Pros / This software offers tools to monitor websites and computer activity, letting you record passwords and usernames.

Cons / It lacks any tools to block or filter websites or computer applications.

 Verdict / This software is only adequate for monitoring computer and internet use. It falls short in restricting access to websites and applications.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

IamBigBrother lets you track internet and computer activities. This monitoring software offers several effective tools to record and log computer use and to take screenshots on monitored computers. However, it lacks tools to let you block or filter activities and websites. Installing this PC monitoring software is quick and easy, but it's a bit tricky to navigate through the software's functions. Some trial and error is required to learn the features and operations.

The software has several good features, including the ability to record usernames and passwords and to monitor launched applications. You can log each keystroke typed and monitor sent and received emails. It does not monitor email attachments, but it does monitor both sides of chat conversations.

You can set this software to operate in stealth or non-stealth mode. It captures search engine phrases as well as accessed websites, and it is equipped with several customization settings. You designate keywords you want the software to monitor and the application flags user activity that contains the words and puts them into a log file. IamBigBrother takes screenshots at the frequency you set, and you can schedule monitoring times. The main drawback to this computer monitoring software is that it lacks features to filter or block content. That means you cannot stop users from viewing inappropriate websites or from using certain applications. In addition, this software does not offer real-time monitoring or mobile access to administrate monitored computers.

IamBigBrother lacks the ability to track document creation or use. This software is a bit tricky to navigate through, and collected data is difficult to view because the software heaps it into a single category instead of sorting it by applications used. The omission of a search feature impedes the reporting process. When coupled with heavy computer use, reading reports becomes a burdensome chore. Customer help and support is limited with this monitoring software. The only contact available is via an email form on the product website.

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IamBigBrother has adequate monitoring features but lacks tools to block websites, searches and applications. It takes some time to learn to use the features and tools, and help and support is very limited.

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