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Best organizer software: keep your life on schedule

Best Organization Software 2019 - Daily Planner and Scheduler

If you are always running late, planning software is a fantastic way to organize your time. The best organization software will be packed with loads of features that help you track your time, and ensure you never forget an appointment. Organizing software should include a calendar that lets you organize your day, make a to-do list to make sure you don’t forget all those annoying admin tasks, and password managers help you access all your accounts. If you are wondering what to look for in the best organizer software, our guide can talk you through it. 

We tested 10 of the best organizer applications to determine which ones will help you schedule all your events.t. Our overall winner is AnyTime Organizer Deluxe. It matches incredible ease of use with a full set of organization tools including a highly interactive and customizable calendar, notepad, password manager, budget templates, expense reports, to-do lists and address book. It also has generous file export options as well as Google calendar integration.

ProductPriceOverall RatingPriceFeature SetIntegration & ExportingCalendar & AlertsEase of Use ScoreBuilt-In NotepadTo-Do ListsAddress BookBudget TemplateTask Priority LevelsPassword ManagerPassword ProtectedCloudAndroid/iOS SyncGoogleExport PDFExport CSVExport TXTRecurring Event SetupEvent Conflict WarningDrag & Drop Events
Anytime Organizer Deluxe 15View Deal5/54.5555A
Organizer Pro 7.0 The Simplest Way to Get Organized!View Deal4.5/554.93.85B
C-Organizer | CSoftLabView Deal4/544.453.4A-
MSD OrganizerView Deal4/53.54.953.4B
Efficcess - Free Personal Information Manager (PIM) SoftwareView Deal4/544.43.83.4ABoth
MyOrganizer Ultimate 7 | Avanquest4/54.552.53.4A
LeaderTaskView Deal3.5/533.653.4B-Both
MyLife Organized ProfessionalView Deal3.5/5333.83.4B-Both
AllMyNotes Organizer DeluxeView Deal3/54.332.51.6C+
Notesbrowser - ProfessionalView Deal2.5/542.403.4A-

Best Overall

AnyTime Organizer Deluxe

AnyTime Organizer Deluxe

Easy to use
Connects to Google calendar
Extra templates and reports
No Android or iOS app integration
No access to your data via the cloud
Limited export files types

AnyTime Organizer Deluxe is packed with organizing tools, calendar options and security features. It even integrates with Google calendar.

AnyTime Organizer Deluxe is packed with organizing tools, calendar options and security features. It even integrates with Google calendar to ensure your events are always up to date.

This organization software has an easy to navigate interface that even a novice could use. There are scores of features that help even the busiest of people organize their time, and keep track of their activity. You can take advantage of its to-do lists, calendar, address book, budget template, word processor and other functions to plan out your schedule. You can set up recurring events, like anniversaries, and other important dates, such as meetings, appointments and bill due dates.

The handy in-program reminders are easy to set up, and a scrolling ticker atop the program keeps upcoming events fresh in your mind. It even alerts you when you have conflicting scheduled events, and makes it easy for you to reschedule them.

The application can only be accessed via password, which deters prying eyes. It also has a built-in password manager, which can store all your passwords PINs and usernames so you never get locked out of a site again. The one downside to the planner software, however, is its lack of external syncing options. It has no mobile companion app.

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Best Value

Organizer Pro

Organizer Pro

Extensive calendar options
Built-in password manager
Offers no mobile app integration
Hard to use
No cloud compatibility

Organizer Pro is an affordable organizer packed with all kinds of organization tools and management options. It’s made by the same developer as our best pick, AnyTime Organizer Deluxe, and has a beautiful, simple interface that’s a cinch to navigate and use. It lacks integration and synchronization options,but for the low price it is still a value driven purchase. .

Once you open the program, you’ll see loads of organization tools embedded in the sidebar. Any data you enter into the program is saved and is automatically backed up. This planning software offers all of the expected tools and functionality, such as an address book, notebook, to-do lists, calendar and password manager. It also has advanced tools like expense reports and a world clock.

When you’re in the calendar function, you can easily add one-time or recurring events, be it birthdays, anniversaries, appointments or meetings. Organizer Pro gives you the option to set up a custom reminder for any event you input. You can also easily reschedule events, simply by using the convenient drag-and-drop function. The software can also notify you of any double-scheduled or otherwise conflicting events. The personal information software has a built-in text editor you can use for note taking or even as a journal. You can opt to use different templates, and even export any text you write as a TXT or PDF file. The program is password-protected and can also manage all of your passwords for other websites.

