Pros / This speaker is durable and affordable.

Cons / You can’t play high-fidelity music through a Wi-Fi connection.

 Verdict / The impressive battery life and portable design make the Fugoo Style XL a great music companion for backyard barbecues and road trips to the beach.

This wireless speaker has six amplified speakers and two passive radiators that offered the best 360-degree sound stage in our tests. It was also one of the loudest speakers we tested, which pairs well with its portable design. The battery lasts up to 35 hours on a single charge and charges your phone via USB port while it transmits music via the Bluetooth connection. The Fugoo Style XL has an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating that means it withstands three feet of water for up to 30 minutes without damaging the electronics. This speaker is ultra-durable, and it floats for a short time, making it easy to retrieve before sinking to the bottom of the pool.

This speaker only has two input sources: Bluetooth and a 3.5mm auxiliary input. We tested the audio quality of all the speakers by plugging an iPhone into the aux input and playing a lossless music file for a panel of evaluators. Playing music via a wired connection ensures a stable connection and offers higher fidelity playback than a Bluetooth connection. The Fugoo Style XL landed in the middle of our group of speakers in terms of audio quality, but that’s impressive considering it costs $100 less than most of them. The bass frequencies sounded a bit hyped, and because this speaker doesn’t have a companion app, there’s no way to adjust the frequencies. The Bang & Olufsen M3 has the best mobile app in terms of audio control and connectivity. The vocal clarity was decent and placed perfectly out front of the treble frequencies. It sounds like the engineers tuned this speaker for hip-hop, pop and electronic music.

We had no problem quickly pairing and unpairing multiple wireless devices. The Fugoo Style XL has helpful audio cues to let you know when your devices are paired and ready to transmit music. A soothing male voice pops up and says, “device is paired.” This speaker gives you remote control for the Siri and Google Now voice assistants. Use the wake word to activate the voice assistant and ask questions. You can also use the Style XL to answer phone calls.


The Fugoo Style XL is durable, portable and affordable. It sounds significantly better than Bluetooth speakers less than $100 and it feels like you could drop it multiple times without damaging it. It isn’t a great solution for whole-home audio and high-fidelity playback, but it’s easy to use and plays music for hours away from a wall socket.

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