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Cheap refrigerator deals 2021

Cheap refrigerator deals 2020
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Cheap refrigerator deals can save you hundreds of dollars on a home essential. Whether you’re just in need of a mini fridge, or looking to replace your side-by-side refrigerator or french door refrigerator on a budget, we’ve found cheap refrigerator deals on some of our top picks that you can buy right now. 

Buying a refrigerator is one of the most costly investments you can make from your home, which is why we’ve covered how to get a refrigerator on finance, but sometimes it’s essential to find a cheap refrigerator deal in order to afford one. Even if you’re able to spend a little more, it’s always nice to know you’re getting a great deal on a new refrigerator, and with hundreds of dollars off fridges that would usually cost thousands, you can afford to spend a little more on a discounted high-end refrigerator when you find a great deal. 

These refrigerator deals feature models from LG, Samsung, Maytag, Electrolux, GE, and other top brands you know and love. They feature some of the newest smart fridge technology, including FlexZones which can change a space from fridge to freezer as and when you need it, as well as autofill water pitchers that will keep you hydrated all day long. You can find deals on standalone fridges or fridge-freezers, too, and there are deals on under-the-counter mini fridges that will fit into apartments or college dorms, cutting your energy costs as well as the up-front price. For these, and more cheap refrigerator deals, keep reading.

Today’s best cheap refrigerator deals

Kenmore 26.1 cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator: $2,199.99 | now $1,299.99 at Sears
With $900 off, this is a stunning saving on this door-in-door family fridge from Kenmore. It has flexible shelving and air flow technology that keeps air moving through the fridge to keep air fresh and food crisp. View Deal

GE 27.9 cu. ft. Smart French Door Refrigerator: $3,799 now $3,418 at Home Depot  
Save 10% on this generous french door family refrigerator.  GE has packed this fridge with a water and ice maker, a removable liner for easy cleaning, and clever storage solutions. It’s also Energy Star certified. View Deal

Kenmore 26.1 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator: $1,939.99 now $1,299.99 at Sears
Save an impressive $640 saving on this spacious family refrigerator from Kenmore. It has an ice maker and generous wide shelves to fit everything you need for the whole family. A great cheap refrigerator deal.  View Deal

Samsung 28 cu. ft. 3-Door French Door Refrigerator: $2,199 now $1,979 at Samsung
Samsung does the best fridges when it comes to reliability, and this enormous 28 cubic foot model is big enough for the whole family (and then some). It's also fingerprint resistant and has an autofill water pitcher.  View Deal

GE Profile 28 cu. ft. Smart 4-Door French Door Refrigerator: was $3,799 | now $3,419 at Home Depot
Smart and chic, save 10% on this GE Profile refrigerator at Home Depot. It comes with a door-in-door and rotating bin and a hands-free autofill water dispenser too. It's also Energy Star rated, which is always a big plus. View Deal

Samsung 28 cu. ft. Family Hub 4-Door Flex Refrigerator: $4,599, now $3,999 at Samsung
This spacious Smart fridge that does everything. It's Family Hub enabled which means you can search recipes and plan meals from its smart display, and it's also got FlexZoning that allows you to switch a space from fridge to freezer.
View Deal

Samsung 22 cu. ft. Food Showcase French Door Refrigerator: $3,599, now $3,239 at Samsung
This fridge has a Food Showcase feature to make your favorite foods more accessible. It also has a FlexZone drawer with movable dividers which allows for four separate temperatures. View Deal

French door refrigerator deals

Samsung RF23M8570SG Review

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French door refrigerators have the added benefit of having all of your food at eye level so no leftovers will be lurking in the depths of your fridge. Generally speaking, compared to top-freezer refrigerators and side-by-side fridges, you can expect to pay the most for a French door refrigerator, with many models costing over $2000 when not on sale. 

That’s why when you do see a cheap French door refrigerator deal, it’s normally worth snapping up as quickly as you can manage. Here are some of the best right now:

Side-by-side refrigerator deals

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Cheap side-by-side refrigerator deals aren’t as rare as you might think. In fact, you can expect to find fantastic savings if you look in the right place, and by right places, we mean bookmark this page for all the very latest deals. 

Side-by-side refrigerators are a great choice for big households or families that need to store lots of food. Many side-by-side refrigerators come with an ice maker and you can choose whether you want a freestanding model or a counter-depth refrigerator. 

Check out today’s side-by-side refrigerator deals:

Mini fridge deals

Best mini fridges 2020

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Looking for a mini fridge but don’t want to pay a fortune? Due to their, nature, you’d be right in thinking mini fridges are nowhere near as expensive as side-by-side or French door fridges, however, for some premium models you can still expect to pay over $300.

Cheap mini refrigerators are ideal for RVs, dorms, offices or just apartments where you can’t afford to lose the amount of space a large model requires. Here are the best cheap mini fridge deals right now:

Cheap refrigerator deals you missed out on

Phiestina Wine and Beverage Refrigerator: was $1099 | now $759.16 at Amazon
Save 31% on the Phiestina refrigerator which is a wine-lovers dream. This refrigerator offers dual-zone cooling, can store up to 20 bottles of wine, 78 cans, and has 12 removable shelves for flexible cooling storage. Perfect for entertaining, grab this deal while you can. View Deal

LG LMXS28626S French Door Refrigerator: was $2899 | now $1998 at Home Depot
Save a massive $901 on this stylish French door refrigerator. Smart-enabled, this stylish fridge can be monitored from your phone. It also has a large 27.8 cubic feet capacity - perfect for families. It’s rare to see a high-spec refrigerator from LG reduced by this much.   View Deal

Kenmore 61212 Refrigerator: was $999 | now $749.99 at Sears
There’s $250 off this Kenmore top-freezer refrigerator. Inside you’ll find 21 cubic feet of cooling space, and there’s a frost-free freezer too. Even better, this refrigerator is suitable for garages and its adjustable shelves make it a great, practical option.  View Deal