8 reasons why you should and shouldn’t buy a fridge this Amazon Prime Day

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Buying a new refrigerator is a big decision to make any day of the week, even if you have been eyeing up one of the many cheap refrigerator deals now flying around to bring the price down. Add to that the sheer range of appliances you can buy these days, and the decision becomes somewhat complex. 

With so much to consider beforehand, from the capacity to the style, it can be tempting to just dive right into the Amazon Prime Day Deals USA headfirst and let your money make the decision. So to avoid what could be a costly mistake, this guide can help you assess if right now really is the time to splash out on your coolest home appliance. 

Why you should buy a refrigerator this Prime Day  

Let's now look at the benefits of buying a large appliance during a big sale event, and how it could prove to be a smart move for you, depending on what you need for your home. Just remember to be clear on your needs before going anywhere near any type of sale, as otherwise you may be tempted by big discounts on fridges that don't have the features you really need.

 1. You want a new fridge - for cheap! 

Splashing out on a new appliance - especially one that holds your favorite snacks - can be pretty fun, especially the thrill of securing one for a discounted price. Plus, if you can nab one of the best French door refrigerators for less this Prime Day, then the organizational stakes of your kitchen are sure to soar, alongside the space you’ll have for your fresh groceries. 

We don’t yet know for sure what Prime Day deals we will see on the different types of fridges available on Amazon itself, but there are plenty of flash sales already kicking off at other major retailers. These are worth a look and include the following:

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2. You have an emergency need  

There’s never a good time for your vital appliance to let you down, but at least with Prime Day on the horizon, if you are in dire need of a new refrigerator you can pick one up for cheaper. 

With the money you would usually spend replacing your refrigerator, you might even be able to buy a model with more helpful features - whether that’s an ice and water dispenser or smart technology to let you know if you’ve left the door ajar. If you’re in a crisis with your refrigerator, Amazon Prime Day should be able to ease you out of it at a lower cost.

3. You can get free next day shipping as a new Prime member 

Quite simply, there is nothing more annoying than waiting for your online orders to arrive, especially if it’s something as essential as a refrigerator. Thankfully, having a Prime membership is all about speed of delivery, as you’ll even be able to cash in on that promise with your new fridge. 

That means you could be dreaming about the organizational dream that is the best side-by-side refrigerators today and putting your food into one tomorrow. Make sure that you’ve properly measured up in anticipation for this sort of speedy delivery, and double-check that the path into your house for any delivery is unobstructed. 

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 4. There’ll (hopefully) be a wide range of brands on sale  

If you’ve got your eyes on a refrigerator-shaped prize, then you’ll be glad to know that there should be plenty of deals from reputable manufacturers flying in, so you can make an informed choice before you settle on a model. 

There’s also bound to be some of the best mini-fridges with attractive prices too, meaning that you could even expand your stash of snacks and refreshments to other rooms in your house, or your RV if you fancied it. 

Those preoccupied with relaxing in their backyard with a chilled beverage should also be in luck, as there might even be some of the best wine coolers to add the final touch to your summer too.  

5. Amazon won’t be the only retailer selling fridges for cheap

As the big day looms, competition is hotting up among retailers fighting for custom, leading to prices being cut to draw people in. That makes it a great time to shop around and find the best deal. Prime Day is likely to be the best opportunity sale-wise to snap up an affordable refrigerator before Black Friday in November; if you can’t wait for then, it’s best to act now. 

Why you shouldn’t buy a fridge on Prime Day  

Ok, so now that we have looked at the positives of buying a large appliance during a major sale event, let's consider the drawbacks - because there definitely are some. We would never recommend rushing a big purchasing decision such as a fridge, so, once again, get absolutely clear on what type of appliance you want and what your budget is. Having these at the front of your mind will help you avoid making a disaster of a purchase. 

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1. You’re unsure of what you want  

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to refrigerators, but if you really have no idea what kind of design or brand you’d even like to begin with, you might need more time before Prime Day rolls around to make a well-informed decision. 

Rushing into your choice might spell disaster for you in the near future if you’re not careful, such as if the capacity isn’t sizable enough. If that’s the case for you, then you might want to shelve the idea of spending your cash on a refrigerator this Prime Day, and tune the finer details a little longer.

 2. You’re renovating your new kitchen soon  

If you’re in the early stages of moving house, or redesigning your kitchen, you might be tempted to go all out on a new refrigerator and tick one job off the list straight away. While you might save some cash, this is inadvisable if you haven’t quite decided on your layout, or the interior design of your area. 

Take a little more time to draw up your plans and get those all important measurements and dimensions so you know everything will go smoothly when it’s time and remember that the next sale is likely just around the corner.

 3. There might be too much choice 

It is crucial to go into events like Amazon Prime Day with a clear vision of what you want to purchase, to avoid getting stressed out by the avalanche of deals. If you’d prefer to take your time with your buying experience, and weigh up your choices in a more thorough manner, then there’s no harm in sitting this particular sale out. 

Sales can be stressful at the best of times, and you want to avoid splashing out on a whim for the sake of your bank balance. 

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