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1-800-Flowers review

Our 1-800-Flowers review finds a delivery site with a fantastically varied selection of flowers and plants, and some great customer service.

1-800-Flowers review
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Our Verdict

1-800-Flowers has a great selection of plants and flowers, fair prices, and additional gift options. It's one of the top services in the US right now.


  • Varied selection of flowers and plants
  • Fair prices
  • Great gift customization options
  • Good customer service


  • Arrangement aesthetic could use some variety
  • Complicated service charge calculation
  • No care instructions

Our 1-800-Flowers review discovers a service that has flower bouquets and arrangements for any occasion or holiday; whether you want to say "congratulations" or just surprise that special someone. The company has so many options, that there's something for everyone in its selection, and is easily amongst our picks of the best flower delivery online services. 1-800-Flowers is perhaps one of the best known brands on the market, and whether or not you've ordered flowers before, you're likely to be familiar with its offerings. Founded in 1982, it was one of the first retailers to offer a 24/7 toll-free phone number, then the internet, and then chatbots for customer convenience.

1-800-Flowers is also the parent company of an impressive breadth of other brands, such as 1-800-Baskets, Harry & David flowers, The Popcorn Factory,, and many more. Like many other online flower delivery services, orders are forwarded to local flower shops, where they will be filled. 

In order to create our 1-800-Flowers review, we browsed the vast array of floral arrangements and chose one we believed reflected the average price and represented the general aesthetic of the brand. We opted for the large sized Always On My Mind flower bouquet, which is perfect for Valentine's Day. 

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1-800-Flowers review: Website and selection

  • Fantastic selection of bouquets, but with little aesthetic variety
  • Busy and confusing website

We browsed 1-800-Flowers' selection of arrangements to evaluate the variety of flowers, and the ordering process. It has a fantastic selection of bouquets that are rather creative, and we were happy to find many different types of flowers and color palettes. There are also plenty of plants available for the flower-averse, or for anyone looking for a more unusual gift, but we found that most of the arrangements were in the standard bouquet form. While this is true for most online flower services, some of the more creative providers offer a varied aesthetic: non-rounded bouquets, baskets, boxes, and other more unusual ways to arrange flowers. There are a few options like these on 1-800-Flowers, but those who prefer a more modern look may want to search elsewhere - the arrangements here tend to lean toward a more classic style. 

The 1-800-Flowers website is organized, but is somewhat busy and slightly confusing. You can search by event, occasion, type of flower, signature collections, and more. There are even pages dedicated to other types of gifts, and the site does give the best gift basket specialists a little competition. In fact, there are so many options that you may feel tempted to pick the first satisfactory bouquet instead of searching for one you think the recipient may like more. Ultimately, we feel that there is an overwhelming amount of options, to the point where it seems too confusing. Something like the UrbanStems or Teleflora sites are far better.

1-800 Flowers review: The site is easy to use

1-800 Flowers review: The site is easy to use (Image credit: 1800 Flowers)

1-800-Flowers review: Prices and value

  • Average prices, with affordable options
  • Service and delivery fees are variable

1-800-Flowers prices range from $30 to well over $200, which is quite standard for the products. This ensures that there are options for most Americans - you can still get a quality bouquet or arrangement for a fair and average price. 

However, we advise that the price can add up: there is a service fee, taxes, and if you elect to opt for add-ons, be prepared to shell out even more. If you choose to have the arrangement delivery within a certain time frame on the day selected, you may pay extra for that too. Again, this is quite normal across many sites, but just be aware. The amount you pay in service fees and taxes depends on where the flowers will be delivered, so expect to pay at least $50 for a decent bouquet with no extras. 

1-800-Flowers offers subscription services for those who want to give floral arrangements to a special someone all year-round, but the frequency depends on your selection. 

1-800-Flowers review: Ordering and delivery

  • Fees for same-day or weekend delivery
  • Fees vary by bouquet price
  • Add-ons available at checkout

Ordering a floral arrangement through isn't complex, but we strongly advise that buyers pay close attention to their options. The first option is the size of the bouquet, and the exact dimensions of each size option appears in the description box. In the same section, pay attention to whether or not the bouquet will arrive in a vase or in a box - for some arrangements, you have the option to opt for just the flowers or an additional vase. 

