Pros / This software offers numerous top-quality tools and features to monitor internet and computer use.

Cons / It does not send reports via email and cannot block the use of software applications on monitored computers.

 Verdict / Spector Pro is good software with above-average capabilities to handle all internet and computer monitoring. Blocking tools are limited but sufficient for most needs.

"Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information."

Spector Pro is equipped with great surveillance tools and offers as many monitoring features as our number two and three products. This monitoring software is easy to use, with thorough reporting functions.

It records transcripts of chat conversations and sent and received emails. It maintains a detailed log of websites visited and online searches. This can help you determine whether your children or others in your home are viewing material online that you deem appropriate. It can protect them from cyber bullying, hate sites and graphic images.

You can choose whether to run this monitoring software in visible or stealth mode. This application does not offer real-time monitoring.

Spector Pro records all keyboard strokes, online screen names, IDs, passwords and more. The Snapshots feature takes screenshots as frequently as every second or based on user activity, such as clicking a mouse, visiting a webpage or launching an application. You can review screenshots via video-style playback.

Spector Pro can monitor all launched applications. It tells you which software installations are the most frequently used, the time and date they are used and the duration of use.

This PC monitoring software offers some blocking tools, but not as many as our top three products. You can block designated websites and schedule times to block internet use. For example, you can block use during your children's homework time or at bedtime.

However, this software lacks the ability to block the use of applications on monitored computers.

You can specify a keyword or keyword phrase that, if typed, will trigger an alert to a designated email address. These alerts notify you if websites or material that you deem inappropriate is accessed. Spector Pro does not send full reports via email.

Spector Pro has reports to show the websites visited and the most frequently viewed sites. A summary report gives a rundown of the top 10 searches and top 10 applications used, as well as the top 10 people emailed and the top 10 people chatted with. You can receive details of file downloads, including software, images and videos. This application also monitors file uploads.

This product offers help and support 24 hours a day by telephone and email, and live chat is available on the company's website. Online FAQs also are available.

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Spector Pro is monitoring software that offers a host of features to track computer and internet use in your home. It lets you block websites and internet use, but you cannot block access to computer applications. You can record and review screenshots and track all activity on monitored computers. Overall, this is a good product.

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