Coleman offers four different product lines of gas furnaces, namely the Echelon Series, LX Series, Comforteer Series and Coleman Light Commercial Series. Very few of the models are certified by Energy Star. However, more than half of the models have an AFUE rating of 96 or above, giving you plenty of energy-efficient models to choose from.

Coleman's various product lines only offer a limited selection of models that are certified by Energy Star, including a modulating, single-stage and two-stage gas furnace. The modulating gas furnaces range in AFUE ratings from 80 percent to 98 percent. The company has two-stage gas furnaces operating at 80 percent to 96 percent AFUE and single-stage furnaces that operate at 80 percent and 95.5 percent AFUE. With a wide range of AFUE ratings, you can find a furnace to fit your needs, whether that is a more affordable one that is less energy-efficient or an Energy Star-certified gas furnace.

Coleman does not offer a standard warranty for all of its furnaces. The warranty depends on what model you purchase. However, all of Coleman's gas furnaces have robust warranties, with anywhere from 20 years to a lifetime warranty on the heat exchange. All of the models have a 10-year warranty on parts, with the best gas furnaces offering the Complete Assurance Warranty Pledge, which guarantees comprehensive coverage for your furnace.

On top of the included warranties, you can add the Performance Promise Protection to your forced air heating unit, which adds even more benefits to your warranty. This plan extends your current parts, labor, or parts-and-labor warranty for up to 10 years longer. Repairs are covered by the policy, and there is no limit to the number of service calls you can make.

The Echelon CP9C is certified by Energy Star, providing at least 15 to 25 percent higher efficiency than standard models. It operates at up to 98 percent AFUE. This modulating gas furnace has a variable-speed motor and the WhisperDrive comfort system, which work together to quietly warm your home. It also has a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger with a 10-year warranty on parts.

Coleman's LX TM9M has an AFUE rating of 97 percent. While it is not certified by Energy Star, this modulating gas furnace still effectively heats up your home using minimal energy with its advanced ball-bearing motor. It has a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a 10-year warranty on parts.

The compact Comforteer TG9S easily fits into your home, taking up minimal room. The furnace operates up to 95.5 percent AFUE. It uses a single-stage burner and four-speed motor. While it is not as energy-efficient as many of Coleman's top models, it costs less upfront and still offers you considerable savings on your energy bill.

Coleman's home heating systems encompass a range of modulating, single-stage and two-stage gas furnaces. While the company has few models certified by Energy Star, almost half of its models operate at 96 percent AFUE or above. Regardless of what kind of furnace you purchase, Coleman offers robust warranties and the option to extend them.

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