Enter the zip code, and delivery date - but before you do, we suggest that you read the details located in the box "Delivered by a local florist." This will show how much the service fee will be, and the delivery times available to you. If you send flowers often, you can check the box indicating that you would like free shipping, or no service fee, by paying a one-time fee for the the Celebrations Passport. 

When you choose your delivery date, you'll discover that there's an additional fee to have the flowers delivered on Saturday or Sunday - and if you want same-day delivery, you'll pay the same fee. Again, this is quite standard on most flower sites.

After choosing filling out those details, you can add extra gifts to your order. Pick out a balloon, chocolate, a stuffed toy, or chocolate-dipped strawberries. We love the amount of extra gifts available, and unlike other services, you can actually pick balloon designs here. 

Further on into the ordering process, you have the option to include a complimentary gift message. At this point, you can select a time frame during which you need your flowers delivered. While this is helpful, the costs appear to be adding up: between the service fee, weekend delivery fee, delivery time fee, and taxes, expect to spend $20 to $30 more than the cost of the bouquet. 

1-800-Flowers operates like many flower services (ProFlowers is another) in that they contract local florists to complete orders. However, the fine print is buried on the website: flowers that are not in season or available to the florist at the time the order is made can be replaced by flowers of equal or higher value. Remember that customization of the bouquet is not possible. 

Same-day and next-day delivery options are available for select bouquets, depending on the time the order is submitted. 1-800-Flowers delivers all over the United States, and even offers some international delivery, which is impressive.

1-800-Flowers review: Arrangement quality

  • Arrives uncontained
  • Average condition of flowers
What we tested

1-800-Flowers review

(Image credit: 1-800-Flowers)

Arrangement: Always On My Mind Flower Bouquet
Flowers: Pink roses, Gerbera daisies, Oriental lilies, and larkspur, white snapdragons, and lavender stock
Size:  Large
What's included:
Clear glass gathering vase, 8"H
Added extras:

Our 1-800-Flowers bouquet arrived uncontained, though wrapped in part by plastic wrap, and the whole bundle was tied together by a ribbon. This helps protect the flowers from wear and tear. When exposed to the elements, flowers may arrive in a slightly poorer condition than they left the florist, and this was evident in our bouquet. Some of the flowers seemed to have suffered in transit and looked a little wilted. The bouquet also arrived in a water-filled vase.

While most of the flowers were in decent condition, some were wilted, their most vibrant days having passed. We also noted the arrangement wasn't the most eye-pleasing (though, by no means, "ugly"). In some parts the flowers were imperfectly arranged, with some stems sticking further out than was necessary. We suspect that it was due to the flower replacement policy that the bouquet did not quite look as advertised - though it was not outrageously different from the description. Though many of the flowers had not yet bloomed, the ones that had were quite fragrant. Overall, the arrangement was decent, but lacked a wow-factor. 

We noted that 1-800-Flowers did not include care instructions with its bouquet, and something like this could potentially lengthen the life of the bouquet. We've got a feature on flower care to help you out here.

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Our bouquet is colorful, and fresh.

Our bouquet is colorful, and fresh. (Image credit: Future)

Our bouquet

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(Image credit: Future)
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(Image credit: Future)

1-800-Flowers review: Customer service

1-800-Flowers provides multiple ways to reach customer service representatives, and even provides a recommended way based on your issue or query, which is particularly helpful. There's also an FAQ and videos available on the same page that may answer your questions. In the event that you need to reach a representative, you can contact customer service by chat, by email, or by phone. 

(Image credit: 1800 Flowers)

1-800-Flowers review: Customer reviews

  • Some reported late delivery
  • Some discontent with the flowers
  • Overall, good customer reviews
  • Responsive customer service

Some users have complained about their delivery arriving late or not at all, and others have left negative feedback about the flowers' themselves, saying that they did not match expectations. But overall, customer reviews are predominantly positive. Recipients are, overall, happy with the arrangements they received, and purchasers are mostly happy with the ordering process. And when they're not, 1-800-Flowers appears to respond promptly, offering a replacement bouquet to ensure customer satisfaction. 

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