Amana has a large selection of high-efficiency and standard-efficiency gas furnaces. The product line consists of single-stage, two-stage and modulating gas furnaces. Both the two-stage and modulating gas furnace selections offer energy-efficient models, with multiple models qualifying for Energy Star certification.

Amana's high-efficiency gas furnace line is made up of models that provide significant savings on your energy bill. The high-efficiency series comprises single-stage gas furnaces ranging from 92 percent to 96 percent AFUE ratings. The series also has two-stage models that have a 96 percent AFUE rating and modulating models that operate at up to 97 and 98 percent AFUE. All of the two-stage and modulating gas furnaces in this series qualify for Energy Star.

The standard-efficiency line has both single-stage and two-stage gas furnaces. While this product line does not save as much energy as the high-efficiency series, these forced air heating gas furnaces still operate at 80 percent AFUE and provide savings on your energy bill.

Amana offers original owners a substantial warranty agreement. All of the models have a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a 10-year warranty on the parts. This warranty length is on par with the best gas furnaces; however, you must register the gas furnace within 60 days of installation in order to receive the full benefits.

The ACVM97 is a modulating gas furnace. It operates at high efficiency with an AFUE rating of 97 percent. With a variable-speed draft blower, this furnace quietly ramps up or down when heating your home. It has several speed options for the continuous fan that improve the noise level when it operates. It also has dehumidification modes to make your home more comfortable during the summer. In addition to its many features, it has a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger, which Amana will replace if it ever fails for the original, registered owner.

The AMEC96 has an efficient multi-speed blower motor that heats up your home quickly and distributes that heat evenly. The two-stage gas valve improves the noise level of the furnace and also offers a more economical way to heat your home than standard furnaces. The low continuous fan allows quiet air circulation. Operating at 96 percent AFUE, this furnace is an energy-efficient option and provides substantial savings on your energy bill.

Amana's AMS8 uses a single-stage gas valve. This model is part of the standard-efficiency line. It has an AFUE rating of 80 percent, making it a far less energy-efficient machine than the previous two models. This Amana gas furnace has a quiet single-speed draft inducer that heats your home at a comfortable noise level. Unlike most single-stage furnaces, this model uses patented convertible technology that leaves it operating at a low heating state most of the time, eliminating temperature swings from your furnace starting and stopping at a high stage.

Amana's energy-efficient models make it one of the best gas furnace providers. With units ranging in AFUE ratings from 80 percent to 98 percent, many of the models conserve energy and provide significant savings on your energy bill.

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