Black Friday air fryer deals 2024: here's how to get the tastiest reductions on air fryers next year

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Black Friday air fryer deals have been and gone unfortunately, but don't worry, we've gathered all the knowledge that we gleaned from the 2023 sales and laid it all out for you here. 

People search for air fryer deals all year round, as they're a super popular product, great for kitchen pros and budding cooks alike. If you're looking to save money on an air fryer, then you've found the right page - this is where we have put together all of our favorite tips and money-saving knowledge on how to get a good deal, both year round and specifically during Black Friday.

Sadly, Black Friday 2023 has already passed us by, as it was on Nov 24, however don't get glum if you missed out - this page has all the info you'll need to be prepared for the Black Friday air fryer deals of 2024 when they drop next year, focusing on: when the best time to shop is, where to shop and how to know if a deal looks legit, or if it's too good to be true.

So, if your kitchen gear needs or re-vamp, or if you've finally given into the temptation and want to buy this super trendy product, let us give you all the details on how to get your hands on the best air fryers, so you know what to put on your shopping list for Black Friday 2024. 

Black Friday air fryer deals and sales

Black Friday air fryer deals: Quick links

Finding the best Black Friday air fryer deals doesn't have to be tricky; just stick with the big retailers and brand that you know and trust, for example ninja air fryer deals is a good term to search for quality products. Definitely avoid obscure brands and websites if you can, as it's harder to guarantee if their deals are decent, or more importantly, if their products are of a good enough quality. A lot of the main retailers hold shopping events and sales throughout the year, so there's lots of opportunity to grab a deal on, before and after Black Friday too. 

Below, we've listed a quick little A-Z of stores selling air fryers that are trusted for their deals and quality products. 

Black Friday air fryer deals: Dates & details

When to expect Black Friday air fryer deals?

Black Friday air fryer deals will begin to crop up in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, probably two to three weeks before. Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, so in this coming new year, it will be on Fri, Nov 29 2024.

Brand by brand, when their deals will appear and how long they last for will all depend on how much stock they have to sell, as Black Friday is a great opportunity for retailers to push out their older stock, before new stock lands in the new year and in Spring. This means there will probably be more offers on air fryers for Presidents Day sales in February 2024 too, although these prices won't beat what's on offer for Black Friday for affordability. So Black Friday is your best bet for a really good deal. 

In 2022, air fryer stock was very limited or even sold out. This year (2023) there has been plenty of stock to go after, with some air fryer deals that have been better than half price during Black Friday. The deals have only tended to hang around for Black Friday, and not continue for long through Cyber week. Basket air fryers are still the most popular. Air fryers tend to stay available with resellers and brands to buy for a couple of years before being replaced with an upgrade.

If you're in the market for a new air fryer, you might wonder if Cyber Monday is a good time to buy. The answer is - it depends. In our experience, the best deals from Black Friday on products like air fryers often carry over the weekend and to Cyber Monday, meaning you can still grab a great deal. Other prices will change, so it's not guaranteed that waiting for the second sales day will pay off. 

If there's a particular model you're interested in, but it wasn't on sale for Black Friday, take another look on Cyber Monday - it may be a late entry and might even still be hanging around. Don't wait too long though - the deals will definitely be gone by the end of Cyber Week. 

Where to shop for Black Friday air fryer deals

The short answer: right here! The thought of trying to sift through all the deals across all the different retailer websites can be exhausting, which is why we have compiled this one-stop-shop of all the Black Friday air fryer deals right here so that when Black Friday comes around again, you don't have to waste time trawling the web. We'll have all the live deals and sales listed right here. For now though, we've got tips on how to prepare for next Black Friday and how to bag a good price in the meanwhile.

If you do feel like doing your own detective work, then we recommend taking a look at Amazon for lots of discounted air fryers, often cheaper than buying direct - if you're happy to go down that route, then they also have a bunch of 'renewed' air fryers, that have even bigger discounts on them. We love this idea of buying renewed, pre-loved electronics, as it saves decent, working products from ending up in landfill, and gets you an awesome price. 

Are Black Friday air fryer deals any good?

