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iProtectYou 8.7 Review

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iProtectYou is a time control and filtering program. This program is offered by SoftForYou, who also presents two similar products, Chronager and CyberSieve.

Unlike the lower ranked parental time control software products in this review, iProtectYou goes beyond simple time control to include internet content filtering. Filtering and time control is not only applicable to family computers but also to public access and networked computers.

Feature Set

iProtectYou allows you to set internet access time and restrict by time or day. Outside of time control, it has the ability to filter content, limit downloads and ban websites, words, news groups, programs and ports. It can also block email, chat (or IM) and P2P (file sharing).

To monitor remotely a computer or users activities, iProtectYou can send an email message relating the questionable site visited and attaches a screen shot of the site. The program can also formulate a daily report of sites visited.

This program can control networked computers and all settings can be managed through the administrator’s computer.

Ease of Use

Parts of the program were easy to use – other parts left you wondering what to do. For example, we could not find an individual profile setup section, so we couldn’t figure out how to set up individual accounts. We learned that individual accounts have to be set up in the Windows user accounts section accessed through the computer control panel.

Ease of Installation/Setup

We had no problems installing the program and the initial setup was easy, we just experienced some confusion over how to set up individual user accounts.

Technical Support/Help

iProtectYou offers an online form for contacting tech support as well as a user manual and FAQs.

Time Control Effectiveness

The Time Control section of the program seemed to work adequately, initially the web filtering section seemed to work fine also, but after we tried to unblocked some sites we were still blocked. Additionally, we were blocked from the page we had to load to remove iProtectYou from our system.

Therefore, if you are looking primarily for time control software this product does a good job, but we had problems with the filtering features. For better filters, you may want to look at our Internet Filtering Reviews.


iProtectYou seemed to work well for time control and limitations, for web filtering we recommend you visit our Internet Filtering Reviews.