GE's latest app controls all your appliances from your phone, and this is how it works

GE's new app controls all your appliances from your phone, and this is how it works
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There is now a new way to control all of your smart appliances in one place since GE has just launched the SmartHQ app. GE Appliances announced that its brand new SmartHQ Solutions aims to improve the whole life cycle of its products. Known for everything from its cooktop ranges and induction cooktops, to its laundry ranges, GE currently offers over 450 smart appliances. 

The new SmartHQ Home app will enable GE appliance owners to use just one app to control all of their smart appliances, rather than having several separate apps. The new app has the functionality to preheat the oven when you’re on the way back home, to switch on your washer, or even order detergent for your dishwasher when you’re running low. 

What’s more, the SmartHQ Home app is compatible with smart speakers from Bose, Google, Amazon and Sonos. It can be used to control everything from GE Profile kitchen appliances to air conditioners.

GE’s new SmartHQ Solutions also aims to make maintaining appliances and devices easier too. Property managers will be able to monitor their appliances remotely and ensure they are working properly. 

GE's new app controls all your appliances from your phone, and this is how it works

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When GE appliances do falter, SmartHQ Solutions allows technicians to diagnose issues by plugging into the smart appliances, preventing lost time trying to diagnose issues. 

Speaking about the new solution and app launch, executive director of SmartHome Solutions, Shawn Stover said: “In today’s world, we are digitizing our behaviors more than ever before.

“SmartHQ is about centralizing all of our smart technologies in one platform that covers the full product lifecycle.”

With Berg Insight reporting that ‘63 million American homes will be smart homes by 2022’, will controlling your entire home from your smartphone soon be the norm? To use the new app with your GE appliances, head to the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) to download the app. Simply follow the in-app instructions to pair the app with your appliance or device.

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