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Secure IT 200 Review

Secure IT 2000 can take a while to encrypt if you have large files to secure because each document is scrambled and compressed during the process.

Our Verdict

Secure IT offers great protection at a decent price, plus it comes with three licenses making it the best value for encryption software.


  • Secure IT offers two easy ways to select and encrypt files quickly.


  • You can’t set a different password for each encrypted file.
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Secure IT 2000 can take a while to encrypt if you have large files to secure because each document is scrambled and compressed during the process. We put Secure IT to the test with 63 files that totaled 128MB and found that while it doesn’t encrypt files as quickly as our top-ranked program, it still took under 20 seconds – and half that time to decipher them – making it one of the best encryption programs available.

This data encryption program is nearly twice the price of other programs we reviewed. However, unlike other programs that come with a single license, Secure IT comes with three, so you can encrypt files on several devices. This makes Secure IT the best value.

This software integrates with your Windows operating system and isn’t difficult to figure out once installed. The dashboard looks like a Windows file browser. Here you can choose individual documents or a whole folder to encrypt. You can also right click on the file from your desktop and see an option to encrypt it. From the dashboard Secure IT lets you choose to encrypt files using the AES 256-bit key, which is the standard key used by government, military and banks for their classified and sensitive information, or a 448-bit BLOWFISH key which is an older code that is fine for encrypting smaller files, less than 32GB, but has some vulnerabilities when used to encrypt larger files.

We noted the size of our files after we encrypted everything and found the Secure IT compresses files better than most of the software we tested. The program squished our files down enough to save us 3 percent of hard drive space overall, which doesn’t seem like much when you’re only dealing with 128MB, but if you’re encrypting larger files, like 1TB, you could be saving about 30GB of space.

Secure IT requires you to use a single master password to encrypt all of your files rather than allowing you to set different passcodes for each file like other programs, like Folder Lock does. It also doesn’t generate passwords for you. But it will tell you if the password you choose is secure enough. You must keep this password safe and somewhere you can reference it if you forget it. This is because if you lose or forget your password you will not be able to access any of your encrypted files, and Secure IT doesn’t have a password recovery process.

When you’re done with your files, Secure IT has a file shredder to help erase all traces of the data from your hard drive. You can choose which files you shred the same way you choose which ones to encrypt, either through the dashboard or by right clicking on the file from your desktop.

Secure IT doesn’t have a tough learning curve, so it’s easy to figure out how to encrypt your files. You can choose between two different encryption codes, plus Secure IT shreds any files you’re done using so they’re completely erased from your hard drive. It’s a little slim on password tools, but it will let you know if you’ve set a good one. Secure IT comes with three licenses so you can install and use it on multiple computers at the same time.