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Americans are hoarding more than just toilet paper during quarantine - there’s now a shortage of frozen pizza

Americans are hoarding more than just toilet paper during quarantine - there’s now a shortage of frozen pizza
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If toilet paper disappearing from the shelves wasn't a sign of the times,  here's one that is: a frozen pizza shortage. 

Around the country, frozen pizzas are flying off the shelves as shoppers trying to avoid narrow grocery store aisles are looking to buy the longest lasting and most cost-effective foodstuffs. That means getting a lot of frozen and canned goods. 

According to reports, Americans have purchased $275 million worth of frozen pizza since the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic in March. That's a whopping 92% increase from the amount purchased during the same period last year, and some brands have reported an increase as high as 190% in sales. Why frozen pizza? It's easy to make, often cheap, lasts a long time in the freezer, and is very often a dinner that will please the whole family. It's comfort food, which is exactly what people are looking for right now. 

And now, due to high demand, many grocery stores are limiting the amount of frozen pizzas a customer can purchase. Despite this, it's likely that you'll see your favorite brand - and most other frozen pizza brands - out of stock for the time being. Although frozen pizza makers are reassuring customers that they don't anticipate experiencing any interruptions in production, they are hinting at strain as the suppliers are struggling to meet demand under the current circumstances.  

Grocery shopping during the coronavirus pandemic

If you're relying on canned goods and frozen food for sustenance to avoid going to the grocery store too often, you can pivot back to fresh produce if you choose the best grocery delivery services.  These services employ people who will do the shopping for you, so all you need to do is order from the comfort of your own home, whether you need cleaning products, fresh produce, or home goods. The shopper will then drop off your groceries at your door - no contact needed. While this is helpful now, consider using these services beyond the pandemic, so you can save time, and in some cases money, grocery shopping. Once you get your groceries, check out our guide on how to properly disinfect what's in the bag

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