The 27 best gifts for coffee lovers

Gifts for coffee lovers
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We all have a coffee lover in our lives. Well, let's be real; most of us love coffee, but some are so enthusiastic that it makes it a treat to buy gifts for them - as the world of coffee products is so endless.

I write about coffee for a living and know a thing or two about what's important to have in a home setup. You could choose from one of the best coffee makers to upgrade their espresso machine and barista skills. Or perhaps a smaller accessory, like a reliable travel mug or a milk frother, will be something they'll get the most use out of. 

Regardless, I've rounded up the 27 best gift ideas for coffee lovers - that they'll genuinely use and love. From espresso tamping kits to stylish and high-quality coffee makers and accessories, you'll be sure to find something here.

And if you missed your chance over the holiday sales season, you may be able to find some of these discounted during the after Christmas sales.

Coffee makers

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Coffee accessories

Successful use of the milk frother with the ninja dual brew

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French presses

French press pouring brewed coffee into cup

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Espresso & barista kits

Seattle Coffee Gear Diletta Bello+ Espresso Machine

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tchibo coffee machine bean compartment

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Keurig K-Supreme: Hot drinks

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Coffee ingredients

Cocoa flakes with coffee

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Is a coffee maker a good gift?

A coffee maker can be a wonderful gift if you know how someone enjoys their coffee. Some people enjoy a quick and tasty cup in the morning but don't have a setup at home, so they end up using instant coffee or spending money at the coffee shop. These people would benefit from a pod brewer like a Nespresso or Keurig: they're convenient, affordable, and perfect for people who aren't too fussy or knowledgeable about brewing processes. They also often come in stylish and compact options, making them more exciting to unwrap and start using.

Others might be more particular about how their coffee is made, so it may take a bit of subtle digging to find out exactly what they'd want out of a home setup. Once you know what to go for, buying a coffee maker can be a very thoughtful present as it's such a big purchase. 

But some people might want to make that decision themselves, so they would ideally benefit more from being gifted a coffee accessory that they're missing - like a milk frother or coffee grinder.

What pairs well with coffee as a gift?

An obvious choice is an attractive, quality mug (or set of mugs) to enjoy their new coffee in. Le Creuset's range of mugs on Amazon is a guaranteed gift success. 

Or, to get the most out of the coffee, you could buy a milk frother (like the Starument frother listed above) so that they can create milky drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. 

And I know it goes without saying, but you can't beat the chocolate and coffee pairing. Some Lindt Gourmet Truffles (Amazon) would definitely go down a treat.

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