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Best photo cards online

Best photo cards online 2022
(Image credit: Simply to Impress)

The best photo cards services can make for the best cards, hands-down. Sure, traditional cards can be funny or well written, but a photo card has a personal touch that makes these stand out from the rest. So from anniversaries and baby births to engagements and get wells, the best photo cards are a great option.

Since you likely have more photos stored digitally than you know what to do with, a photo card is a great way to cash in on all that. You can use pre-made designs for a professional finish but with a photo that means a lot to the person you're sending it to.

Best Overall: Mixbook
Mixbook offers some of the best-quality photo cards of the services we evaluated.

Mixbook offers some of the best-quality photo cards of the services we evaluated.

But these aren't just gift cards, you can use them for business events, donation drives, retail sales, charity galas, conferences and plenty more besides. These can work as an information pamphlet with a super premium finish that gives a professional look. A great way to show customers a personal touch and improve brand loyalty for your business.

There are plenty of photo card services to pick from so you need to know which is right. Since the type of paper, printer and ink are all crucial to getting the best finish – it's important to know the services that use the right combination to get great results.

If it's greeting specific cards you're after, then it might be a good idea to look at the best greeting card software. Or for more gift based ideas check out the best photo books.

1. Mixbook: Best photo cards overall

Mixbook: Best photo cards overall

(Image credit: Mixbook)

Mixbook proves you can get high quality photo cards at affordable prices

Reasons to buy
+Good value cards+Regular discounts and coupons +High printing quality 
Reasons to avoid
-Limited envelope options 

If you're looking for the right middle ground between affordability and quality then Mixbook is the site we suggest. The cards we ordered were high quality and completed to an impressive standard and the site gives loads of design options and templates to choose from. Mixbook offers a wide range of styles and themes, meaning you can find cards for birthdays, baby showers, graduation and a wide range of holidays. Mixbook also lets you order one card as a minimum which is great if you're looking to design a specific card for someone special. 

Mixbook also regularly offers discount codes and promotions on its cards, and they often appear directly on the site, so they're great for saving money - especially if you order ahead for birthdays and events throughout the year. We do feel that there could be more envelope options, and there are cheaper sites out there, but as an all-rounder Mixbook is perfect for almost every occasion.

2. Zazzle: Best variety of photo cards 

Zazzle: Best photo cards variety

(Image credit: Zazzle)

With a good variety of photo card templates, Zazzle has something for everyone

Reasons to buy
+A huge variety of card designs+Great options for editing your photo card
Reasons to avoid
-Cannot customize your envelope-No print-quality warning 

Zazzle is not your standard photo card service. The company offers plenty of customizable photo gifts from professional designers and companies, and many of the designs are submitted by users. This means there are countless designs to consider, with all manner of holidays covered.

With great discounts on bulk orders and regular promotions on top of this, we think this is a great choice of photo card provider. You can't customize your envelope, however, which is a limitation when compared to other more premium sites which include this option, sometimes with no added price.

Zazzle didn't rank highest for quality but we still found the cards pleasant and were happy with the finished product overall. Considering the affordability and options for customization, we think this is a service for the best photo card sites. 

3. Minted: Best value photo cards 

Minted: Best photo cards for value

(Image credit: Minted)

For great quality on bulk photo card orders, Minted is our pick

Reasons to buy
+Great design quality +No hidden prices +Free recipient addressing 
Reasons to avoid
-Minimum order of 25 cards

Minted offers stunning card designs, but there's a catch. You'll have to order 25 cards or more if you want to order with this photo card site. If you're looking to buy in bulk, Minted has a huge range of designs for every holiday imaginable, and you can even pay a Minted artist to design a bespoke card just for you. 

These cards weren't the cheapest, but if you're looking for a card with all the bells and whistles included in the price this is a great site for you. Stylish envelope design and countless layout options included for free as a part of your order means this site offers deceptively good value for money if you're looking to impress.

4. Artifact Uprising: Best quality photo cards

Artifact Uprising: Best photo cards for quality

(Image credit: Artifact Uprising)

If you value print quality above all else, this is a superb option

Reasons to buy
+Excellent printing+Very classy range of designs
Reasons to avoid
-Pretty expensive-Slower shipping

For some occasions, only the highest quality printing will do. That's where Artifact Uprising comes in. This is a smaller business, but one that prides itself on creating high quality photo cards, and other photo-based products. This comes with advantages and disadvantages. The plus points are that your cards look and feel excellent, and you're getting tasteful designs, nicely presented. Envelopes, inserts, photo books, and any extras - they all look great, and you know exactly where your money has gone.

