Pros / User-friendly graphics and menus make this software very easy to use.

Cons / The lack of a paintbrush tool will make it a little harder to personalize some designs.

 Verdict / This program is not the easiest to download but once you are in you have access to attractive and modern templates and a user-friendly interface.

Memory Mixer by Lasting Impression offers you the type of design quality that is worth paying for, and that cannot be said of all digital scrapbooking software. The latest version of Memory Mixer houses the types of designs you would make yourself if you had time. It also has the design tools you need to personalize and perfect your own creations if you do have the time. For its easy-to-use interface, its modern page layouts and much more, Memory Mixer is our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner.

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Memory Mixer provides a variety of backgrounds, papers, embellishments, fonts and shapes. In terms of backgrounds, you can choose a solid color using the provided swatches, alter colors of the existing backgrounds or create your own with the color picker. You can create and alter paper, and this software includes a selection of designer packages that make rush jobs easy to accomplish. You can also choose from a selection of textures, including fabric, metal and natural textures.

Embellishments include things like corners, ribbons, flowers, leaves, stitching, buttons, letters, frames, words and expressions. Of course, you can import your own embellishments and graphics and alter them in Memory Mixer. For example, you can easily resize your objects, rotate them, change their opacity and then add them to your favorites so you can quickly find them later.

This software allows you to easily add text and journaling to your layouts. It offers many font types, and you can modify the text using any color or opacity that you desire. You can also choose orientation, size, bold, italic, underline and shape-fitted text. This scrapbooking software offers a wide range of fun shapes that you can add to your designs as well, such as squares, hearts, stars, talk bubbles and more. Of course, you can change the orientation, size, color and opacity of the shapes. Additional papers, embellishments, backgrounds, alphabet collections and QuickMix packages are available for purchase online.

Memory Mixer includes a photo editor that makes it easy to manipulate your images in many ways without having to go to another application. You can add effects that make your photo look like it was taken in black and white or embossed, or like an impressionist painting. It is very easy to change a photo's shape or size. You can remove red eye and zoom in or out with just a few clicks, too.

Publishing & Sharing

You can share your images online as a JPEG, burn a CD or DVD, create a movie and, of course, print your created pages. You can opt to save your digital scrapbook as high-quality images that can be uploaded to so you can have a tangible finished project in addition to the computer files containing your layouts, which includes less common projects like plush throws, a variety of photo books, greeting cards, calendars and more. The software also makes it easy to share your work on Facebook or email it to others, including in PDF format.


Memory Mixer's interface is excellent. Drag-and-drop functionality and clear, graphics-based menus make it easy to navigate. You can click and drag photos and other embellishments into place. You can easily click on and delete the elements you do not like.

If you’re in a hurry, you can create attractive digital scrapbook pages in minutes using this scrapbook software's QuickMix tools. The QuickMix wizard leads you through a step-by-step process that results in a high-quality project that is worth showing off to your friends. You can have the software insert the photos into the template for you or place them yourself.

Memory Mixer was noticeably more difficult to download than almost all of the other products in our lineup. It took a very long time and we had to restart the process a couple of times. Most competitors made it much easier to get scrapbooking.

Help & Support

Memory Mixer offers a variety of contact methods; you can contact the company by telephone, email or mail. Online, the company posts helpful FAQs, and the product comes with embedded support that includes useful, systematic instructions. You can also access product updates online or sign up for the newsletter, which provides tips, tricks and more.

Memory Mixer has a long history in the scrapbooking universe, and the forums, tutorials and galleries offer a lot of inspiration for your next project. Other users as well as company staff find joy in producing the best layouts. They provide a wellspring of information and ideas.


This electronic software combines a traditional craft with modern technology to make it easy for those who don't own fancy-shaped scissors to create attractive and fun photo albums. We recommend this software to traditional scrapbookers who are looking to save money or create web-friendly pages and to non-scrapbookers for creating fun photo pages, books and images for the internet. With its multimedia capabilities you will be able to make projects besides just digitized scrapbooks. Add music and video for a different type of experience. Memory Mixer can help you make something your family will enjoy for generations.

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