5 ways to keep your long distance relationship strong during self-isolation

5 gifts to keep your long (social) distance relationship strong through self-isolation
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With social distancing being enforced nationwide, not to mention a potential lockdown on leaving your home, it could be a while before you see your partner if you don't live together. Even if they're only a block away, you're still most definitely in a long (social) distance relationship. After all, if you can't get within two meters of anyone who isn't in your household, you definitely shouldn't be getting close and personal with your boyfriend or girlfriend in the foreseeable future. 

If you love someone, you really shouldn't see them right now. After all, giving someone a dangerous virus doesn't really seem like a loving gesture. You shouldn't let coronavirus get in the way of your relationship, though, so we've come up with five ideas on how to keep your love life going through social distancing. With so much worry and anxiety circulating, these options are all great ways to let someone know you care, and (of course) you won't need to leave home to do them. 

1. Keep them stocked up on snacks and send a gift basket 

5 gifts to keep your long (social) distance relationship strong through self-isolation - gift basket

I love you, I miss you, get well soon... there's a gift basket for everything you want to say.  (Image credit: Harry & David)

Is your significant other in lockdown? You can have a lovingly crafted hamper sent right to their door, filled with lovely fresh food, indulgent desserts, alcohol and many more options to keep them going. We're all doing our best to avoid stockpiling, so sending somebody a well-stocked hamper is a socially responsible and romantic way to show them you care. 

We've picked our favorite basket on sale right now from Harry & David, which provides the best gift baskets for putting a smile on someone's face. This hamper has everything, from premium popcorn for streaming parties (we'll get to those later) to an assortment of chocolate truffles. You can even add alcohol for a touch more indulgence. 

Deluxe Favorites Gift Basket: Was $89.99

Deluxe Favorites Gift Basket: Was $89.99 now $69.99 at Harry & David
Save $20 -
Pears, popcorn, cheese, crackers, relish, buttery raspberry galettes, chocolate-coated cherries, chocolate truffles and mini mints. This basket is brimming with gourmet food, a guaranteed way to make your loved one smile. 

2. Bring the outdoors to them with a floral bouquet

5 gifts to keep your long (social) distance relationship strong through self-isolation - flower delivery

Brighten up their work-from-home setup and bring the springtime to them with a gorgeous bouquet.  (Image credit: The Bouqs)

Being stuck inside when spring is all around is no fun, but by sending your loved one a thoughtful bouquet of flowers they can appreciate the best of the season without having to leave home. Flowers are an absolute, guaranteed mood-booster, not just for Valentines! Obviously, you can't drop down to the store and pick up a bouquet yourself, but we've reviewed all of the best flower delivery services online for the quality of their bouquets, so you can order in confidence. 

In our 1-800 Flowers review we loved the reasonable pricing, high-quality bouquets and the ability to customize gifts. Our pick of seasonal bouquets has the option to add in a box of chocolates, and comes with a free premium vase which they can re-use for all the romantic gestures you have to come. It features irises and tulips, both romantic flowers symbolizing love and endurance. We've covered a full guide to flower meanings to help you send the perfect message. 

Spring Tulip & Iris + Free Premium Vase: Was $46.99

Spring Tulip & Iris + Free Premium Vase: Was $46.99 now $29.99 at 1-800 Flowers
Save $17 -
This vibrant and seasonal bouquet is perfect for bringing some happiness to the one you love. It comes with a free premium vase and you can add a bunch of extras to make it even more special. 

3. Bring back happy memories with a photo book

5 gifts to keep your long (social) distance relationship strong through self-isolation - Photo Book

Photo books will get you through social distancing with a reminder of the happy times you've shared, and the promise of many more to come. (Image credit: Mixbook)

You might not be making any memories together for the time being, but a photo book is a great way to bring back happier times - be they holidays, dates or funny photos. The best photo books will also give you the option to add lots of thoughtful captions and have complete creative control in designing the perfect book, to really show how much thought you've put into your gift. After all, you've got plenty of time on your hands now, right? 

The kind people at Mixbook have given us a code to score you 45% off photo books. It's valid until March 31, so act fast to perfect your gift using our code, REVSNY20. 

Up to 45% off photo books + more with code REVSNY20 at Mixbook

Up to 45% off photo books + more with code REVSNY20 at Mixbook
Ends 3/31 -
Mixbook has hundreds of themes to choose from, including fun or romantic options, to make your gesture as special and personalized as possible. 

4. Have a Netflix (and self-chill) party

5 gifts to keep your long (social) distance relationship strong through self-isolation - netflix party

Have movie night with a nifty Google Chrome add-on to bring you together.  (Image credit: Getty)

Incase you haven't heard, there's a new Google Chrome add-on called Netflix Party, which will let you enjoy movies with your friends while you're in social isolation. Settle down, scroll through the best TV streaming services for the best part of an hour trying to decide what to watch, and it'll feel like a regular date night. 

In the absence of being able to cuddle up whilst watching a movie together, we've got a quirky gift (in the form of the best pillow for back support) to act as a great substitute. In fact, many users of this huggable backrest pillow prefer it to cuddling their partner - so don't say we didn't warn you. Simply send this to your significant other, grab the popcorn and let movie night commence. 

Mainstays Long Hair Faux Fur Backrest Pillow: Was $20

Mainstays Long Hair Faux Fur Backrest Pillow: Was $20 now $16.88 at Walmart
Save $3.12 -
This backrest pillow is also amazing for your sneaky working from home bed setup - we won't tell. It's got four color options, and at this price, you could even order one for yourself too. 

5. Send a customized card 

5 gifts to keep your long (social) distance relationship strong through self-isolation - photo card

A cheap and thoughtful way to bring a smile to their face.  (Image credit: Snapfish)

If you want to make someone feel loved, a simple text or WhatsApp message won't do the job. The best photo cards will help you convey your feelings in a personalized card, meaning you can add whatever text and images you'd like to get your message across. Photo cards are a thoughtful but inexpensive way to show someone you're thinking of them, making them an ideal gift to send when money is a bit tight. 

Shutterfly is our top pick of sites to custom-make a photo card, as it will send your card direct to your loved one for a reasonable fee. It also has really thoughtful templates and a handy app, perfect for uploading photos from your phone. 

Get a great personalized photo card from Shutterfly with free shipping

Get a great personalized photo card from Shutterfly with free shipping
In response to the coronavirus crisis, Shutterfly is offering free shipping on all orders to help you keep in touch with the one you love, the old-fashioned way. 

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