Amana gas furnaces review

We’ve reviewed Amana gas furnaces, taking a closer look at average prices, energy efficiency, and the features on offer in models across the full range.

Amana gas furnaces review
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Amana’s gas furnaces are energy efficient with even its basic models achieving 92% AFUE. While they may not offer groundbreaking new features, they are consistent and efficient.


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    Great warranties

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    CoolCloud HVAC app for remote diagnostics

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    Not as innovative as other brands

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Amana gas furnaces target the mid-range market and offer competitive prices. They’re a good energy-efficient option as most models are ENERGY STAR® certified, but they are somewhat lacking in the way of producing innovative features. This might not be a problem if you’re just looking for a good gas furnace that gets the job done, but if you want a premium model with plenty of mod-cons, take a look at our full list of the best gas furnaces.

Amana gas furnaces: Pricing and value 

Amana models can be on the pricey side, especially when compared to similar models from brands like Goodman, but Amana gas furnaces do come with some of the best warranties on the market as well as good extended service agreements, so if good aftercare is important to you, they could be worth the extra cash. 

While Amana doesn’t have different series for their gas furnaces, like Bryant and Rheem for example, its models do span from the budget to the higher-end of the market in terms of features and price. The more expensive models tend to feature better energy efficiency ratings of 90+% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), while the 80% AFUE ratings of their lower-cost models is still considered good energy efficiency although perhaps more suited to warmer regions.

Modulating gas furnaces are available in the premium models, or you can save some cash if you choose a model with one or two-stage gas valves instead. Modulating furnaces are usually more energy efficient as they can vary the flame level to keep your home within a degree or two of your target thermostat temperature. One and two-stage models have one or two flame levels respectively, so there is more heat variation.

Prices for Amana gas furnaces vary between about $2,500 and $3,200 including installation or between $2,150 and $2,500 for the unit alone.

Amana gas furnaces: Models and choice 

Amana offers a wide range of gas furnaces, fifteen models have a 90+% AFUE rating, while another fifteen have an 80% AFUE rating. The higher-rated models tend to come with better features including Amana’s Integrated communicating ComfortBridge™ technology. This off-the-wall communicating technology constantly monitors the system, using data to make adjustments as needed for consistent heating with lower energy use.

The AMVM97 is the most premium gas furnace in Amana’s range with an impressive 98% AFUE and is designed to operate on low capacity for as long as possible, which keeps the furnace both efficient and quiet.

Amana gas furnaces review

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Towards the lower-end, but still delivering great performance, is the AMH8. It still comes with a self-diagnostic control board, but it does have a lower efficiency rating of 80% AFUE. Its multi-speed furnace is insulated for quieter running, while the blower assembly is also sound-isolated and surrounded by a heavy-gauge steel cabinet so noise shouldn’t be an issue.

With thirty models and features ranging from one-stage to modulating gas valves, as well as a variety of multi-speed and two-stage motors on offer, Amana has enough models to suit a wide range of home needs.

Amana gas furnaces: Features 

Amana gas furnaces come with a wide range of operational choices. One of the key differences is the type of motor, which can affect efficiency and noise. Higher-end models feature a variable-speed circulator motor, while others are available with multi-speed and multi-speed ECM motors. The variable-speed circulator motor tends to be the quieter option, but the furnaces containing other motor types are sound-insulated.

Some models, like the ACVM97, come with a variable-speed draft blower, allowing the furnace to quietly ramp up or down when heating your home. Alongside the several speed options for the continuous fan, this model has plenty of features that allow you to heat your home quietly. In addition, dehumidification modes will make your home that bit more comfortable during the hot summer months.

Should you buy an Amana gas furnace? 

With thirty gas furnace models, Amana has plenty of options for a wide range of homes. They may not have the fanciest of features, but they have reliability and great warranty options on their side.  

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