Pros / Adroit Photo Recovery lets you recover partial files where it is not able to make full recoveries.

Cons / Adroit only recovered 2 percent of our damaged files.

 Verdict / Adroit could actually be good photo recovery software, but its success depends on your device keeping deleted files intact.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Photo Recovery Software here.

Our search for the best photo recovery software uncovered a lot of surprises, and Adroit Photo Recovery was certainly one of them. Along with its broad format, file system and even Windows OS compatibility, Adroit offers SmartCarving technology that makes damaged and partial files visible.

Adroit's SmartCarving technology is capable of partial-file recovery, which is something that no other program in this review was able to do. Granted, this partial recovery was only 32 percent of the files that higher-ranking digital image recovery programs were able to fully recover. Of those returned photo recovery results, though, you can filter them by quality.

In its preview window, Adroit automatically sorts your photos as Not Deleted, Successfully Recovered and Partially Recovered. However — in our own testing – Adroit sorted our deleted photos as Not Deleted, so they did not appear in the Successfully Recovered tab. This did not appear to be our misunderstanding of the software, and as the JPG files did appear intact, we decided to consider them recovered nonetheless.

Adroit apparently works by identifying beginning and End-of-File markers. Continuous sets, such as deleted files, are the ones that are easily recovered. Files that lack continuity or are only partially available appear to be Adroit’s greater challenge, since it didn’t seem to be able to connect enough file fragments to make a meaningful return of our data. While Adroit did recover all of our deleted files, it only recovered 2 percent of our damaged files. This was the second-lowest Scan and File Recovery score for all of the image recovery programs we reviewed. Disk Doctors is, however, backward-compatible with the Windows FAT12 file system and can even pull data from Apple’s Heuristic File System, which will make it a useful tool for some users.

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By and large, a successful recovery operation is dependent on how soon you recognize a data-loss situation. You should immediately do anything you can to prevent new data from being written to the areas of your storage media that held your lost files. In many cases this is not an easy task unless you’re working with an SD card, USB device or other type of removable media. Unfortunately, data loss normally escapes users for hours and even days, in which cases Adroit Photo Recovery may not be well suited to make a full recovery.

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