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The NIX Advance X08E is a digital photo frame that gives you beautiful image quality without costing too much. The sleek and slim design gives this unit an attractive look and makes it a welcome addition to any setting.

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The NIX Advance X08E is a high-quality and elegant-looking digital photo frame that allows you to upload images, videos and music, but it doesn't provide online features typical of more expensive devices.


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    This digital photo frame has a super sleek design and the best picture quality and picture color of all the frames we tested.


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    It doesn't offer Wi-Fi connectivity.

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The NIX Advance X08E is a digital photo frame that gives you beautiful image quality without costing too much. The sleek and slim design gives this unit an attractive look and makes it a welcome addition to any setting. Since it is a more basic unit, it doesn't provide Wi-Fi connectivity, which limits your uploading options and makes it impossible to directly upload anything from email or social media sites. However, it does offer a USB and SD card slot so you can use as much memory as you want. This is a great option for grandparents or anyone who isn’t tech savvy since you can send them an SD card or USB and all they need to do is insert it into the frame instead of plugging it into a computer.


Nixplay sells this digital photo frame for roughly $80, which is on the pricey side of basic frames, but is much less expensive than frames that come with a bunch of extra features you’ll never use. This model features an 8-inch screen and only comes in black. Since there is no internal storage, you’ll need to invest in a USB thumb drive or SD card in order to get images to appear. Nixplay covers this device with a one-year warranty, which is standard, but isn't the best coverage we've seen.

User Experience

Our testers highly rated the picture quality and picture color of this device stating that the contrast and saturation was some of the best they saw in their testing. The images showed up crisp with no pixelation or blurriness, and this frame easily allowed us to upload MP4s and MP3s so we could listen to music or watch family videos. The interface is super easy to navigate as the menu and remote control are simple and uncomplicated.


Since this digital photo frame doesn't connect to Wi-Fi, you cannot view YouTube videos or other social media sites on the screen. If you want a digital photo frame that allows you to access social media sites, you might be interested in the Nixplay Edge. The NIX Advance doesn't supply any internal storage so you must have a USB or SD card inserted to play your media. There is no phone app or Bluetooth connectivity so you cannot upload your photos in those ways, either.


The screen has an aspect ratio of 4:3 and offers 1024 x 768 resolution, which is great for playing videos. The frame is super slim and elegant looking, so it will look nice in any home. The screen can show both portrait and landscape images, but the device itself does not have a gyroscope and the stand only allows it to sit in a landscape position. The menu and physical interface are easy to navigate and let you quickly select your desired settings.


The display is not a touchscreen, but the frame does come with a remote control to operate your device from a distance. We liked the simple design of the square remote as it only features buttons you would need instead of cramming a bunch of unnecessary options into a small space. Just make sure to keep the remote in a standard location as its small size makes it easy to misplace. The frame has a motion sensor so you can set it up so that it will only use energy when someone is in the room.

The display interval can be set up to 24 hours per image. This is a nice option when using it for a funeral, wedding or other event where you want to have one image displayed for a long time. You can have your images flit between 10 different transition options to add some variety to your slideshow. This device cannot be mounted to a wall very easily, as there is no nail indent and the stand holding the buttons jut out an inch from the back of the device. Should you need help, you can contact Nixplay via email, phone and live chat.

The NIX Advance X08E is a wonderful device that produces accurate colors and beautiful image clarity. The slim design and easy-to-use setup makes this a good choice for any home. Our testers found this device super simple to operate, which makes it a great choice for anyone who isn’t tech savvy. You’ll need to provide your own USB or SD card as there is no internal storage, but that means you can have as much storage space as you are willing to pay for.

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