Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet/Dry Vacuum review: a sturdy vac that gives a professional finish

We've reviewed the Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum. It gives a professional performance but could pass as a regular home vacuum too.

NaceCare Charles Wet Dry Vacuum CVC370
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum is a versatile and reliable cleaning tool suitable for domestic and commercial use. Its ability to handle wet and dry messes, coupled with its powerful performance and durable construction, makes it a great choice if you want a hard-working vacuum cleaner that can tackle wet and dry messes. But there's no cord rewind and it can take up quite a bit of space.


  • +

    Robust, durable design

  • +

    Large capacity

  • +

    Multiple attachments


  • -

    Needs adequate storage

  • -

    No cord rewind function

  • -

    May be too heavy for some users

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Part of the Numatic International family of vacuum cleaners, the CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum promises a professional, commercial-grade performance in a wet/dry vacuum that can also be used around the home. 

With a powerful 1.6 Hp vacuum motor, 100" water lift and 95 CFM of airflow, Numatic, and distributor NaceCare, says Charles is built for the toughest jobs, from unblocking sinks and drains and dealing with plumbing disasters and floods to car valets, DIY debris and pet accidents. The two-step filtration system locks away airborne allergens and dust for a cleaner, healthier emptying experience. Switching between carpets and hard floors is super convenient with the combination floor tool, too.

In the box, you'll get two floor nozzles, one for dry and one for wet use, lightweight aluminium tubes that won't rust, and a selection of smaller tools ideal for stairs, upholstery, cars, and tight crevices and corners. You also get a triple-layer HepaFlo filter bag for dry pickup. 

We tested the CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum over a couple of weeks on a range of wet and dry tasks around the home to see if Charles really can do the jobs his little brother Henry can't. 

If the CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum isn’t the perfect new wet/dry vacuum for you, check out our best vacuum cleaners or our best wet/dry vacuum cleaners for every budget, tried and tested.

Joanne Lewsley
Joanne Lewsley

Joanne Lewsley is a freelance health and lifestyle writer. She's also a Top Ten Reviews Customer Advisor for vacuums, air purifiers, and cleaning devices. She evaluates the quality of home gadgets in these areas, putting them through their paces in a natural home environment for reviews, updating buying guides, and speaking to industry experts on the latest product advances.

She reviewed the Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum for two weeks, testing it out in her home.

Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum: Price & availability

The Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum (known by the same name in the UK) is available via a range of websites, including Amazon,  and Sears. At the time of writing the cheapest price was found at The Vacuum Factory, at just $499.95. Located in the UK? You can pick up a Charles at for £179.99.

It's pretty expensive for a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, and much more expensive than, say the Kärcher Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner, available at just $299.99 on Amazon. 

However, Numatic International has an exceptionally strong reputation for making some of the most reliable vacuum cleaners in the world. That's why so many tradespeople use them on building sites and as tools for their job and why they do a great job as shop vacuums and domestic vacuums. 

While the 2-year warranty is already generous, it's likely you'll get a lifetime of use out of a Numatic appliance, which is why I think it's worth the retail price. 

Score: 5 out of 5

Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum: First impressions

The Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum is well packaged in a large cardboard box measuring 24.61 x 14.96 x 14.96 inches (H x L x W). Everything inside is secure and well protected, and you should be able to recycle almost all the packaging, although some plastic coverings may or may not be recyclable, depending on where you live. 

Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum in a box

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In the box, you'll find the Charles unit, two-floor nozzles (one for dry and one for wet use), a suction hose, a manual, and a selection of smaller tools ideal for stairs, upholstery, cars, and tight crevices and corners. There is also a triple-layer HepaFlo filter bag for dry pickup.  

NaceCare Charles float valve

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The box also contains a float valve, which you'll need to insert before wet pickup, removing the dustbag in advance. This stops water from getting into the motor.  

It's easy to get going straight away as the Numatic International Charles is corded, so no hanging around to charge a battery in advance. If you know your way around a Henry vacuum you'll find it super easy to set up. It took me around 5 minutes from start to finish.

The controls on Charles are as easy as switching it on and off! With just one button to power it on, all you need to do to change modes from wet to dry is ensure you insert either the dustbag or float valve and choose the wet or dry floor nozzle. 

Numatic Charles power buttonalve

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Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum: Design

The Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum is larger and heavier than a standard Henry vacuum. Similar to Henry, big brother Charles sports the iconic eyes and smile associated with the brand, and it comes in a blue and black colorway.

