Manga Maker ComiPo! review

Manga Maker ComiPo! is a simple comic maker aimed at a younger audience, and purely focused on manga.

Manga Maker ComiPo! review
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Manga Maker ComiPo! is ideal for younger artists and manga enthusiasts due to its wide range of customizable features and its simple interface. More advanced users will be frustrated by the lack of depth.


  • +

    Very easy to use

  • +

    Quite cheap

  • +

    Perfect for manga fans


  • -

    Lacks drawing tools

  • -

    Basic for artists

  • -

    It's only manga

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Manga Maker ComiPo! is perfect for anyone looking to dabble in comic art or manga, regardless of their skill level or artistic talents. It isn't the most feature packed or professional illustration software, but it's simple to use, relatively cheap, and offers loads of options for creating your own comics and manga. It doesn't sit at the top of our guide to the best comic creator software, but it's highly recommended, especially for younger users who want to take their first steps into comic art and illustration.

Manga Maker ComiPo! review: Features and use

Since Manga Maker ComiPo! focuses on customizing pre-made characters, there are no paint brushes, pencils or other drawing tools. For that kind of thing you should consider Clip Studio Paint Pro or Clip Studio Paint EX. This also means it isn't a good program to use with a graphics tablet. Fortunately, the various elements you place on your comic panels are listed in layers. This means that you can select and adjust specific parts of your scene without ruining everything else.

There are only five pre-made characters, including the titular character ComiPo herself, but you can make these characters you own by changing everything from hairstyle and accessories to poses and specific expressions. You can even save character creations to the preset list so they were ready to use whenever you need them. You simply drag and drop the character you want to use into a panel and then go from there.

To position your characters, simply choose a pose from the library and then use your mouse or the toolbar arrows to adjust the angle and distance relative to the panel. Unless you zoom in too closely to the characters, the figures remain crisp and clear. You can also add over 1,000 sound effects to make your stories more engaging. The program lets you import photos and apply filters to them so they look like cartoon backgrounds, a great feature for artists who want to use local places in their creations.

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Manga Maker ComiPo! review: Compatibility and extras

The biggest downside is that ComiPo! is only compatible with PCs, so Apple users will need to find another program. If you're an Apple user with drawing skills and an iPad, you might want to consider Comic Draw. You can find downloadable versions of ComiPo! on multiple websites, including, and Steam. You can purchase additional characters, props, backgrounds and clothing too, to add variety to your comics.

You can find plenty of video and written tutorials on ComiPo!'s website, but unfortunately there is no official forum. The company's Facebook page is very active so you can interact with other users there. I also found hundreds of user-created YouTube tutorials so you can learn tricks and get ideas from experienced ComiPo! comic creators. Should you need to contact the company, the only way to do so is through email. You can also find the program's user manual and FAQs page on the official website if you run into difficulties.

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Should you buy Manga Maker ComiPo!

Manga Maker ComiPo! is super easy to use and gives you endless possibilities for customizing your characters and arranging your scenes. This program is great for kids or manga enthusiasts who want to make comics without having to use any drawing skills. Of all the preset drag and drop comic creators, ComiPo! is the easiest software to navigate and use.

Despite looking like it was made in a previous decade, the program runs without any glitches and gives you a surprising amount of creative freedom. There are hundreds of background images, faces and poses, props and special effects to give your books interesting touches. Don't allow the website or the program's old-looking format deter you – this really is one of the most intuitive comic making programs on the market, especially if you happen to be a manga fan.

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