Pros / It has a high-quality built-in headphone amplifier.

Cons / The sound stage is as compact as the design.

 Verdict / The V-Moda Remix pulls double duty as a headphone amp and Bluetooth speaker, but there are far better speaker options in this price range.

The V-Moda Remix is a compact and durable wireless speaker with a headphone amp to power high-impedance headphones. There are two color options for the 3D printed speaker enclosure: black leather and silver aluminum. The silver version we tested feels like you could drop it down a flight of stairs without damaging it, and it looks stylish and modern. The Remix is about the same size as a TV remote and has a rechargeable battery to add to its portability. There are controls on the top panel for volume, power, Bluetooth pairing and a multi-function button for pausing music and switching to the next track.

One of the unique features of this wireless speaker is the built-in microphone. It answers phone calls from a connected device. You also use it to activate the voice assistant on your mobile devices and ask your phone to play a Spotify playlist. Because this speaker can’t connect to your Wi-Fi network, the communication between speakers is through a wired connection into the aux input or a Bluetooth connection. However, the only current smart speaker it’s compatible with is the Amazon Echo Dot.

The sound emanating from this speaker is accurate, but compact. It reminded our reviewers of wearing earbuds instead of listening to a room-filing and powerful speaker. There are a pair of 9 watt amplifiers that power the dual glass fiber speakers. There’s also a passive bass radiator, but the bass response of this speaker is disappointing. The Remix is a great wireless speaker for your desk because of its compact design and powerful headphone amp. However, don’t expect this speaker to fill your living room with danceable volumes.


The V-Moda Remix is a portable, durable wireless speaker with decent connectivity options. The sound quality is lacking compared to other speakers we tested, especially considering this is the most expensive wireless speaker we reviewed.

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