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Cookbook & Recipe Software Review: Find Your New Favorite Meals
Find the perfect kitchen companion with cookbook and recipe software, which can create meal plans, generate shopping lists and help you create your favorite dishes.
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Cookbook & Recipe Software Review

Why Use Cookbook and Recipe Software?

The top performers in our review are MasterCook, the Gold Award winner; Living Cookbook, the Silver Award winner; and Cook’n Recipe Organizer, the Bronze Award winner. Here’s more on choosing software to meet your needs, along with details on how we arrived at our ranking of 10 products.

If you’re a Mac user, be sure to check out our Mac recipe software reviews to see which program works best for your needs.

Since you can find nearly any recipe you want online, cookbook and recipe software may seem redundant. But on the contrary, recipe programs have advanced capabilities that you won't find online, such as menu planning, automatic shopping lists, specific nutritional information and verbal cooking instructions.

This software provides a great way to organize and update your recipes. You can add recipes to your database and edit them as you discover new and better ways to concoct your favorite meals. This helps you remember and keep a file of the dishes that have worked in the past and abandon the ones that didn't work. You can do quick searches for your favorite recipes and pull them up in seconds, then either print them off or display them on your tablet.

You can add notes and commentary to remind yourself of tips, instructions and menu plans that have worked for you. This makes it easy to revise your menus over time to make them just right for your lifestyle and your family's nutritional needs.

You can easily import recipes into the database and then revise them for things like serving size. The best cookbook and recipe programs automatically adjust ingredient amounts to the size of your family so you don't have to worry about getting the portions right. Our cookbook and recipe software reviews help you determine which software will best meet the needs of your family. In addition to our reviews, take a look at our articles on cookbook and recipe software for more tips on how to make life in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Cookbook & Recipe Software: What to Look For

When you are looking for the right recipe software for you and your family, the sheer number of programs on the market may make your choice a daunting task. In our research, we considered the most important aspects of cookbooks and recipe software.

We found software programs that effectively act as electronic recipe organizers, putting your favorite recipes at your fingertips so your time can be spent preparing food, not finding recipes. We selected recipe management software that lets you easily import recipes into your database and effectively organize and file them. This software lets you organize recipes and monitor your family's nutrition in the same place. We used the following criteria to determine the best cookbook and recipe software available.

Recipe Manager
Cookbook software should include hundreds of preprogrammed recipes for you to choose from right out of the gate. You should be able to add your own recipes and easily import recipes you find online into your database. It should be simple to edit recipes to make changes to your ingredients or cooking times. Having your recipes categorized allows you to search for menu items quickly and easily. Recipe management software should allow you to do just that – manage your recipes in the most efficient way possible. It is important to be able to search by ingredient, among other search options, which allows you to find recipes that contain the ingredients you have on hand.

Cooking Tools
Look for cooking and recipe software with an extensive feature set and tools that make cooking easier. The software should allow you to download recipes from the internet and automatically adjust serving sizes on recipes so you never have the problem of miscalculating the ingredient amounts for your family. It is also nice to have the option to print out recipe cards and full cookbooks. The best recipe software lets you customize the cookbook your way before you print it off.

Menu Planner
The best recipe organizers allow you to plan breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for days, weeks and even months ahead of time. Menu planners should be customizable to meet the needs of different diets and track your food inventory. Additionally, you should be able to make a categorized shopping list using this software to make your trip to the grocery store quick and easy.

Help & Support
Recipe software should be easy to use, but in case you have any questions or run into any problems, look for programs that have numerous support options, such as extensive FAQs pages and tutorials online. Also look for programs that offer email and phone support so you can contact the company directly. Many recipe organizers have a demo or trial period so you can test out the program before you buy, which is incredibly useful.

Cookbook & Recipe Software: Our Verdict and Recommendations

We identified the best cookbook and recipe software on the market. The best options are MasterCook, Living Cookbook and Cook'n Recipe Organizer. Each has a lot to offer in terms of keeping your library of recipes organized and up to date.

MasterCook has over 8,000 recipes in its database, as well as a comprehensive shopping list. Living Cookbook offers outstanding support and stellar menu-planning features, like one that lets you create recipes of your own. Cook'n Recipe Organizer is, as its name implies, an excellent organizational tool. It provides excellent help with setting nutritional values and serving sizes, and it even gives you effective grocery-shopping strategies.

When choosing cookbook and recipe software, decide what your needs are. If you are a gourmet cook, you will appreciate features that allow you to edit recipes and change serving sizes. However, if you don't cook for many people, you may find that more basic cookbook and recipe software suits you best. One such basic software package is Paprika Recipe Manager, an affordable program that doesn't come with pre-existing recipes but lets you add your own recipes quickly and easily. Our reviews of cookbook and recipe software packages can help you decide which program fits your lifestyle.