Rheem gas furnaces review

Rheem gas furnaces offer a broad range, from the budget Classic Series to the higher-end Prestige Series.

Rheem gas furnaces review
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Rheem’s gas furnaces are highly regarded and reliable with a range that spans most needs and budgets.


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    Competitively priced

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    Good warranty coverage

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    Some models can be noisy

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Rheem gas furnaces come highly recommended by many engineers thanks to their reliability and long life. Along with great warranty options and a wide range of models, there should be a Rheem gas furnace out there that will fit your needs and keep your home heated for years to come. Rheem is one of the most popular manufacturers of the best gas furnaces, with a good variety of budget to premium models on offer. 

Rheem gas furnaces: Pricing and value 

Rheem’s natural and propane gas furnaces are available in three series, each offering a different range of features and sitting at different price points. The Prestige Series contains five of Rheem’s higher-end models. These gas furnace models offer the most features and better Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings, but it does mean that they are pricer than models in the other series so you will pay a premium for them. A furnace has a great AFUE rating if it’s rated at 90% or above, while below 70% is considered a low rating.

The Classic Series is made up of six of Rheem’s more budget-friendly gas furnaces. As you will probably expect, these cheaper models do have fewer features, but they do still have relatively good AFUE ratings. Finally, there is Rheem’s Classic Plus Series of gas furnaces. These nine models sit in the middle for both price and features and still achieve good energy efficiencies, ranging from 80-96% AFUE.

Depending on the model you choose, you can expect to pay between $2,500 and $3,700 for a new Rheem gas furnace, including installation. If you were to purchase just the gas furnace, prices tend to range between $1,200 and $2,900 for the units themselves.

Rheem gas furnaces: Models and choice 

Rheem’s Prestige Series of gas furnaces all feature a lightweight design, as well as easy access for installation and maintenance. They also offer Rheem’s best AFUE ratings of between 80-96% for great fuel efficiency. Within this series, two models, the R98V and R97V, offer modulating operation, while the other three models, the R96V, Downflow R802V and Upflow/Horizontal R802V, offer two-stage operation instead. Two-stage operation means the furnace switches between high and low flame levels and off, while modulating systems can adjust the flame level in smaller degrees, keeping the room temperature within a degree or two of the thermostat target. While modulating systems do tend to be more energy efficient as they can gradually feed in extra heat when needed instead of switching between three distinct modes, the R96V does still offer an up to 96% AFUE rating.

The Classic Plus Series of gas furnaces offers the widest range of choice, with nine models in this mid-range price bracket. This series consists of the 2-Stage Upflow/Horizontal R801T, R96P, R96T, R95T, R29T, Upflow/Horizontal R801T, Downflow R801T, Upflow/Horizontal R802P, and Downflow R802P. Like the Prestige Series, these all offer AFUE ratings between 80 and 96%, which means they’re still an energy-efficient choice for those in colder regions.

Rheem’s budget gas furnaces, the Classic Series, offers six models with a wide range of features. The Upflow/Horizontal R801C, R95P, R29P, Upflow/Horizontal R801S, Upflow/Horizontal R801P, Downflow R801S, Downflow R801P offer such a range of features and benefits that finding a model to suit your home and its needs shouldn’t be difficult.

Rheem gas furnaces: Features 

Rheem’s gas furnaces offer a wide range of features, varying by model. All feature AFUE ratings of between 80-96%, with models in the Prestige Series and Classic Plus Series often offering better ratings and energy-efficiency than those in the budget Classic Series. A rating of over 90% is considered great.  

Most alternative gas furnace brands offer a selection of gas furnaces with ratings in this range, with some offering a model or two with an impressively high rating. Bryant, for example, offers a model with an impressive 98.3% AFUE rating, while Trane has a gas furnace rated at 97.3% AFUE. Find out more in our Bryant gas furnace review. 

What we liked about the Prestige Series, is that it uses an EcoNet® Smart Monitoring System, which offers service alerts and remote control of your gas furnace from a mobile app, so you can control your heating from wherever you are, as well as in-app servicing help.

What’s more, Rheem’s exclusive PlusOne Ignition System is a proven direct spark ignition system that is one of the most reliable ignition systems available on the market at the moment. This works alongside a PlusOne Water Management System, which includes a blocked drain sensor, enabling furnace shut off when a drain is blocked, and helping to prevent water spillage and seasonal start-up issues. These features are available in various models across the three series, including the Classic Series R95P.

You will also find a variable-speed ECM motor in a number of models, including the Prestige Series R98V. This helps the furnace run quietly and efficiently, while also providing better humidity control. The high-efficiency means it will help keep monthly energy costs low so you shouldn’t get any nasty surprises. 

Should you buy a Rheem gas furnace? 

Rheem gas furnaces are a great choice thanks to their reliability and long term warranty options. The brand also offers a great range of gas furnaces and different price points, with plenty of features to justify the higher prices in their Prestige Series. The high AFUE ratings, even in the budget Classic Series, mean even the lower priced models offer good energy efficiency, although the higher ratings of the Prestige and Classic Plus Series may be more desirable in colder regions. 

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