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6 Best Speakers for Vinyl

If you have a large collection of vinyl records, you likely own a vinyl converter turntable, which lets you play and transfer your music via USB. It's a good way to digitize your music so you can listen to it anywhere. You're likely to get caught up in good tunes and good memories as you listen to each record from your past, and artists still release their music on vinyl today. Your turntable’s built-in speakers can't produce the same full, rich sound that a set of high-quality speakers can.

We considered a few key features as we made our list of the best speakers for vinyl, including the sound quality, size of the speakers and price. The speakers we feature can fill a whole room with sound, but they are small, so if you want the deepest bass possible, you need to buy a subwoofer.

Any of the bookshelf speakers listed above can make your vinyl collection sing. They can fill your room with high-quality sound that shows off the details in vinyl recordings you can’t hear when playing from other media. After you purchase some, keep in mind that all speakers need some break-in time, so play them for a week or so before deciding if they work for your music – as you use them, the inner components become more flexible and produce better sound quality in all frequencies.