J-Tech Digital JTD4KSP0301 HDMI switcher review

Get more HDMI ports with this excellent HDMI switcher from J-Tech, complete with remote.

Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The J-Tech digital switcher worked with all the devices we tested, switched quickly between devices and supports 4K. If you're looking for an HDMI switcher, this is the best we could find.


  • +

    4K support

  • +

    Remote control

  • +

    Compact build


  • -

    Awkward MHL cable port

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To expand the number of HDMI ports on your TV, the J-Tech Digital JTD4KSP0301 is unbeaten in our testing. As such it tops our best HDMI switchers list for this year.

It comes with three HDMI input ports and a remote that you can use to switch between sources. It supports resolutions up to 4K – as long as your TV has the same version of HDCP content encryption, version 1.4. 

In our tests, it switched between sources in under three seconds. If your setup requires more than three inputs, you should consider the Kinivo 501BN because it comes with five HDMI ports. (J-Tech does manufacture a five-port switcher, but it does not support 4K resolutions.)

J-Tech Digital JTD4KSP0301 review: Design and build

The switcher weighs only 4 ounces and is small enough to fit on your TV stand without taking up too much space. Unfortunately, this switcher doesn’t have an external IR sensor so you have to leave the box visible to change the ports with the included remote. 

If you do hide the box out of the way, you can toggle ports with the button on the front of the device, but the remote is the easiest way to switch between sources. You’ll also need to set it up near an available power outlet, since it doesn’t function without the included power supply.

This switcher supports HDMI version 1.4b as well as HDCP version 1.4. That means it’s rated for 4K video, though you have to be sure all of your devices and your TV have the right HDMI versions and HDCP support as well. This device also supports 3D video.

J-Tech Digital JTD4KSP0301: Features and performance

The J-Tech digital switcher’s auto-switching capabilities allow it to automatically detect new devices as you plug them in or turn them on. Apple TVs and other devices that stay powered on in standby mode can trip up this feature in some devices, but in our testing the J-Tech was able to auto-switch even with an Apple TV plugged in.

This device received an A+ score on our ease-of-use test. It was simple and straightforward to plug the HDMI cables into the back of the switcher and connect the included power supply. The remote worked well, and we were able to toggle between ports without any trouble.

All of the devices we tried worked with the switcher the first time except for one Samsung smartphone and MHL cable. We had to plug and unplug the cable several times for the sound to come through. We didn't have this problem with other switches such as the Monoprice 5X1 and the Kinivo 501BN.

The J-Tech digital switcher’s remote control was the best we tested. It feels solid and doesn’t require pinpoint accuracy, like some of the other switchers we tested. Aim the remote in the general direction of the switch and it will work.

This device comes with a one-year warranty. If you have problems with your switcher, you can call or email the J-Tech support team. When we called to ask a question about our unit, we received prompt, specific help that solved our problem. Unfortunately, there are no FAQs on J-Tech’s website, so you’ll need to pick up a phone to get help with your device.

Should I buy the J-Tech Digital JTD4KSP0301?

If you’re looking for an inexpensive HDMI switcher that works with 4K video and is easy to set up, the J-Tech Digital JTD4KSP0301 is the best such device we looked at. It has a great remote and is compatible with HDMI 1.4b and HDCP 1.4. 

If you need more than three extra HDMI ports, we recommend the Monoprice 5X1 Enhanced HDMI switch. Otherwise, this switch will work best for most people’s needs.

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