The capacity of the tub itself varies depending on the usage of Charles. It can hold up to 4 US gallons for wet materials. It comes with a super long-reach 32.8-foot cable and a versatile toolkit. The vacuum is equipped with two large wheels at the back and two sturdy swivel castors at the front, enhancing maneuverability, especially when it becomes heavier with water during use.

Removing the top unit housing the motor allows for easy installation of either a dust bag and dry vacuum filter or a float valve to prevent water from entering the motor. All components are simple to attach securely.

The construction of the polypropylene tanks feels robust and well-engineered, and it also comes with a convenient carrying handle for easy dumping. The suction hose securely screws onto Charles' 'nose', while each accessory smoothly inserts into the hose for use. The accessories themselves are durable and well-crafted. The dust brush features soft bristles, ensuring gentle cleaning of surfaces without the risk of damage or scratches.

The wet pick-up floor nozzle includes a front squeegee to guide liquids into  suction of liquids. 

NaceCare Charles squeegee floor nozzle

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The dry pick-up floor nozzle, also known as the floor combi tool, can easily transition between carpets and hard floors by pressing a switch located on the top side of the nozzle. Adjusting the brushes is straightforward: set them up for carpets and down for hard floors.

I also liked the handy accessory storage section at the back of the Charles. This is super helpful for storing the smaller accessories when they’re not in use and you can easily switch between dusting and vacuuming when you need to without rummaging in a drawer for the dusting brush.

NaceCare Charles

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You will need some storage to house the Charles . The suction hose is long and the unit itself is pretty hefty, at 21 inches high and with a footprint of 1.6 square feet. You'll also need room to store the float valve or filter when you're not using them. And it's a real shame there's no retracting cord storage.

Overall it's a practical design that works well for any job, and we all love those cute little Numatic faces, right?

Score: 4 out of 5

Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum: Key specs

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Row 0 - Cell 1
Container capacity4 US gallons
CordedYes, 42 feet
Suitable forWet and dry vacuuming on outdoor areas, driveways, hard floors, tiles, stone and carpet
Weight19 lbs
Dimensions16.5" x 15" x 27.3" (L x W x H)
Warranty2-year limited warranty
AccessoriesDusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice tool
Motor71 dB during testing
ColorBlue and black

Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum: Performance

I tested the Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum over a couple of weeks in my home, checking how well it tackled wet and dry spills inside and out. I also checked how it tackled different types of liquid and debris on a hard floor, using thick sauces, sticky honey, milk, spilt cereal, oats, and flour, as well as using it as a general everyday vacuum.

There's no doubt that the suction power on the Charles is magnificent. You can almost see the carpet lifting as it's vacuumed. While it left my carpets feeling really clean and free from dirt and debris, I did, however, find it really hard to push the floor attachment forward across a carpet. It takes so much upper body strength! In the end I tended to vacuum by sliding the floor tool back towards myself as this was much easier. But I'd much prefer to slide it both forwards and back to ensure a really deep clean. 

The small attachments for cleaning upholstery and stairs  and dusting all worked well. They're standard pieces of kit you'll find with any Numatic vacuum so if you already have one you'll be well used to each of them. I was particualrly impressed with how well the stairs looked after a vacuum - muich better than my usual vacuum cleaner. The upholstery tool also worked well to remove pet hair from the sofas and chairs. 

During my vacuum tests I used flour and oats on carpets and hard floors. While Charles worked well to remove these on both surfaces, it did tend to shift them around a little during vacuuming, so I needed to lift the floor tool up slightly to gather all the debris. 

Next, I evaluated how well it dealt with wet spills and sludgy messes. I used Charles to clean away a series of sticky sauces such as honey and ketchup as well as dropped cereal and milk, Charles' excelled at both of these with the wet floor attachment lifting everything clean away. While it won't wash your floors, it;s great at pulling away liquids from hard surfaces, so you could use it as part of your regular mopping routine, lifting soapy residue clean away.

It also comes in handy outside the home! I used Charles to vacuum up grass clippings and leaves on my patio.

It's not too loud either; clocking in at around 71 decibels. That's pretty standard for a vacuum cleaner and won't disturb the neighbors.

