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Cheap refrigerator deals 2021

Cheap refrigerator deals 2021
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These are all the cheap refrigerator deals you need to check out if you’re on the hunt for a new centerpiece for your kitchen. Yes, Amazon Prime Day deals may have been and gone for another year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make a great saving on your brand new refrigerator. We’ve gathered together our top-rated picks, including some models handpicked from our guide to the best French door refrigerators, so you don’t have to look any further to get an excellent price. 

And these cheap refrigerator deals just don’t encompass full-sized models either, with discounts across both the best side by side refrigerators and the best mini fridges respectively. So, whether you’re in dire need of a new place to store your groceries, or just fancy a cool box for your home office, there’ll surely be something to suit your needs. 

Some of the best cheap refrigerator deals right now include the LG Family Hub now at Home Depot with $380 off; this fridge is sure to become a family favorite thanks to its built-in touch screen, where you can stream your favorite shows and music. That’s alongside this seriously sizable 27.9 cubic feet GE model, which also has $391 off at Home Depot, and will suit a busy family perfectly, with ample room to stash ice creams and popsicles as summer hots up. 

Today’s best cheap refrigerator deals

French door refrigerator deals

Samsung RF23M8570SG Review

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French door refrigerators have the added benefit of having all of your food at eye level so no leftovers will be lurking in the depths of your fridge. Generally speaking, compared to top-freezer refrigerators and side-by-side fridges, you can expect to pay the most for a French door refrigerator, with many models costing over $2000 when not on sale. 

That’s why when you do see a cheap French door refrigerator deal, it’s normally worth snapping up as quickly as you can manage. Here are some of the best right now:

Side-by-side refrigerator deals

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Cheap side-by-side refrigerator deals aren’t as rare as you might think. In fact, you can expect to find fantastic savings if you look in the right place, and by right places, we mean bookmark this page for all the very latest deals. 

Side-by-side refrigerators are a great choice for big households or families that need to store lots of food. Many side-by-side refrigerators come with an ice maker and you can choose whether you want a freestanding model or a counter-depth refrigerator. 

Check out today’s side-by-side refrigerator deals:

Mini fridge deals

Best mini fridges 2020

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Looking for a mini fridge but don’t want to pay a fortune? Due to their, nature, you’d be right in thinking mini fridges are nowhere near as expensive as side-by-side or French door fridges, however, for some premium models you can still expect to pay over $300.

Cheap mini refrigerators are ideal for RVs, dorms, offices or just apartments where you can’t afford to lose the amount of space a large model requires. Here are the best cheap mini fridge deals right now:

Cheap refrigerator deals you missed out on

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