Aluratek 10 Inch ADMPF310F Review

The Aluratek ADMPF310F digital photo frame has limited video file compatibility, but it does a good job of playing music and photo slideshows.

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This device provides decent color and clarity for photos, but the lacking video file compatibility makes this a bad choice for anyone who plans to upload videos taken on their phone.


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    It has a large 10-inch screen.


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    It has very limited video file compatibility.

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The Aluratek ADMPF310F digital photo frame has limited video file compatibility, but it does a good job of playing music and photo slideshows. It is also one of the least expensive units we tested while offering one of the largest screens, so it can be a great purchase for your money if you only intend on uploading images and music. Anyone who intends on uploading videos taken on their phone wouldn't be happy with this device.

It sells for roughly $70 and provides a 10-inch screen, making it one of the largest frames we tested. It offers up to 4GB of internal storage but also has a USB and SD card slot so there are plenty of upload options. You can view both landscape and portrait-oriented images on the screen; however, the frame itself can only be set up in a landscape position. The stand screws in on the back of the device or, if you'd prefer to mount it, you can use the nail hole on the back. The problem with mounting these devices is that the cord is hard to hide and isn't very long, so you are limited with where you place it. It does come with a remote control, so you'll be able to change settings without taking it down. There are also physical buttons on the backside of the frame should you want to use them.

During our tests we were able to view photo slideshows and upload MP3 music files, but the device proved to have difficulties when we attempted to upload video. If you're planning on uploading videos from your phone, this is not the digital photo frame for you. This was the only device we tested that was unable to support MP4, one of the most common video files out there. We also uploaded an AVI file and a WMV file but only the latter was able to play. We checked the box and the instruction manual but couldn’t find a list of compatible file types. Aluratek's website basically tells you to use a video converter program to get your movies into a compatible file type, which is a horrible idea if you plan on purchasing this for someone who isn't tech savvy. If you’d prefer a frame that can easily handle videos from your phone, you might be interested in TENKER.

This unit doesn't offer built-in Wi-Fi so you will not be able to watch YouTube videos, upload images from email or access social media sites. Our testers found this device offered decent photo quality, but not the best. The images become pixelated when you adjust the saturation, contrast and brightness settings. We also found that the photos looked a bit faded and off color most of the time.

The display interval can be set for as little as five seconds and up to 15 minutes. It is better if these devices can at least hold the same image for an hour or so. There are 11 transition effects to choose from and you can adjust the saturation, brightness and contrast of your images. You can also view your images in a calendar setting. This frame does not come with any games or additional features. It is covered by an average one-year warranty.

The Aluratek ADMPF310F is not the most impressive device on the market. It cannot play MP4 video files, so you won't be able to upload videos directly from your phone. The image quality was decent, if not a bit washed out, but the images displayed clearly with no pixelation. If the colors seem off, you can use the settings to adjust the color quality. The limited video file compatibility makes it frustrating to use with video, but if you only plan on using it for music and photos, this frame can be a good buy, especially considering how big the screen is.

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