Emptying and cleaning the Charles is also easy for wet or dry debris. Dry debris can either be collected via the fleece liner bag or simply sucked into the container, while wet spills go straight into the container. Charles comes with a handle so you can take the lid off and tip liquids straight down the drain or dry debris into the trash.  

Score: 4 out of 5

Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum: Care & maintenance

Proper maintenance, including cleaning the tank, replacing dustbags, and maintaining filters, will help extend your vacuum cleaner's lifespan and maintain its performance. Thankfully, it's pretty easy to maintain Charles. Regularly wash and clean the tank after vacuuming up wet spills and replace the dustbag as needed to ensure your vacuum operates efficiently. While the initial purchase includes one dustbag, compatible spares from brands like Numatic and others are readily available online.

Numatic recommends brushing the dry filter monthly with the dust attachment to remove accumulated dirt and debris. Additionally, you can remove and wash the membrane covering the float valve. Rinse it under running water and allow it to dry completely for at least 24 hours before reinstalling.

Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum: User reviews

On Amazon , users have awarded the Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum a whopping 4.6 out of 5 stars. More than three-quarters of reviewers gave it the full 5 stars. 

Users appear to be very happy with their purchase, with many remarking on its powerful suction and ease of use. "Excellent for small debris and soot. Powerful suction and easy-to-change bags," says one happy customer, while another remarks, "This sure does have strong suction."

Charles' wet suction also garners strong praise. Many owners say they just slosh water around their floor and suck up the residue, which is 'much quicker than a mop' in one user's opinion. One happy reviewer was able to retrieve a toothbrush from the sink drain with Charles, while another drained a radiator

Customers do comment, however, on how bulky and big Charles is, which can make for difficult storage, and that it doesn't have a self-retracting cord. 

Should you buy the Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum?

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Score card
Price & availabilityWhile it's more expensive than rivals, you get a sturdy piece of kit which will last you years, plus a generous 2-year warranty.★★★★★
DesignJust what you'd expect from NaceCare - sturdy and reliable design that's built to last.★★★★
PerformanceAmazing suction on wet and dry spills but can be tough moving it acrosss a carpet.★★★★

Buy it if...

You want a sturdy home vac that you can use for tough jobs and wet spills

The versatility of Charles means that it's a helpful buddy to have around in a plumbing emergency or a big spill as well as being an effective daily vacuum cleaner.

You don't want to spend a lot of time switching between wet and dry mode

The simplicity of Charles' design means it's just a few steps to switch from vacuuming dry debris to sucking up liquid spills. 

You value reliability and sturdiness with a brand you trust

Numatic International, and NaceCare, is renowned for its reliability and sturdiness, especially with tradespeople.

Don't buy it if...

You want a wet/dry vacuum that can wash carpets

If you want to actually wash your upholstery and carpets, there is another Numatic family member that will suit you better - the George - which can shampoo your soft furnishings. 

You want a cordless model

The Charles is corded, which may put off some potential buyers. However, it does mean it's always ready to perform at the flick of a switch without charging.

You want a wet/dry vacuum that's easy to store

If you lack sufficient storage space or have a smaller home, the Charles could simply be too big and bulky for you. The extra floor nozzle and float valve are a pain to find room for, too.

How does the Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum compare?

If you want a wet/dry vac that can also give your carpets and sofas a wash, the NaceCare GVE 370 George Wet/Dry Vacuum gets a thumbs-up from us as an all-in-one solution for vacuuming, upholstery, and carpet cleaning — it can even unblock sinks and valet your car! 

If you just want a compact and affordable option, the Black+Decker Dustbuster QuickClean Cordless Wet/Dry Handheld Vacuum could be ideal.  It's fantastic at powering through dry and wet messes in the home and car. Plus, it's small enough to store away when not in use. However, the 10-minute battery runtime could disappoint some users.

The Roborock Dyad Pro Combo is perfect if you're looking for a wet/dry vacuum for hard floors only. With its incredible 17000Pa suction power and 20N consistent force, it removes wet and dry messes from your floors and cleans itself up afterwards.

How I tested the Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum

Over two weeks, I evaluated the Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet Dry Vacuum, using it in my kitchen and garden to vacuum debris and spills inside and outside. I tested how well it coped with sludgy messes and sauces, thin liquids, and dry debris, such as dried leaves, oats and flour. I also used a decibel meter to record volume output.

Read more about how we test.

  • First reviewed: May 2024
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