it is so small, it looks great on small wrists.

It comes in black, white or rose gold, and you can choose from a mesh, link, or leather band, but depending on what strap you get, the price varies. The bands are swappable, so you can easily mix things up if you want to. We also liked that Pebble has a lot of downloadable watch faces to pick from; you can even design your own if you want. Unfortunately, developers need to re-optimize already existing Pebble apps to work with the new round screen, so there isn't as large a selection of apps to download as you get with other smartwatches.

Compared to Android Wear and even Apple's watchOS, Pebble's Timeline operating system is much easier to work your way around. Scroll down from the home screen to see what appointments you have in the future or scroll up to see what texts, emails and phone calls come in. The timeline tells you when sunrise and sunset is and even how many minutes until it will rain, which came in handy more than we thought it would.

Although the battery life for this smartwatch lasts longer than the Apple Watch and any other Android Wear smartwatch (we got over two days of use), this is the shortest battery life for a Pebble smartwatch. Fortunately, this one only takes 15 minutes to recharge to get an additional day's worth of use. The rectangular Pebble Time has a weeklong battery, but it isn't as nice-looking or thin as the Round.


The Pebble Time Round isn't as powerful or spec-heavy as other smartwatches and that's OK. It is crazy thin, easy to use, has an impressive battery and is great looking.

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