Pros / This speaker is compatible with Alexa-enabled smart speakers.

Cons / It sounds flat and boring.

 Verdict / The Bose SoundTouch has some unique design features and is user-friendly, but the sound quality didn’t impress us.

The Bose SoundTouch 10 has a compact and attractive design with some unique design features that make it easy to control. There are six assignable preset buttons on the top panel to quickly access your favorite music. Assign the presets to a Spotify playlist, your phone’s music library, internet radio stations or podcasts. There are also physical controls on the top panel for volume, input selection and power. This is the only wireless speaker we tested with a physical remote control. The remote has the same controls as the buttons on the speakers along with controls for switching back and forth on a song list. Most speakers we tested, like the Sonos PLAY:1, have remote control, but you must open an app on your mobile device.

The Bose SoundTouch app connects easily to your wireless network but lacks the audio controls found in the best apps we tested. The app crashed multiple times while we browsed popular streaming services, like Spotify and Amazon Music.

You send music to the SoundTouch 10 with a Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth connection or by hardwiring your phone or tablet into the aux input. There are helpful indicator lights on the front panel indicating the speaker is connected to your network and what connection you are using. This is one of the most user-friendly speakers we tested.

Our biggest problem with this speaker is the boring sound quality. The sound stage is extremely small and narrow. We surveyed a panel of reviewers with a wide range of experience listening to speakers, and the survey results were disappointing in all aspects except vocal clarity. The SoundTouch 10 did a great job of projecting clear and concise vocals if you are seated directly in front of the speaker, but don’t expect it to fill a large room with danceable volumes.


The SoundTouch 10 is a good wireless speaker for small bedrooms and offices, but the sound quality is lacking compared to the best speakers we tested. The design features make it easy to quickly find your favorite playlist. This is one of the most affordable speakers we tested, but we suggest spending $50 more if you are serious about high-fidelity music playback.

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