The negatives here are that you'll pay a little more for your prints, which can add up if you're ordering a whole bunch - like for wedding invites - and the shipping does take a little longer than many others. Support options are friendly here, but not as 24/7 as the major providers. But you are supporting a smaller American business, if that's important to you (it should be).

We like Artifact Uprising, and for extra special occasions, it's worth spending a little more. The site is easy to use, the products great, and the choice of options decent, if not exhaustive. 

5. Meijer: More affordable photo cards

Meijer: Best photo cards for affordability

(Image credit: Meijer )

Meijer is the most affordable photo card site we tested

Reasons to buy
+The cheapest site we tested+Good quality printing +Available in stores
Reasons to avoid
-Lacking in stylish designs

If you're familiar with Meijer, the midwestern superstore, this photo service will be familiar to you. Like many other photo card services, this one thrives on wedding announcements, save the date cards and Christmas cards. That's because a lot of Meijer Photo cards come with a minimum order of 12, making them more suited for larger orders.

There isn't the largest range of options for templates and paper type at Meijer but what they do they do well. Our cards and envelopes were high quality and the photo editor gave us lots of options to make our card special, meaning it was less essential to have a large range of templates for inspiration. 

This was the cheapest site we tested and shipping was affordable too, making this a great option for those looking to spend a little less and still send something special. 

6. Simply to Impress: Another good quality site

Simply to Impress: One of the best photo cards service for quality

(Image credit: Simply To Impress)

If you're willing to spend more to get high quality, go with Simply to Impress

Reasons to buy
+There’s a beautiful selection of designs+The lets you review printed proofs
Reasons to avoid
-Minimum order of 15 cards-An expensive option

Simply to Impress does exactly what its name suggests: impresses with its selection of beautiful designs and final products. You can choose from six paper options: matte, satin, pearl shimmer, cardstock, double thick cardstock and foil stamping. Simply to Impress isn’t the least expensive photo card service, but it’s not overpriced when you consider the high quality printing the company delivers.

Simply to Impress stores your addresses, and you can pay extra to have the service mail your photo cards for you. This is an especially nice feature if you need your cards mailed quickly or you’re too busy to send them yourself. You can choose from multiple envelope colors and various inner linings. The customization options aren't as impressive as Zazzle, but with a great selection of cards to pick from this won't be an option if you pick a design you love.

7. Shutterfly: Best for individual photo cards

Shutterfly: Best photo cards for individuals

(Image credit: Shutterfly)

Shutterfly offers great extras as standard

Reasons to buy
+No minimum orders+High quality cards
Reasons to avoid
-One of the most expensive sites-Bulk discounts didn't impress

Shutterfly is expensive, but a good option if you're ordering individual cards. There's frequent discounts across the range, with up to 50% off everything, to make up for the steep pre-discount prices, but you won't be impressed by discounts for bulk orders. 

Printing is high quality and there's free address printing on envelopes, meaning you get more included for the initial price you pay than some other sites. There's also a great selection of stylish envelope designs and the option to have Shutterfly mail your card for you. Overall, a good option if they cover the holiday you're looking for. 

8. Snapfish: Best satisfaction guaranteed photo cards

Snapfish: Best photo cards with 'satisfaction guaranteed'

(Image credit: Snapfish)

Snapfish has a 100% customer guarantee and the option to pick up designs in-store

Reasons to buy
+Satisfaction guarantee+You can pick up some orders in-store
Reasons to avoid
-High shipping fees -Expensive pricing which lacks transparency

We weren't blown away by the pricing with Snapfish, which increased when we got to checkout. This means you don't know how much your card will cost when you start making it, and it ended up being one of the more expensive sites we reviewed. However, there's an impressive holiday selection and the option to print in-store for convenience. Printing was good, but not amazing quality. If you're not happy though, Snapfish does have a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee which offers a full refund or card replacement if you are dissatisfied with your order. 

9. Paper Source: Best for designer photo cards

Paper Source: Best photo cards for designers

(Image credit: Paper Source)

Featuring Kate Spade, Paperless Post and more, Paper Source features some fancy designs

Reasons to buy
+Designs from brands you'll recognise
Reasons to avoid
-Printing wasn't the best quality-An expensive option-Minimum order of 20 cards

Paper Source offers some lovely designs for their photo cards, but there's limited holiday coverage and paper options. We thought the cardstock was durable and high-quality, but the printing itself wasn't the best we've seen. 

This is an option designed for bulk orders, with many designs having a minimum order of 20 cards. They can print addresses for you on a wide range of envelopes, but be prepared to pay more for this service. 

How much do photo cards cost? 