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Best Integration



Easy event management
Password management and protection
Robust planning tools and reminders
Doesn’t warn of schedule conflicts
Lacks compatibility with mobile devices
No export to PDF option

C-Organizer is planner software that comes with organizational tools like to-do lists, a word processor, a calendar, an address book and a password manager.

It’s also one of the most extensive options out of any program in our comparison for synchronization, making your data easy to access from cloud services. You can also sync your Google calendar with the one in this application. We found the planner software easy to install and use. The calendar function makes it easy to input one-time appointments and recurring events, like birthdays. The built in notification system is great for reminding you about any upcoming event so you never miss that important meeting.

The reminder notification system has customization features so you are informed before or as the event begins, meaning you can schedule your arrival time accurately. You can opt to receive these alarms as on-screen alerts, or to receive an email. If you need to reschedule an event, the simple drag-and-drop function lets you move an event rather than having to type in the data again. The application is password protected and encrypted. Additionally, it has a built-in password manager for keeping all of your online passwords and IDs safely stored. You can export your stored data as a TXT, XML, HTML or CSV file, but there is no export to PDF option. And despite its compatibility with cloud services and Google, it lacks a companion mobile app.

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Best Mobile App



Great for organizing employees time
Good daily task management
No built-in journal

LeaderTask puts all your organization tools together in one place with an easy-to-use app.
The clean, modern design displays your daily to-dos until you check them off the list. You can also note whether a project is urgent or use the app with a group of people and assign chores to each signed-in member. That makes LeaderTask a great tool for managing employees. The software puts an emphasis on long-term goals while the calendar helps you stay on top of day-to-day tasks. You can add birthdays and holidays, but this program is best for work. The desktop version of this software can also save to a thumb drive or other storage device so you can access it at work, at home or on your phone.

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Most Tools

MSD Organizer Pro

MSD Organizer Pro

Data backup reminders
Only access data through Google

MSD Organizer Pro has a ton of tools to keep your life in order.

Each resource is located on a panel across the top of the screen including a calendar and to-do list. It's easy to alter your schedule with the calendar's drop-and-drag feature and the to-do list is incredibly detailed. You can see everything from a job's completion status and how much time you have left to finish. There are also templates for organizing your budget, health records, music and even your property. The address book is extremely easy-to-use and while there isn't an app and the support options aren't great, the MSD Organizer Pro has a ton of tools if you love being organized.

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Why trust us on organization software? 

We have tested organization software in-house for several years. Our most recent testing took over 25 hours in Purch Labs. The applications were thoroughly researched and tested, with all of the features and functionality studied and compared. We considered each program’s interface design, task-oriented tools, budget templates, schedule planning, security, integration, configurations, customer tech support and ease of use, all while examining how effective each program would be for users of all requirements and experience levels.

Our team of reviewers and Purch Labs test assistants worked together throughout the evaluation process. This helped us consider organizer software from the perspective of many types of users, ensuring our product recommendations appeal to a variety of personalities and technological experience levels.

How we tested organization software

We thoroughly evaluated each organizer’s features, tools, interface, templates, security, app integration, device compatibility, customizable settings and overall ease of use. We programmed in a variety of events, alarms, passwords, alerts and tons of other data to test not only each program’s capacity, but also to see how reliable, well organized and effective it is. Where applicable, we also tested accompanying mobile apps to see the extent of data integration, alerts and syncing capabilities. The best organization software has an intuitive interface, a variety of tools and features and extensive customization options.

We investigated each software company’s technical support and informational resources, verifying it offers the services it advertises. We also read through the accompanying warranty where applicable and compared each software program’s price and quantity of features, helping us find the highest-quality products for you.

We found that, when it comes to organizer software, price isn’t an indicator of what you’ll get. However, we determined that the most useful features for most users are space for note taking, integrated budget templates, to-do lists, data backup, event conflict warning, a password manager and extensive app and file format integration.

How much does organization software cost?

The organization software we tested cost an average of $38 and comes with a multitude of tools including calendars, budgeting templates and to-do lists. There are free organizational apps for your smartphone, but they often have far fewer features.

What features and tools should organization software have? 

All of the organizers come with similar organizing tools such as address books, calendars, note sections and task lists; however, the planning programs differ in convenience features. For example, all of the organizer software we evaluated offers either a calendar or date planner, but only some of these organizers allow you to assign your tasks a priority level and remind you about upcoming events. Likewise, not many of the organization programs alert you to events with conflicting times. Programs with all of these features rank high in our lineup, as each one greatly improves organization.

