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Best steam mops 2021: The top steam mops for hard floors

Best steam mops 2021: The best rated steam mops available now
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The best steam mops have become a real home hygiene staple, enabling you to wash away grime and germs, while simultaneously steaming your hard floors so that they gleam. While steam mops are more expensive than standard mops, you can still pick them up for a reasonable price. Of course, the real top-rated steam mops by the biggest home cleaning brands will set you back a bit, but we have included a good range at various budgets in our guide. To learn more about each one, simply read the accompanying review underneath each entry.

When choosing the best steam mop for your home, get clear on where you want to use it. Steam mops are fine to use on tiles, but only a few are safe for use on hardwood flooring. Our top-rated steam mop is the Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe, which is safe on hardwood floors and laminate flooring. If speed, not space, is your motivating factor, a good steam mop for you is the H20 Mop X5. This nifty device heats up in just ten seconds, so you can steam those floors in a flash. If you don’t want to leave your carpets out, check out our guide to the best carpet cleaners

Now, let’s talk germs. The best steam mops kill up to 99.9% of bacteria on floors, so little wonder we’ve seen more people buying them throughout the pandemic. To generate all that lovely steam, these mops have built-in water tanks, so if you are cleaning a large surface area regularly, pick a steam mop with a big water tank so that you don’t have to keep refilling it. Did you know that some steam mops can be used on curtains and upholstery too? Well, they can, but always read the manufacturer’s instructions around usage first to make sure the mop you are  buying is suitable for this type of cleaning - and has the relevant accessory.

On that note, have a gander at the accessories you get, as some models come with removable heads designed to reach under furniture or into corners, while others have swiveling heads for greater maneuverability. For further floor cleaning content, read our guides to the best deep clean vacuums, and the best vacuum cleaners for home overall.

1.  Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe: Best overall steam mop  

Best steam mops: Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe

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Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe

A fantastic steam mop for cleaning away germs and bacteria

Surface type: Hard floors, bare floors | Swivel head: Yes | Removable pads: Yes

Heats up quickly
Easy to maneuver
Very few accessories
Lacks an indicator light

The Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe Steam Mop comes out on top as our best overall steam mop. Designed to clean away 99.9% of germs from your floors, this steam mop is suitable for both hard and bare floors. 

Handy features include the SpotBoost brush which is ideal for getting rid of tough stains or dirt. We also like the scent discs which add a nice aroma while you clean. The discs however, will need replacing. The mop pads can be easily removed so that you can wash them.

Releasing enough steam to power through dried on spills and dirt, the Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe didn’t leave behind pools of water. The Swivel Steer functionality also makes cleaning in corners and underneath furniture a little easier. 

 2. H20 X5 Steam Mop: Best versatile steam mop  

Best steam mops: H20 X5 Steam Mop

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H2O X5 Steam Mop

A versatile steam mop with a quick heat-up time

Surface type : Hard floors, wood, rugs, tiles and carpets | Swivel head: Yes | Removable pads: Yes

 Lots of attachments 
 Triangular swivel head is great for corners 
 Quick heat-up time 
 Lots of moisture 
 Small water tank that’s not removable  

The H2O Mop X5 offers a lot of cleaning power that starts with flooring. It is an absolute marvel for maneuverability, getting into corners with its swivel, triangular head that other steam mops could not access. It was very efficient in our testing, coming out as one of the top two steam mops for getting rid of dried on mess. 

The H2O Mop X5 was the most versatile product we tested. You can add several different attachments so that it can steam windows, clothing, carpets and other surfaces. It's nice to have the option of cleaning without chemicals on more than just flooring. The H2O X5 is ready to use in seconds. It had the shortest heat-up time of all the steam mops we tested, adding to its convenience. 

One problem with this mop is that it leaves surfaces a little too wet. Most of the mops we tested left behind less water. You will have to keep people off the floors for a while after using the H2O X5. It also has an almost-unmanageable cord that is thick and stiff. It does not wind easily around the cord keepers on the back of the unit. One other drawback is the H2O X5's relatively small water tank is not removable. You will have to use a pitcher or head to the sink to refill often due to the small tank. 

3.  ROLLIBOT M6: Best cordless steam mop 

Best steam mops: ROLLIBOT M6

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A great cordless steam mop, with handy adjustable spray controls

Surface type: Hard floors | Swivel head: No | Pads: Yes

 Adjustable spray controls 
 Two mop heads  
 Needs charging  

Ideal for cleaning floors without the hassle of a cord getting in the way, the ROLLIBOT M6 has a cordless runtime of 50 minutes and has a large water tank. 

Designed to be easy to use, the ROLLIBOT M6 has a spray button, which is handy for controlling the amount of cleaning solution, or water, you’d like to use. Working well on dirty floors, the mop’s handy cleaning power comes from two mop pads that spin at up 190 RPM, which is ideal for tackling stains and dirty floors.

The dual heads also spin inwards to trap any dust and dirt and prevent it from smearing across the surface. 

Taking just two hours to charge in full, this steam mop is also lightweight. It isn’t suitable for use with essential oils or oil-based cleaners, as this can block the sprayer.

4.  Costway 1500W: Best value steam mop 

Best steam mops: Costway 1500W steam mop

(Image credit: Costway )

Costway 1500W

A great value steam mop with speedy heat-up time

Surface type: Hard floors | Swivel head: Yes | Removable pads: Yes

 Great price 
 Quick heat up time 
 Triangle mop head 
 Awkward cord position 

The speedy heat up time on the Costway 1500W was one of our favorite features. Taking 20 seconds to heat up, this steam mop has a removable water tank and the mop head is triangular - which is handy for awkward corners and spaces. 

Whilst some reviewers have noted the awkward position of the cord on this model, this steam cleaner does come with a soft-grip handle. It isn’t the most powerful steam mop out there, but is ideal for everyday cleaning or tidying up spills. 

Another handy feature is how lightweight this steam mop, making it easy to move around and not too big to store away. It's also worth noting that the water tank can be removed, making it much easier to refill and there's also no need to use a pitcher to fill up the tank.

Can steam mops be used on wooden floors? 

Wooden flooring is beautiful, but it’s also costly. The last thing you want to do is ruin your gorgeous investment, and you’ll need to keep it clean if you want to protect it. So the big question is, can you use a steam mop on a wooden floor? The quick answer is no.

Exposure to heated water will cause wood cupping and long-term damage to your wood flooring. The steam may also remove any polish or finish you've applied to your floors, making them look uneven and dull. And be careful what you use to clean the floors; vinegar will eat away at your finish, and soap will leave streaks.

However, sealed wood floors are generally okay to use with a steam cleaner. Some of the models we’ve included in this guide, such as the PowerFresh Deluxe, can be used on sealed hardwood.

The best way to clean your hardwood floors and stay on the safe side is by using plain, room-temperature water on a rag or mop. Just make sure the cleaning instrument isn't sopping wet, as too much water can damage the floor. Get rid of any standing water as soon as you can, and further protect your floors by placing mats in entryways and rugs in high-traffic areas.

Can you use steam mops on upholstery and curtains?

In short, the answer is yes. Steam is not only a great way of getting rid of germs and dirt from hard surfaces, but attachments on steam cleaners also offer a way to clean upholstery and curtains whilst they're in situ. 

There's no need to take down your curtains either, providing you can reach to the top of them. The best way to clean your curtains and upholstery is by using the steam cleaner in quite brief, but gentle movements, so that the fabric doesn't become too soggy. If you can, turn the steam setting down so that it's not too high either. 

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