Dell makes Inspiron laptop range more eco-friendly

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Dell has redesigned its Inspiron laptops to make them more stylish than before, while offering extra features too. Even better, the new range aligns with the company's green vision which means the laptops are made primarily from recycled materials. 

Arguably the biggest name in home computers, Dell's XPS range has consistently ranked highly in our look at the best laptops and the search for the best laptop for college but there's a chance that the new Inspiron range could soon feature. That's because the range is designed with working from home or on the go in mind and now includes Dell Mobile Connect. The app seamlessly connects your Android or iOS device to your laptop, making it possible to take calls or respond to text messages - just what any hard working individual could need.

There's also the aforementioned green thinking in the form of the devices being made in a much more environmentally conscious manner. 100% of the laptops' painted parts use low volatile organic compound waterborne paint while even the packaging is made from between 90-100% recycled materials. Even the choice of laptop colors are meant to be inspired by nature, according to Dell, with a choice of Platinum Silver, Peach Dust, Mist Blue, and Pebble Green. 

Inspiron in numbers

The laptops range in size from 13 to 16 inches in screen size so there should be something for most users here. Each offer features such as adaptive thermals to manage power consumption, a lid-open sensor, plus an ExpressCharge feature so you can get back up to 80% battery life in a mere 60 minutes. Alongside that, the Dell Inspiron range also includes an HD webcam with a Temporal Noise Reduction (TNR) hardware solution which eliminates visual noise even in low-noise environments, thereby providing a superior video streaming. 

Of course, there are performance upgrades too, but it's the choice of screens that are potentially most interesting. The new Inspiron 16 Plus is the first 16-inch Inspiron and offers a 16:10 aspect ratio while there's also the option of the Inspiron 14 2-in-1 which has a 14-inch Full HD touch display so you can choose to use it as a laptop or tablet. 

The new Inspiron 13 is available now, while the Inspiron 14, 14 2-in-1 and 15 will be available from May 4 from $550, $729, and $550 respectively. If you're keen on the larger screen of the Inspiron 16 Plus, you'll need to wait until June 3. 

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