Bryant has manufactured forced air heating systems since 1904 and has been implementing high-efficiency features, including an enhanced variable-speed blower motor, in its best furnaces since 1981. Single-speed blowers, which are common in less expensive single-stage furnaces, run at a constant speed, regardless of how much heat is needed. Variable-speed blowers allow the furnace to communicate with the thermostat and run at lower speeds when the temperature needs a little boost. This saves energy and reduces fatigue on the furnace, helping it last longer.

Many of Bryant's gas furnaces qualify for Energy Star certification, a government award for appliances that operate at least 20 percent more efficiently than the required standard. Models that are Energy Star certified are excellent choices and provide above-average savings typical of high-efficiency furnaces, though the conditions that contribute to such savings may vary. Factors like your local climate, lifestyle and current furnace's efficiency rating may significantly affect the savings.

The best natural gas furnaces include a lifetime warranty on the heating exchange, and Bryant keeps stride by supplying all of its models that run at 92 percent AFUE or more with a lifetime heat exchanger warranty. Additionally, every Bryant furnace, regardless of efficiency rating, comes with a 10-year warranty on parts.

It is important to note that Bryant, like most major furnace manufacturers, requires you to register your newly installed furnace within a time limit, which is 90 days for Bryant, to qualify for the lifetime warranty. If you neglect to register in time, the lifetime warranty defaults to a 20-year warranty. This is still a good deal, but if you can receive a longer warranty by simply filling out a form, it is highly recommended to do so. Similarly, if you neglect to register your warranty, the 10-year parts warranty defaults to a shortened five years.

Bryant's three gas furnace lines – Evolution, Preferred and Legacy – include some of the most efficient and reliable single- and two-stage models available. The Evolution line is home to three of Bryant's best furnaces. Reigning at the top is the Evolution 987M, a powerful modulating furnace that runs at up to 98.3 percent AFUE, an excellent efficiency that is comparable to competitor models. The modulating valve allows the furnace to work in tandem with a compatible programmable thermostat, saving you money while keeping your home consistently toasty. The other Evolution gas furnaces have variable-speed blower motors and run at up to 96.5 and 80 percent AFUE. These models run quietly and efficiently as well.

The Preferred line has seven models to choose from, three single-stage and four two-stage. With two single-stage furnaces running at up to 92 or 96 percent AFUE, Bryant provides homeowners with affordable, energy-efficient models. The Preferred 926T is the best two-stage furnace in this line, running at an efficient 96.5 percent AFUE. It uses a variable-speed motor, which allows it to use less electricity and maintain room temperatures, preventing drastic climate changes.

The Legacy 915S is the top-performing model in the Legacy single-stage line, running at up to 95 percent AFUE, an uncommon efficiency for a single-stage gas furnace. The Legacy line furnaces give owners of smaller homes an affordable choice without sacrificing energy efficiency. Each of the Legacy models uses a single-speed blower and is covered with an insulated cabin to reduce the noise level.

Bryant has manufactured quality, reliable heating systems over the past century, and its current gas furnace lineup provides you with a wide range of options when you need to upgrade your home heating system. While Bryant only offers one modulating furnace at this time, its lineup of energy-efficient and affordable two-stage and single-stage furnaces is more than adequate to heat your home while reducing the amount you spend monthly.

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