Yes they definitely are - in fact, we'd say that Black Friday air fryer deals are the best of the bunch when it comes to sales season, out of all the big shopping events. Black Friday is the perfect time to buy an older air fryer, or even the latest model, but older models will tend to have the biggest reductions in price. We saw the Ninja Foodi FlexBasket with 50% off, which was launched earlier this year (2023), as well as several other Ninja models reduced by half price, or even more.

Amazon Prime Day air fryer deals will also be good, as Prime Day is the second best time of year to shop for an air fryer, but that is exclusive to Prime members only. But don't feel pressured to become a member though; as we saw this year, 'Anti-Prime Day deals' meant that resellers such as Best Buy and Walmart launched competitive deals to try and beat Amazon at their own game - and we expect the same thing to happen again next year in 2024.

Are Black Friday air fryer deals better than after Christmas air fryer deals?

Because Black Friday gets so much hype, the Black Friday air fryer deals are generally around for longer than the after-Christmas sales, probably for the whole month of November, and then these same deals translate over to 'Cyber Week' for Cyber Monday. So in short, the Black Friday air fryer deals are better, because they are around for longer, giving you more time to shop around and make a really good purchasing decision.

The after-Christmas sales are literally your last chance to grab a bargain deal on the year's stock, before a new load of product lands. So it's a good time to buy, as most retailers will put on 'clearance events' or end of season sales. Amazon and Target will probably be the best ones to keep your eye on. To be guaranteed a good deal and to get the product you want before stock runs out, we recommend making the most of the Black Friday air fryer deals when they're available.

Black Friday air fryer deals: Buying advice

How to know if you're getting a good Black Friday air fryer deal

The two main things to check for when shopping for a Black Friday air fryer deal are as follows: One, make sure that you're shopping with a legit brand like Ninja or Cosori. Whilst they don't have to huge household names, it's better and safer buying from trusted, well-established brands, as you can trust that their deals will be genuine, because they have built up a reputation for quality and value that they don't want to tarnish. 

Two: ensure that the deal and product you are looking at is legit by checking as many other customer reviews as you can, across different sites too. This helps you to see what price other sellers are offering your chosen air fryer for, and whether the air fryer itself has pleased other customers, so it'll inform you on how to choose an air fryer based on quality vs. price. You'll be able to see if the website you are on has too high a price, and if the product has shoddy customer satisfaction. 

It's not always the lowest price that is the indicator of the best deal - here at Top Ten Reviews, we believe that often, 'you get what you pay for', so be careful out there. Anything lower than $50 for an air fryer, although affordable, probably isn't the most advanced or highest quality product you can find, and may not have a decent warranty. 

Using price check comparison tools is another sure-fire method to see whether your deal is good value, or overpriced. We recommend using tools like camelcamelcamel or Honey, as both are great tools for looking at the price history of an air fryer over time, showing you if it's at its lowest-ever price, and more importantly if the current price on offer is too high. 

price history of the Ninja Foodi 6-in-1 FlexBasket Air Fryer with 7qt MegaZone , Multicolor, via Honey price comparison tool

Graph showing the price history over the last 30 days of the Ninja Foodi 6-in-1 FlexBasket Air Fryer with 7qt MegaZone , Multicolor, at Kohl's, via Honey price comparison tool (Image credit: Honey)

What is a good price for a Black Friday air fryer deal?

In general, all type of air fryers retail for around $100, all the way up to $300+ for really high quality, top of the line models. It all depends on how advanced you want your air fryer to be. 

Last Black Friday (Nov 2023), we saw some really good Black Friday air fryer deals. The average price for an air fryer is around $80-$90, especially for single basket air fryers which are the most popular every year without fail. During Black Friday, as we mentioned above, we saw air fryers discounted by over 50%, some down to $30, $40 or around $50, which is brilliant for a sale price. 

We'd say a good price for an air fryer during Black Friday is between $50 and $100; any lower than that, and you run the risk of buying something too small, or not of a high enough quality to last you years and years. One of our favorite sayings here at Top Ten Reviews is: "If it seems to good to be true, then it probably is." Just make sure to cross check the price, keep the brand in mind and check out the product reviews before buying, and you should come away with a really good deal on a product you'll love. 

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