Do robot lawn mowers use GPS?

Do robot lawn mowers use GPS?
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If you want a perfectly manicured lawn with zero hassle, you may be considering investing in a robot lawn mower. However, do robot lawn mowers use GPS? It varies depending on the model, but more expensive devices typically come with GPS capability. Having GPS enabled means that you can track down your mower in no time, even in a larger plot. It also offers peace of mind that you could easily trace your lawn mower if it’s stolen. 

Robot lawn mowers are worth the investment if you want a fuss-free way of keeping your lawn pristine. In addition to GPS, you’ll want to consider other features such as the battery life, the price, and the warranty when choosing your robot lawn mower. Find out more about how to choose the right one for you in our guide to the best robot lawn mowers

Wondering how robot lawn mowers find their way around? We’ll unpack how robot lawn mowers work.

Want to weigh up your options? The best riding lawn mowers can save you time if you’re maintaining a larger plot. Meanwhile, the best electric lawn mowers are a great budget-friendly alternative for your average yard. 

Do robot lawn mowers use GPS?

What the expert says…

Do robot lawn mowers use GPS? “Some, but not all robot lawn mowers use GPS – it all depends on the manufacturer, model, feature set, and price point. GPS can be used for locating the robot on your property as well as assisting in locating it in the event of theft,” explains Andy Massignan, Product Director for the Residential Lawn Portfolio at AriensCo

Robot lawn mowers are worth the investment if you want a mower to do the hard work for you. However, while GPS helps you locate the robot lawn mower, you may be wondering how robot lawn mowers find their way around your backyard. When you use your robot lawn mower for the first time, you’ll need to install perimeter wire. The robot will detect when it reaches the boundary wire. It will then turn around and continue mowing until it reaches the wire at the other end of your plot. 

Worried about your robot lawn mower going off course? “Additional features, such as pressure-sensitive bumpers or vision systems, assist the robot in detecting obstacles and maintaining safe operation,” explains Andy. Look out for these features to give you peace of mind that your lawn mower will recognize and avoid obstacles.

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