Each program has a to-do list tool. To test these lists, we tracked tasks and evaluated how the programs alerted us to each task. Programs with reminders, filters and categories make it easy to customize to-do lists to work best with your organization style. We also took note of the programs that allow you to adjust each to-do item’s priority level, as this feature helps you complete your tasks in an efficient manner.

All of the organizers we reviewed come with an address book to hold your contact information for a large number of people. While some of the programs include extra features, such as the ability to add a photo to your contact or access driving directions, each software’s address book functioned similarly.

Security features on organizing software

Organizing software is set apart from personal information managers like Microsoft Outlook and Google by its security features. Since you are likely to store personal information in your organizer, a program’s security features are just as important as the tools available. All of the programs we reviewed are protected by passwords to keep your data secure. Some of the organization software can also generate passwords and securely store them for email, social media and other websites.

Usability of organizing software

While each organizing program has a unique feature set, we evaluated the usability of the software and the effectiveness of its tools. Our ease of use score considers how easy it is to input events into the calendar, add tasks to the to-do-list, create notes or journal entries, add contacts to the address book and use the password manager. The score also factors in the presence of features that make the above tasks easy to complete. For example, the ability to create a recurring event improved the usability of the calendar and resulted in a higher ease of use score.

There is little difference in the usability of the organizers we reviewed; they’re all rather intuitive and easy to use. While the address book and notes tools were included in our score, the differences between these two tools are minimal from one application to the next.

Mobile sync of organizing software

Over half of the programs we reviewed include a mobile app. Using this organizing app, you can access your information on your smartphone from anywhere. Most of the planning software syncs with Android and iOS systems and some even with Windows phones. Downloading these apps and syncing them to their desktop is easy. Some of the applications don’t include apps and instead sync with Google or upload your information to the cloud.

When software uploads to the cloud, your organizer is always up to date on all of your devices, making it the best option. However, most cloud services require a subscription fee to store your information. If your software doesn’t upload to the cloud, you have to sync the planning software on your computer to your smartphone’s app, or vice versa, each time you input data.

Many of the programs automatically import data, contacts and events from Google when you give them access to your account. This feature is very useful if you are already using Google to keep track of your tasks. It also provides you with another way to access the information on the software from a handheld device. During testing, we were able to import information from Google with ease using the programs that have this feature.

Export options of planning software

If you use the planning software as a word processor or need to export your calendar, to-do list or address book, it’s important to find software that exports the file types you use. For example, if you use the software’s journal feature, you want to export the files either in text or PDF format. Most of the programs export text files, with the best organizing software exporting CSV, XML, HTML and PDF formats.

Should you buy organizer software?

If you struggle to remember appointments, birthdays, due dates and other events, organization software is a godsend. Personal information management software organizes your life by creating daily to-do lists, helping you manage your budget and keeping you on track to reach life goals. Organizer software also serves as a planner, notebook, journal and address book.

The one major downside of these programs is that, in most cases, they can only be accessed and managed on your computer. A few have complementary mobile apps that let you access a good portion of the program’s functionality, but they’re really meant for use on your computer. Most alerts are sent through your computer, so if you are not nearby when an alert is sent, you will miss it. These setbacks are less of a hassle if you install the program on a laptop and typically carry it around with you wherever you go. There are also multiple smartphone apps that do the same thing for free.

Similar assistance programs

Keeping your life organized is a big task, and we don’t blame you if you need some extra help staying organized. There are many programs and web apps that pair well with traditional organizer software – they act almost like extensions and aim to help you keep even more things organized. With software for homework and time tracking as well as general task management, organization help is readily available.

Sometimes the easiest way to get organized is to have a simple, clean place to write down all your thoughts and to-dos. Note-keeping programs like Evernote and Google Keep, as well as mobile phone apps like Things, make this easy. Building on these programs, there are brainstorming and visualization apps like Mindnode, which helps you find and list out tasks and subtasks so nothing gets forgotten.

Many of the organizers we reviewed integrate with Google Calendar. It is also available as a mobile app, so you can view your events anywhere you go.

If you want to audit how efficiently and effectively you spend your time, use a time-tracking program like Freckle to log everything you do during a certain period of time. Knowing how you spend time – or waste it – is another great step to helping you stay organized.

And in the spirit of saving time, you can use task automation software like Zapier or IFTTT to automate certain digital tasks. For example, you can set up a routine that will automatically post anything you share on Instagram to Twitter, so you don’t have to waste time uploading the same thing again.

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