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10 Ways to Make an Online Phone Call

The internet offers more than online banking and photographs of cute kittens. You can also use your internet connection to make online phone calls when you don't have access to a phone or you don't want to use up your available minutes. Both free and paid versions of many services exist. We found some online phone service options that might be good options for you.

If you grab a set of headphones and a microphone, you can turn your internet browser into a phone. Since you don't have to register for the service, Globfone provides an easy, no-hassle way to make an online phone call. Globfone caps users' time on the site every 24 hours, however, which is a common drawback of free online phone call services.

Available for desktop computers as well as most smartphones, Viber allows you to make phone calls online with your favorite device. When you download the app, you can use either Wi-Fi or a 3G network to place your calls. Viber also allows users to send text messages and engage in public chats, which makes it a versatile app.

Google Voice
Many consumers use Google Voice as their go-to phone call provider, while others use it only occasionally. You can avoid porting your mobile number to Google Voice unless you know it's the best decision for your needs. Because Google is integrating Voice into Hangouts, expect some features to change.

VoIP Services
Numerous Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services allow users to make online phone calls. A top-rated VoIP phone service, such as RingCentral or Phone Power, offers much more than the ability to place and receive phone calls; it provides robust call management systems that allow you to set up call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail and video calling. You can also link different phones and devices to make sure you receive every communication, regardless of your location.

The Truphone app makes international travel easy when you need to call someone back home or get in touch with a business colleague. You can place calls or send text messages over the internet, often at no cost. However, you should consult the Truphone rates checker before you call so you don't accidentally overspend.

Facebook Messenger
If you already have Facebook (or if you want to set up an account), you can use Facebook Messenger or its app to send and receive online phone calls. Unlike some of the other services on this list, your correspondent must have Facebook Messenger or the app installed on his or her device for the call to go through. You simply find the person you want to call on your Facebook contacts, then hit the call button.

Free domestic calls and inexpensive long-distance communications make magicJack's magicApp an appealing choice for placing online phone calls. You just have to download the app to your device and then you'll get a free phone number. The service's premium version costs $1.99 per month and adds unlimited text messages to the pot. The premium version also includes extras like call forwarding, a choice of phone number and voicemail.

Where's My Cellphone?
Whether it slips between the couch cushions or falls behind the dresser in your bedroom, a lost phone results in frustration and panic. Fortunately, you can make phone calls online at, a site that calls your phone so you can find it based on the ring. If you need time to get from your computer to the room where you think you lost it, the site lets you set a delay between 30 seconds and five minutes.

Lumicall's open technology platform allows users to make phone calls online with Android smartphones. You just need to make sure the people you call also install Lumicall so you don't have to pay for the service or use your own minutes.

Vonage Mobile
The Vonage Mobile app allows you to make free phone calls using your smartphone's data plan instead of voice minutes. Not only can you call and text, but the app also facilitates video messages. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices, but keep in mind that international calls require payment.

Whether you choose a free method in a pinch or a long-term paid option, placing phone calls online makes life simple. Research different services to find one that meets your needs and helps you stay connected at a reasonable rate.