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Get FREE Apple AirPods Pro with an iPhone 12 purchase in Visible's Black Friday sale

Get FREE Apple AirPods Pro with an iPhone 12 purchase in Visible's Black Friday sale
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When it comes to Black Friday AirPods Pro deals, this one from Visible takes some beating. That’s because you’ll get a free set of Apple AirPods Pro (worth $249) when you buy an iPhone 12 and plan at Visible this Black Friday. This jaw-dropping deal applies to any device in the iPhone 12 range, including the cheaper iPhone 12 mini, as well as the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max, and you’ll need to port your number over to Visible too. 

This is one of the best Black Friday cell phone plan deals yet, and could be just the incentive you’ve been waiting for to upgrade to the award-winning Apple iPhone 12, regarded as one of the best smartphones in the world. In order to qualify for these free Apple AirPods Pro, you will need to purchase an iPhone 12 and transfer your existing phone number from another provider to Visible.

Once you get your SIM card and have inserted it into your new phone to activate the service, Visible will send you an email so that you can claim your pair of AirPods Pro.

Get FREE Apple AirPods Pro with an iPhone 12 device and plan | From $744 at Visible
Snap up a free set of AirPods Pro, worth $249, when you purchase an iPhone 12 (from $744) and port your existing number over to Visible. A world-class phone and a set of top-tier noise-cancelling wireless earbuds for free? Yes please!

The iPhone 12 range needs little introduction after winning so many rave reviews for its refreshed design, incredible camera, and MagSafe integration. With each new refresh, the iPhone’s capabilities and performance increases, meaning you can do even more, even quicker. What was interesting among the 2020 crop was the introduction of the new Apple iPhone 12 Mini. After all, not everyone wants a display the size of a small tablet, so the Mini version caters nicely for those people. 

Across the board, Apple phone tech is pretty special. From the Super-Retina XDR display, which shows detail in a way never before experienced on a smartphone, to the enhanced camera arrays that deliver cinema-grade Dolby Vision recording, this is an elite device. 

MagSafe integration, another introduction for the new range, enables compatibility with a host of different accessories, while the improved Ceramic Shield increases its drop performance four-fold. Perfect for the clumsier among us…

And of course, what about those free AirPod Pro wireless earbuds? They are without question among the best headphones on the market today, with high quality noise-cancellation that means you can totally immerse yourself in your music, podcasts or audiobooks without distraction. The audio quality is exceptional too, so you’ll hear every detail, making for incredibly clear and pure sound.

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