Pricing for photo cards is massively varied. You could get a single card and it'll cost you less than a dollar, or you could go for a large sized high quality print and it'll be closer to $3. Of course as you buy more there are bulk buy discounts to be had too, so buying more can mean making savings.

If you have the photo cards delivered you're going to need to factor that cost in on top, meaning that sub-$1 single photo could end up costing you a good chunk more. This is where physical stores that print off photo cards for you to collect are a good option. They're also helpful if you're in a hurry to get your photo cards soon with many offering a one-hour turnaround. 

How we found the best photo cards

In our testing, we ordered photo cards from a range of top-rated companies, evaluated the attractiveness of the designs and considered the number of holiday and occasion templates. We ordered two sets of Christmas cards from each company – one printed on the best-quality paper offered and one printed on the least expensive paper. (We ordered only one card from the services that offer just one paper type.) When our orders arrived, we noted whether the cards and envelopes arrived in good condition. All of the services delivered the cards pretty quickly, but we made note of the fastest services.

Design details were very important in our testing. Sites that feature a good range of shapes and paper textures for photo cards received higher scores. Some companies quite literally think outside the box with ornament-shaped cards, glitter or foil embellishments, and scalloped or other kinds of borders. We also took into account the options to edit card templates and add personal touches, as well as how accessible this felt for each site.

To compare the prices of each service we created a photo card, choosing the least expensive paper on each site. We selected a card with the specifications of a 5x7 dimension, folded card with three photos on the cover. Then, we saw how expensive this would be for bulk orders of various quantities and single orders (where possible). We also considered whether or not the total price included shipping and tax. 

Once the cards arrived, we had a team of people with graphic design and photography experience examine and compare the cards. For each card, we used the same photo from the same source, and the designers considered how nicely the company reproduced the color and clarity of the photos. 

Paper quality was a factor as well. All of the high-quality paper samples were printed on nice paper, but some were noticeably thicker. All of the low-quality paper samples were printed on flimsier stock, but some stood out for being sturdier or making the photo look crisper and closer to the original.

Are photo cards easy to make? 

One of the features that determines if a photo card service is a good one, is just how easy it is to use. The software should be intuitive and fast but also detailed enough to offer personalization options. 

As you might expect, many of the top-end photo card services are very easy to use, no matter if you're on a PC or on the go using a smartphone. They will offer automation to give you the option to create fast, but will also have lots of manual controls to make adjustments to things like layout, size and even graphics, to name a few.

How to digitize your photos 

If you need to get physical photos into the cloud to use on your photo card, that is an option. You might not want to make a card with the photo itself, as you then lose it potentially forever. By digitizing that snap you get to keep the original, have backup in the digital cloud and can use it to print off as many photo cards as you need. 

Digitize physical photos by either using an all-in-one printer or scanner at home – or, you can use a dedicated photo scanning service for the best quality end result.

What to look our for when ordering photo cards

Ordering the best photo cards to suit your needs involves being mindful of several factors including your personal preferences, the type of occasion, your current budget and the required quality. To help you make your decision, we have outlined a few key factors to keep in mind before selecting your ideal photo cards.  


One of the best things about ordering photo cards is the option to personalize your card to suit the occasion. So look for photo cards that offer your desired customizations. For instance, some photo card ordering services will let you customize the colors and graphics, while others will let you create a unique card from scratch. Make a choice based on how creative you want to get and how much money you can invest for a more personalized item. 

Another important consideration when ordering photo cards is the paper quality. If you are designing a card for a formal occasion, we recommend sticking to a subdued, neutral paper feel. But photo cards for large parties and business events might look better on glossy paper with a shiny finish. 

Photo cards come in many shapes and sizes so your preferences are the key deciding factor here. If you're creating invitation and informational cards, you might want a longer design to fit in all the messages you need to convey.  Personal cards can be shorter or wider to accommodate photos and heartfelt messages that accompany the special pictures. 

Most photo card ordering companies will let you customize the layout of your card. This can be a great option for those who love designing and are looking for a unique, custom-made gift. However, if you are not the creative type, and would rather order a photo card with a pre-designed layout, look for seasonal and event-based photo cards that tend to come with a variety of pre-made design options. 

Many photo card ordering companies offer a discount for bulk-buying cards. This offer can be useful for people who are ordering photo cards for events like weddings and anniversary parties. If you have a lot of guests and would need to buy photo cards in a large quantity, look for sellers who offer cheaper pricing packages for buying in bulk. 

On the other hand, if you are only ordering photo cards for a friend or a small group of people, look for businesses that specialize in creating custom cards for one-off prices. 

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