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Editing Functions

Collage Templates
Shape Options
Text Options
Customizable Backgrounds
Auto Collage
Image Editing Tools
Drag and Drop Functionality
Zoom In
Rulers and Guides
Black and White
Drop Shadows
Matte Photo
Color Matching
Red Eye Removal
Add Video & Music
Weight Adjustment
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Export Options

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Help & Support

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Photo Collage Software Review

How to Choose Photo Collage Software

The top performers in our review are MyMemories Suite, the Gold Award winner; MemoryMixer, the Silver Award winner; and CraftArtist, the Bronze Award winner. Here s more on choosing photo collage software to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of 10 programs.

Photo collage software can take you from having glue stuck to your fingers as you bend over papers for hours to sitting at your computer arranging your pictures into sleek, classy collages ready for your family and friends to view. Many of these programs allow you to add embellishments and set your photos to predesigned templates.

We judged photo collage software that accommodates newcomers to collage making and seasoned practitioners who want to get up to speed with new technological tools. Depending on the skills you need to make the projects you want, you can find a good fit for your photo collage needs. You can read more about collages in our articles.

Photo Collage Software: What We Evaluated, What We Found

We looked at photo collage software that works with both Windows and Mac computers. With the exception of Aleo Photo Collage Maker, none of the software options we chose for our lineup have specific tools for either system, which makes them compatible with either operating system.

We measured the abilities of each software by how many tools it has and how easy it is to learn the functions it possesses. We also judged the software by its export options, such as its ability to transfer to CD or DVD and upload to social media. Having solid support services is also part of our evaluation for each product, and we looked at the availability of video tutorials and FAQs pages.

Top Ten Reviews seeks, whenever possible, to evaluate all products and services in hands-on tests that simulate as closely as possible the experiences of a typical consumer. We judged the programs by comparing the manufacturers  specs and product information. The manufacturers had no input or influence over our testing methodology, nor was the methodology provided to any of them in more detail than is available by reading our reviews. Results of our evaluations were not provided to the companies in advance of publication.

Editing Functions: Picking Through Pictures
When we looked at each photo collage software system, we took in to account how many functions each one can perform and how it stood in comparison to the others. The number of collage templates a program has is an important factor, as is the number of embellishments you can add to each collage. If you like elaborate collages with a lot of detail, then choosing one that has enough of the functions you want should be a priority. If you often have people in your collage photos, then choosing software with weight adjustment and red eye removal is beneficial.

If you are interested in creating mixed-media collages, then consider software with the ability to add music and video. A zoom-in function is also a handy tool for those who wants to infuse their collages with even more style, and even our lower-ranked products have it. Most software also gives you the ability to crop your photos, which comes in handy for wide shots in particular.

MyMemories Suite has over a thousand embellishments in comparison to the other programs, most of which have under a hundred. Customizable backgrounds are also an important creative feature of this type of software, and they make your collages distinctive.

Ease of Use: Getting It Straight
The ease of use for each photo collage software depends largely on how the basic functions work and how quickly you can pick up on using all of the tools. Each program has a file organizer, which is used to keep each of your projects separate from one another. The simplicity of creating a project from scratch is also a basic part of ease of use. Even if you prefer to work with templates, you should still have the option of a blank slate on which to paint your own masterpiece.

Rotating your pictures and full collages is also part of the ease with which you can edit your work. You should be able to set pictures at angles and tilt the entire collage one way or another.

Export Options: Moving House
With so many different avenues through which to display your work, a photo collage program should offer plenty of ways for you to export the final product elsewhere. The ability to transfer your collages to a CD or DVD is useful if you want to provide anyone with a physical copy, but there are also several other options available if you want to digitally export your work. You can export you finished collage to Facebook with software such as Print Shop Deluxe and SnowFox Photo Collage Maker. You can also export it as a JPG, PDF or PNG files for use on other platforms such as websites.

Help & Support: Serve Up the Goods
Video tutorials are one of the most informative ways to learn the ins and outs of your photo collage software. A FAQs page is also a necessity for figuring out many of the main points of the software. For more direct and immediate contact, we also evaluated whether the software offered email support services or social media connections, and the best choices on our lineup offered a combination of all or most of these.

What Else is Important in Selecting Photo Collage Software?

Auto Collage: A Quick Fix
Most photo collage software options are intuitive, and you use them as tools for your own creativity. However, it is useful to have photo collage software that does the job for you, filling in the picture template with whatever pictures you have selected. This is a quick way to make an appealing-looking collage without having to add any edits or embellishments if all you need is to get the job done fast.

Embellishments: Making Over a Collage
When you make paper collages, you can cut whatever shapes you want and glue on any decorations you find, and digital collage makers add embellishments to provide a similar experience. Most programs offer a variety of embellishments that can include themes like seasonal and event-oriented options. You can add a few flourishes to a collage and make it look full and festive.

Text Options: Writing with Flair
Sometimes a picture can be enhanced by a caption or header, and the products on our lineup have plenty of fonts to fit whatever vision you have for your collages. Most have standard fonts like Times New Roman, but others have fonts that are decorative. Whatever pictures form your collage, find a program that has text to match it.

Our Verdict and Recommendations

MyMemories Suite, MemoryMixer and CraftArtist are all solid photo collage software options for digital picture projects. CraftArtist, the Bronze Award winner, has enough editing functions to make your collages look professionally made. Our Silver Award winner, MemoryMixer, provides copious embellishments to add the kind of creativity you find in handmade collages. MyMemories Suite is exemplary in providing the tools, export options and support you need for a collage project. Choosing this as the Gold Award winner was not tough once we saw the results of our research, but the others still offered excellent functions and export options.

All of the photo collage software in our lineup are fine choices for anyone who needs to either make an elaborate project of his or her own or just put a collage together quickly for fun. Choosing one with enough editing functions, available support and export options is a lot simpler when you look at any of the choices on our lineup.