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Best Vacuum Sealer Bags

best vacuum storage bags

The best vacuum storage bags can compress your clothing and bedding by more than 80 per cent. They're great for home storage and travel – but there's a lot of choice out there, so which ones should you  buy? 

We researched vacuum sealer bags for more than 120 hours to help you decide. Spoiler alert: we think the best vacuum storage bags are the SpaceSaver Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags, which are versatile and strong. They offer plenty of interior space (40-by-30 inches) and can be compressed by as much as 80 per cent. 

However, the right ones for you will depend on what you want to store, and your budget. Whether you're looking to pack away clothing, bulkier items like bedding, or you need something for your suitcase, we've you covered. Here are the best vacuum storage bags you can buy.

Best Vacuum Storage Bags: SpaceSaver Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags

1. SpaceSaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

The best vacuum storage bags overall

Good for: Clothing, bedding, travel | Number of bags: Up to 5 | Sizes: Small (24x16 inches), medium (28x20), large (32x24), jumbo (40x30) | Compression: 85% | Waterproof: Yes | Universal valve: Yes | Hand pump included: yes

Protect clothing well
Particularly good for travel
Different sizes avaliable
You must dewrinkle clothes later

Spacesaver's Premium Vacuum Storage Bags come in packs of four and five, each containing a different combination of sizes ranging between small, medium, large and jumbo. The jumbo-size set is particularly good for holding stacks of clothes, towels, puffy jackets, quilts, duvets and more. And if you’re planning a long trip, these storage bags let you pack far more clothing than if you simply put folded items into a suitcase. Using a vacuum cleaner hose, you can reduce the bag to 20 percent of its original size. The set also comes with a useful hand pump that pulls the air out of the bag, though it will take some work on your part.

As long as you keep them away from sharp objects that could puncture them, you can reuse these vacuum storage bags. Given the choice of size and their durability, we think the Spacesaver's Premium Vacuum Storage Bags are among the best you can buy.

Best Vacuum Storage Bags: Ziploc Space Bag 14-Bag Set

2. Ziploc Space Bag 14-Bag Set

Save up to four times the space with these vacuum storage bags

Good for: Clothing, bedding, travel | Number of bags: 14 | Sizes available: Varies | Compression: 75% | Waterproof: Yes | Universal valve: Yes | Hand pump included: No

Good range of sizes
Good compression
No pump included

The Ziploc Space Bag 14-Bag Set lets you store a variety of items, with four medium bags, four large bags, three extra-large bags and three suitcase bags. These vacuum storage bags are waterproof and airtight, and you can reuse them to protect your clothing, bedding, seasonal items and other soft articles from mold, bugs, debris and dirt. Since the bags are see-through, you can easily spot what’s inside, so you can find what you need without opening several bags. A vacuum cleaner hose sucks the air out of the bag once it is packed, and they stay nicely closed because each bag has a double zipper closure.

The variety of sizes in the set is particularly useful for storing seasonal items of various sizes, or for traveling. Note that overfilling a bag can cause it to rip, destroying the seal and rendering the vacuum storage bag useless. You will also need to avoid anything sharp, since even a tiny pinprick hole will ruin the bag – but that's the case for all vacuum storage bags.

Best Vacuum Storage Bags: Household Essential MightyStor Cube

3. Household Essential MightyStor Cube

The best vacuum sealer bags for under the bed

Good for: Clothing, bedding | Number of bags: 2 | Sizes available: 39 x 12 inches | Compression: 95% | Waterproof: Yes | Universal valve: Yes | Hand pump included: No

Superb compression to 95 per cent
Double zipper seal
Not suitable for travel
Doesn’t compress flat

The Household Essential MightyStor Cube vacuum sealer bags don’t lay flat as other bags. Instead, they're cubed-shape, so they stand upright as you fill them. As you remove the air during the sealing process, the MightyStor Cube retains a bit of its square shape, making it easy to stack several on top of each other without worrying about slipping. They’re also easy to slide under a bed. However, because they don’t compress flat, the Household Essential MightyStore Cube isn’t the best choice for travel. 

