Pros / WorkoutBOX makes it easy to exercise with its detailed, uncomplicated descriptions of workouts and plans geared toward losing weight and toning muscle.

Cons / It doesn't have as many specialized workouts for specific goals as other fitness services we reviewed do.

 Verdict / This site offers a general but effective workout plan that pushes you to lose weight or tone your muscles, and it shines in the way it helps you understand the workouts.

Editor's Note: This service has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this service’s information.

WorkoutBOX offers exercise plans for building a lean, strong and healthy body. Though it does not have many extra features, it stands out because it excels in explaining how to do the exercises correctly. This online personal training service makes getting fit as uncomplicated as it can be. The plans are divided by goal: shed pounds or build and tone muscle. Depending on which one you choose, the site creates a workout plan for you that includes progressively strenuous exercises, alternating with recovery periods.

In addition to a brief exercise video, the site shows you a target box that tells you which muscle groups you will be working, which is a useful educational tool it shares with the best personal trainer sites. Not all the videos have sound, however. You can click on a link for more information, which takes you to a site that further explains what the exercise is intended to do and how to do it.

The online exercise program focuses primarily on weightlifting, toning and burning fat. It provides exercises for your abs, arms, back, chest, legs and shoulders, as well as core workouts. You can do weightlifting and fat-burning exercises, cardio workouts, and stretches. The program doesn't require special equipment like Nautilus or Pilates machines. However, it doesn't have as many specialized routines as some other fitness sites, which offer programs for specific situations like pregnancy weight and wedding prep.

WorkoutBOX is a community-based exercise site. There are forums and groups to help you stay motivated and feel connected to others who share your weight or fitness problems or goals. You can post your progress on a daily workout log that others are able to see. If you don't mind sharing, it can be a great way to stay motivated. The site also provides you with progress reports so you can see how far you've come.

WorkoutBOX also has a nutrition arm, DietBOX. While not personalized, DietBOX builds your diet plan in a slightly different way from most online exercise programs. It takes your metabolism into consideration to determine your ideal caloric intake and then factors in your body's need for food throughout the day. WorkoutBOX also provides nutrition tracking and food recommendations, as well as a convenient drag-and-drop food log. Pie charts break down the recommended percentage of carbs, protein and fats for you to consume.

This service gives you daily interaction online with qualified personal trainers. Travis Steffen, a co-founder of WorkoutBOX, is available for email exchanges. The site's responses to emails are helpful, but it can be hard to cancel your membership. Unlike our top pick, iBodyFit, the company does not offer phone support, so you have to wait longer for answers to your questions.

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WorkoutBOX focuses heavily on exercise, but it has a diet segment to help you as well. Designed for increasing intensity, it challenges you physically. Though its exercise programs aren't as diverse as the range some services have, WorkoutBOX can help you reach your goals of a strong and flexible body.

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