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Dollar Review

Dollar's excellent rewards program strikes a blow for the smaller car rental sites.

Dollar review
(Image: © Dollar)

Our Verdict

Dollar Car Rental has middle-of-the-road pricing and a generous rewards program, which makes it a good choice if you rent often.


  • Dollar has one of the lowest additional driver fees.


  • No home pick-up service

Founded in 1965, Dollar Car Rental has more than 600 car rental locations in 53 countries, has definitely made its mark among the best car rental sites. With its focus on exceptional customer service, Dollar offers a high quality fleet of rental vehicles designed to help make both leisure vacation travel and business travel easier for those who rent from them. Should you be moving home, Dollar offers truck rental services too. 

Dollar review: Rental options

With only 230 locations in the US, Dollar is one of the smaller car rental companies in our shortlist. Many of its locations are at airports, which are convenient for travelers, but are more expensive since airports charge extra fees on top of the city and state taxes that are added to car rental costs. Because it’s mostly airport based, Dollar doesn’t offer a home pick-up service, though it does have parking lot shuttles.

Dollar review: Pricing

To get an idea of Dollar’s pricing, we quoted a day-long and a week-long rental in New York City, Los Angeles and Houston. We looked at the prices for three different types of cars: economy, compact and full-size. While Dollar tended to be a more expensive option for a daily rental, the weekly rates were among the lowest.

dollar review

(Image credit: Dollar)

We found that prices are better if you book in advance. The closer to your rental date, the more you pay. If you want to add another driver, Dollar charges a $10 daily fee, which is among the lowest fees in our comparison.

Dollar review: Rewards program

Dollar’s rewards program, Dollar Express, is free to join. It offers a variety of common benefits. You have access to a designated line for members to get preferential service and check out quicker. You can also return your car quicker.

If you use a frequent flier or other rewards program, Dollar Express partners with many programs to let you get those benefits on cars you rent. You can also use Dollar’s Renter Rewards, which provide points for each dollar you spend on a rental. The points are redeemable for free rentals later, with no blackout restrictions. The minimum to redeem a free rental is 500 points, which is more generous than the average rewards program.

Should you use Dollar car rental?

Dollar Car Rental is one of the smaller car rental companies we reviewed, but has plenty to offer nonetheless. Not least, there's its excellent rewards program, and on price, it's by no means the most expensive option out there either.