These vacuum sealer bags compress down to an impressive 5 per cent of their original size. With an original size of over 9 cubic feet, you can easily store two large comforters, 12 sweaters or several pillows in one bag. There is a double zipper to seal in your clothes and keep moisture and bugs out, and there is a valve at the top of the bag that makes it easier to vacuum out the air. 

The Household Essential MightyStor Cube vacuum sealer bags can handle a few uses, but bear in mind that the plastic can deteriorate over time if they are exposed to sunlight or abrasive surfaces. It is suggested you cover the sealed bags with a dust cover or tarp if you need to store them in harsh conditions, like in the garage.

Best Vacuum Storage Bags: Travelone Space Mates

4. Travelon Space Mates

The best vacuum sealer bags for travel

Good for: Clothing, travel | Number of bags: 2 | Sizes available: 28 x 17 inches | Compression: 75% | Waterproof: Yes | Universal valve: Yes | Hand pump included: No

Manual compression
Longer lasting than some
Robust seal
Too small for storing bulky items

The Travelon vacuum sealer bags are reusable, and work with or without a vacuum to remove excess air. They are designed to press on or roll them to manually remove most of the air yourself. But the bags do have a vacuum nozzle, so you can attach your home vacuum and suck out the air. As you compress the Travelon bags, they reduce down to 75 percent of their original size. Each of the two bags that come in the package are big enough to hold several pieces of clothing, though neither is large or sturdy enough to store bulkier items, like comforters. 

We like that the Travelon vacuum sealer bags are made with PVC – a study, flexible material compared to other vacuum sealer bags, which helps it hold up to several uses, even if you use your vacuum to seal them. They also have a press-down rather than a zipper-style seal, which is easier to use and less likely to break because there are no small parts that may pop off during sealing.

Best Vacuum Storage Bags: SpaceMax Premium Jumbo

5. SpaceMax Premium Jumbo

The biggest vacuum sealer bags for storing larger items

Good for: Clothing, bedding, travel | Number of bags: 6 | Sizes available: 40 x 30 inches | Compression: 80% | Waterproof: Yes | Universal valve: Yes | Hand pump included: Yes

Good for larger items
Includes a hand pump
Not suitable for smaller items

The SpaceMax Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage Saver Space Bags come with four bags that measure 40 x 30 inches, which is plenty of room to store comforters and quilts, puffy jackets and your seasonal wardrobes out of the way. Using your vacuum, you can suck out enough air for these bags to compress by 80 per cent, and the vacuum nozzle make it easy to seal without damaging the bags. 

These vacuum sealer bags have a double zip seal to make them airtight, so moisture, dirt and insects can’t get in to ruin what’s being stored. And they flatten enough to be used for traveling, if you’d like to save space in your suitcase. 

The SpaceMax Premium jumbo bags come with a hand pump that you can take along when you travel to help repack for your journey home. And if you’re not happy with them you can return them, since they come with a 100 per cent money-back guarantee. The only downside is they only come with the jumbo-sized bags, which can be too big for storing smaller items.

Why Trust Us?

We spent 120 hours researching vacuum sealer bags, carefully evaluating each product until we arrived at the 10 best on the market. We wanted to find 10 excellent vacuum storage bags, but did not want them all to be the same type. Instead, we searched for a variety of top-quality bags to provide a wide-ranging selection of styles that would work for homeowners, apartment dwellers, frequent travelers, people who have plenty of soft items to store but little space, anyone who might have to close a summer house or cabin, parents storing still-usable children’s clothes (possibly for use as hand-me-downs) and basically anyone who wants to keep valued soft items safe and clean for later use.

Armed with a thorough background in how these bags work not only to save space, but also to preserve soft items, we checked further to see what consumers had written about particular brands.

We sought out good value: strong bags that are reusable, sets of bags, and those that would be economical and versatile. We wanted to find a range of bags that could be used for various purposes, as well as a range of price points.

How We Researched

There’s a lot out there to learn about vacuum storage bags. We scoured the internet for information about vacuum sealer bags and watched user videos. We read specialized blogs and watched television shows that dealt with decluttering homes; checked out travel advice columns; read about the perils of insects, mildew and mold in articles published by home economists in county extension offices throughout the United States; and examined the vacuum sealer bags now being produced by various manufacturers.

We eliminated vacuum sealer bags that many consumers denounced as too flimsy and looked for durable plastic bags that would offer the best value in terms of use and cost.

How much do vacuum sealer bags cost?

The most economical vacuum sealer bags cost about $20 for at least six bags. You can purchase packages of 14 or more bags for over $30 and a single specialty sized bag for about $10.

What Features to Look for in Vacuum Sealer Bags?

When you have big, bulky items to store, such as puffy quilts or ski parkas, it's important to have bags big enough to handle everything. Often it’s best to get a set of bags with different sizes so you can organize your storage so, for example, you've got sweaters in one, bedding in another and easily folded summer clothes in another. 

All plastic bags can puncture or tear, but good-quality plastic bags are less likely to break. That means the extracted air stays out of the bag, it stays nice and flat, and your closet or shelf storage area looks tidy. Even more important, the things inside the bag stay protected.

Bag Reuse
It can certainly save money and provide plenty of convenience if you can reuse vacuum sealer bags. Only the really strong bags are reusable, and they typically cost a bit more. However, being able to use a bag, empty it for a season, then reuse it once you need to put away those Christmas sweaters or summer capris is worth the investment.

What are the best bags to use for vacuum sealing food?

The bags you use for vacuum sealing food are designed to withstand the heat from the sealing process, so Ziploc-type bags won’t work. They’re also much smaller than the vacuum storage bags we’ve discussed on this page. Additionally, the inside is textured instead of smooth, allowing the air to be sucked out more efficiently and drawing the bag closer to the food to prevent spoilage.

Most manufacturers recommend using the bags specifically designed for their vacuum sealer, and most machines come with several premade bags or a roll of plastic for creating your own. We did use the bags interchangeably during our testing of the best vacuum food sealers, since not all machines came with their own bags. But we also created our own bags using the Housable Vacuum Sealer Roll, a roll of plastic specifically designed for food sealing, because we wanted to see how well a non-brand bag would work with each of the vacuum food sealers. These worked just as well as the name brand bags, and in some cases were better. Bags we made with the Housable Vacuum Sealer Roll laid flat, sealed well and didn’t smudge when we wrote on them.

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ProductPriceOverall RatingValueProduct DesignCostNumber Of BagsInterior Space (inches)CompressionWaterproofUniversal ValveHand-Pump Included
SpaceSaver Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage BagsView Deal5/59.810$25640 x 3085%
SpaceMax Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage Space Saver BagsView Deal5/5109.8$20640 x 3080%
Squeeze-eezy Vacuum Storage BagsView Deal5/59.89.8$86Varies80%
Spedalon Vacuum Storage BagsView Deal5/59.59.8$168Varies75%
Household Essentials MightyStor Cube 4511View Deal4/59.57.8$13239 x 1295%
Ziploc Space Bag 14 Bag Set AX-AY-ABHI-90731View Deal4/5107.3$4514Varies75%
Whitmor Spacemaker Hanging Bags 6782-3575-BBView Deal4/59.57.3$183Varies75%
Stor It Vacuum Storage Bag 164060View Deal4/597.3$9127 x 1775%
Travelon 2 Space Mates Compression Bag 12465 00View Deal4/58.87.3$20228 x 1775%
Underbed Compactor Storage Box 10059603View Deal2.5/55.34.5$32125 X 1975%